The world teeters on the threshold of revolution.  If it is a bloody revolution it is all over.  The alternative is a design science revolution… Design science produces so much performance per unit of resource invested as to take care of all human needs.Buckminster Fuller


Claire & Davin, Finn
Davin, Claire & Finn

Biologic Performance’s goal is to help you bring your home and landscape to life with the power of nature.

Our focus is on increasing comfort, energy efficiency, rainwater harvesting, food production, renewable energy, waste management, technology, and land restoration.


Our Story

Davin Paul Designs, Inc. was founded by Davin in 2009.  To design, build, and maintain water features as an International Professional Pond Contractor (IPPCA).

Over time he noticed that water features could contribute to sustainability by adding rainwater harvesting and alternative food systems such as aquaponics and hydroponics.

Pool Master Anthony Archer Wills and Davin
“Pool Master” Anthony Archer Wills & Davin

With a deep desire to contribute to humanity more largely, along with hundreds of hours of studying and working on sustainable projects.  Davin Paul Designs, Inc. morphed into Biologic Performance.  With sustainability as the driver.

Davin Paul Designs products:  These are products that we’ve had manufactured, used, and stand behind.


  • Liquid & Dry Beneficial Pond Bacteria
  • Liquid Barley Straw Extract
  • Pond DeChlorinator
  • Oxygen Based Debris Scrubber for Water Features
  • Geotextile Underlayment
  • Water Feature Liner
  • Filter Mats

davin-paul-aboutOur goals with the site are:

  • Provide In-depth information, ideas, tips, guides, honest reviews, and best practices on home building science and landscaping that is restorative and beautiful
  • Search out and find the very best home suppliers and products
  • Provide personalized service and support (you can talk directly to us)
  • Maintenance or recycling of products to help reduce carbon footprint

Sustainability, ensuring the future of life on Earth, is an infinite game, the endless expression of generosity on behalf of all.  -Paul Hawken


Operational Values

Success is measured by the impact on people and the planet.  Not profit.

Dedicated to never ending improvement.  Encouraging and rewarding a commitment to progress.  Small changes over time lead to dramatic results long term.

Life can get pretty routine and boring.  Aim to add some relief from the daily grind.  Strive to be a little different, add some excitement, and include some new unpredictable things.

In a world of instant gratification choose to be different. Aim to sacrifice the present for better results in the future.  Be around 100 years from now and provide a better planet to future generations. 

Truly care about other people and the planet.  Strive to always do the right thing no matter what.

Get into nature as much as possible with activities that don’t include a motor. 

Notice and nurture the interconnectedness in all things.

Use only what you need and eliminate as much waste as possible.

Experiences are worth more than any material item. 

Commitment to Giving


A portion of revenue gets donated to Charity Water. They’re a non-profit organization that brings safe and clean drinking water to people in developing areas.  100% of public donations go to fund clean water projects. Click here to view the most current campaign.  Past projects include Kiruruma Community.

The goal is to donate $65 per month to provide clean drinking water for one person.


We want you to have the best experience possible. And don’t want to just make a sale.. we want to be friends in support of worthy causes.  Friends wouldn’t tack on extra charges when they buy something from one another.  So we did away with shipping and tax charges.. and want to make sure you’re happy with your investment.


You are by far the dinosaur in the customer service arena. The care and efficient handling of my order was/is incredible. Further, receiving the piping in two days was way beyond my expectations.  Thanks again I will be back

Matt Salvia

Just so you know, I contacted 4 other companies with pump/filter questions and you are the only one who wrote back, which is why I bought from you. Thanks for everything Davin

James Blodgett

Thank you so much for your prompt answer to my recent email. Your efficient service and courtesy are most appreciated.

Denise Baykan

I really appreciate your help and approach. We believe it’s not “what you do but why you do it” and obviously you want happy customers. I’ll give you good press every chance I get.

Diana Steinke

Awesome customer service, I really appreciate it.

Todd Lockwood

This is Andrew Michaud, the Boy Scout working on the project. You have
been talking to my mother recently, and I just wanted to thank you for
your efforts in this. I really appriciate the discount and free
shipping on the underlayment.
 Thank you, and we could not continue the
project without you. 

Andrew C. Michaud

Thank you…the pump just arrived, and, as advertised, It was the same pump, has been installed and works great!   I appreciate your prompt service and will definitely recommend your company to my friends.

Bill Flynn

New pump arrived. Best price on the web by far. Installed and all working great!
Thanks again,

Guy Frable. Wheaton, IL

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