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Atlantic Tidal Wave Pumps

The Atlantic Tidal Wave pumps can be used for just about any water feature out there.  Whether its a small pond, fountain, or large waterfall.  To get the right head, flow, and wattage, you can use one of the wide variety of asynchronous, direct drive, or mag drive Atlantic pond pumps.  Atlantic engineered the pumps with top-notch components, top of the line design, and back them up with world-class support.  To give you many years of trouble-free use.

Current Atlantic Tidal Wave Pond Pumps Available:


Atlantic Tidal Wave Fountain PumpsView Products

Atlantic Tidal Wave Fountain Pump

These Atlantic Tidal Wave fountain pumps will provide you with significant and sturdy pre-filters, versatile base plates, integrated flow controls, and power plugs with a small diameter.  This small pump line can fit very small applications but provides excellent performance with lower wattages and higher head heights than other fountain pumps.

Replaceable impeller and removable pre-filter.  Comes with a one-year warranty.  FP Series models available: FP100, FP200, FP300, FP400, FP500. Manual PDF.


Atlantic MD-Series Tidal Wave PumpsView Products

Atlantic MD-Series Tidal Wave Pumps

The MD-Series Atlantic Tidal Wave pumps are excellent for low head heights and water features on the smaller side.   Come with twenty-foot-long power cords, removable pre-filters, replaceable impeller assemblies, oversized ceramic shafts, tapered outlet fittings, rotating quarter twist volute,  oversized threaded inlet, and outlet, and a five-year warranty (excluding the impeller and rotor, which only have a one year warranty)!

MD Series pumps range from  250 to 2100 GPH.  Models available: MD250, MD350, MD550, MD750, MD1000, MD1250, MD1500, MD2000. Manual PDF.

Atlantic TT-Series Tidal Wave PumpsView Products

Atlantic Tidal Wave TT Series Pumps

Next-generation Atlantic TidalWave3 pumps with super-efficient asynchronous power offer more water movement per watt used than ever.  Super compact to fit in tight spaces but deliver robust flows from 1500 – 9000 GPH.  Allowing for a broader range of applications compared to traditional pumps.  Engineered to be hard water-tolerant, clog-resistant, quarter-turn volute, and high flow (three vane hybrid impeller) make them great for the medium head, high flow applications.  Up to 30% more efficient than competing pumps.

Atlantic TT Series Tidal Wave 3 pumps come with a three-year warranty.  Tidal Wave 3 models available: TT1500, TT2000, TT3000, TT4000, TT5000, TT6000, TT9000. Manual PDF.

Atlantic TidalWave2 Hybrid PumpsView Products

Atlantic Tidal Wave 2 Pumps

If you need a medium head, high flow pump, the Atlantic TidalWave2 asynchronous pumps are great.  They are engineered with magnetic induction and efficient vortex impellers to deliver excellent hybrid performance.  Providing mag drive efficiency with direct drive output and giving you the best of both styles of pumps and featuring a replaceable vortex impeller, 32-foot long power cord, wear-proof ceramic shaft, and epoxy filled motor.

Comes with a two-year warranty.  Tidal Wave 2 pump models available: TW1200, TW1900, TW2400, TW3700, TW4800, TW6000.  Manual PDF.

Atlantic SH-Series Tidal Wave PumpsView Products

Atlantic Tidal Wave SH-Series Pumps

The Atlantic TidalWave, SH Series pumps are energy efficient and one of the most dependable direct drive pond pumps available. SH-Series pumps can handle 1-1/2″ solids with stable base geometry.  We are allowing them to shine in even the most demanding applications: feature oil-free design, vortex impeller, sixteen-foot-long power cord, all non-corrosive design.

Comes with a two-year warranty.  Atlantic SH pump models available: SH1450, SH2050, SH3600, SH5000, SH6500.  Manual PDF.


Atlantic PAF-Series Tidal Wave PumpsView Products

Atlantic TidalWave PAF Pumps

The Tidal Wave PAF pumps are now more expansive, energy-efficient, corrosion-resistant, and lightweight.  The PAF series delivers high volume and medium head using top-notch internal parts as the Atlantic A-Series pumps.  They are built with a 1-1/4″ solids-handling removable intake screen.  Feature composite and stainless steel construction, mechanical seals, double silicon carbide, and a vortex impeller fiber reinforced.

Comes with a two-year warranty and a twenty-foot-long power cord.  Atlantic PAF pump models available: PAF20, PAF25, PAF40, PAF75.  Manual PDF.

Atlantic A-Series Tidal Wave PumpsView Products

Atlantic Tidal Wave A Series Pumps

Engineered with thermal overload protection, stainless steel, and cast iron, the Atlantic Tidal Wave A-Series pumps deliver where others fall short.  Featuring dual drive bearings, auto-cut thermal protection, cast iron vortex impeller, and a thirty-foot long power cord.

Comes with a two-year warranty.  Atlantic TidalWave A-Series pump models available: A-05, A-21, A-31, A-32.  Manual PDF.


Atlantic L-Series Tidal Wave PumpsView Products

Atlantic TidalWave L Series Pumps

Atlantic L Series TidalWave pumps are seal flow pumps that provide high flow in low heights—engineered out of stainless steel and cast iron with built-in thermal overload protection for durability.  The L Series Atlantic TidalWave pumps can’t beat under ten feet of head.  Features thirty-foot-long power cords, thermal overload protection, dual drive bearings, double silicon carbide mechanical seals, and a cast-iron impeller.

Comes with a two-year warranty.  Atlantic TidalWave L Series pump models available: A-05L, L-305, L-310.  Manual PDF.

Atlantic Tidal Wave Pump ProtectorView Product

Atlantic Tidal Wave Pump Protector

Atlantic Tidal Wave pump protector (Model: TWPP14) will automatically shut off your pump before it can get damaged.  The Atlantic TidalWave pump protector monitors line voltage and keeps an eye on any adverse line changes. When it determines a problem, it trips the power and will stay off until it is physically reset.  With the price of pumps… and servicing them using Atlantic Tidal Wave pump parts, this protector is well worth it.  Protects pumps from current spikes, operating dry, thermal cycling, current drop, and low water flow conditions. Comes with a one-year warranty—manual PDF.


Atlantic Variable Speed Pump ControllerView Product

Atlantic Variable Speed Pump Controller

The Atlantic variable speed controller (model: TWVCS) gives you control over asynchronous pumps like nothing else.  Other variable speed controllers will stop if that is any failure.  The TWVCS is separately operated from the pump. Allowing you to set off and on times and lower to 25% total water flow in ten different levels of adjustment.  When you power the unit on, it will send 100% power to the pump and dial it down to the level where it was last turned off.

Featuring a digital display of off/on times and time of day, waterproof housing, 6′ long power cord, and 2.4 GHz wireless remote control.  Will work with the Atlantic Tidal Wave TT-Series pumps and the Atlantic TW-Series Pumps up to 800 watts. Manual PDF.

Atlantic Fountain Head - MDFH1020View Atlantic Fountain Head - MDFH1020 Page

Atlantic Fountain Head - MDFH1020

This fountain head will work on all Atlantic Tidal Wave mag drive pumps.  Versatile with a pivoting head (easy leveling), adjustable height with four different spray patterns you can select. A favorite Atlantic Tidal Wave pump part for small water features.

Designed for Atlantic Tidal Wave 1000 – 2000 GPH pumps. Comes with a one year warranty.


Atlantic Fountain Head - MDFH2575View Atlantic Fountain Head - MDFH2575 Page

Atlantic Fountain Head - MDFH2575


This fountain head will work on all Atlantic Tidal Wave mag drive pumps.  Versatile with a pivoting head (easy leveling), adjustable height with four different spray patterns you can select.  A favorite Atlantic Tidal Wave pump part for small water features.

Designed for Atlantic Tidal Wave 250 – 750 GPH pumps. Comes with a one year warranty.


How to select the right Atlantic Tidal Wave pump:

For a simple understanding of recommended operating ranges and best efficiency points.  Atlantic has come out with the following chart on all Atlantic Tidal Wave pumps.

To find the best fit for you needs choose a pump in the dark blue range.  This will help your pump avoid overworking, overheating, and cavitation.  Allowing your Atlantic pond pump to last longer and run better.

Atlantic Tidal Wave Pump Spec Sheet



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