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The Robbing Frenzy

Honeybees are by nature a sane and very productive creature.  They’re the perfect definition of sustainable living. Being in complete harmony with their surroundings.  Sustaining themselves efficiently, indefinitely, and happily. All the while being in cooperation, balance, and benefit with mother nature.  Unless… something happens that triggers pathological influence that influences their behavior.

In a bee hive the hive door is guarded by resident bees.  They’re naturally programmed to protect it and it should be the one and only hole.  Sometimes another hole can develop in the back which they’re not programmed to defend. A bee from another hive can then discover this back door and come in and steal honey.  Escaping out the back with no problem.

Soon the word spreads and bees from all over find out about the hole and a robbing frenzy begins (greed).  The bees lose their inclination for efficiency, order, cooperation, and sustainability.  And doesn’t usually end until all the honey is gone.  Which leads to the resident bees dying in winter due to starvation.

We’re doing the same thing as the honeybees with planet earth.  We’ve found back doors and are in a robbing frenzy draining the earth’s natural finite resources.

This website aims to be a guide to helping people and the planet thrive. Starting with raising peoples awareness of their connection with nature through artistic sustainable landscape designs.

Sustainable Landscape Practices

-Academy Award winning filmmaker and environmentalist

You can’t be an environmentalist, you can’t be an ocean steward, without truly walking the walk.

-Academy Award winning filmmaker and environmentalist / James Cameron

Sustainable landscaping can be accomplished easier than you may think.  Here are some practices we to promote:

  • Healing injured sites and keeping them healthy – Turn wastelands into gardens, minimize and restore damaged soil, plants, and wildlife with native vegetation, no-mow lawns, natural fertilizers, and energy efficient watering.
  • Respect and restore water – Rebuild natural wetlands, collect, reuse, conserve and filter water using constructed wetlands, rainwater harvesting, rain barrels, and rain gardens.
  • Reduce paving – Helping to reduce stormwater runoff with porous paving materials.
  • Energy efficiency – Understand the origin and fate of materials, the energy required to sustain and maintain resources used.
  • Local and organic – Grow our own organic food using hydroponics, aquaponics, raised beds, and other garden techniques.

Sustainable Living Products

Yard & Garden

Rainwater Harvesting SolutionsRAINWATER HARVESTING

Rainwater Harvesting

Water has become a highly precious resource. There are some places where a barrel of water costs more than a barrel of oil. — (Lloyd Axworthy)

“Endangered species” is quickly becoming a term we use to describe WATER on our planet! Our natural waterways are being harmed by urban storm runoff water.  Humans along with every other living being need water to live.  The first step to help this crisis is to become aware of the problems we’re causing and the planets current condition.  Then use easy to implement solutions such as rainwater collection/harvesting to supply future generations with clean and healthy water.


EasyPro Koi Pond Kits

Adding a pond to your landscape can bring many benefits.  Not only will the magically sound of running water transform you into another realm, but there can be real environmental benefits.  In the land of suburbia we’re destroying the habitats of aquatic species like frogs.

Ponds can also be used for rainwater harvesting, aquaponics, hydroponics, and more.