atlantic colorfalls lighted waterfall

Atlantic Colorfalls

Atlantic Water Gardens started it all with their original Colorfalls formal spillway and it’s still a great choice for vertical wall projects.   Use the Colorfalls kits in block, or brick walls, ceramic tile, or natural stone to get the shimmering beauty of water in SOL white, fire red, ice blue (best selling color), or crystal white colors.

Also available in a  Color Changing model that offers easy maintenance, larger weir openings, and more wind protection.  Best of all the LED light bar can change up to 48 difference vibrant colors with a remote control!

Complete KitsView Product Page

CFkit24 - Colorfalls lighted waterfall kit

Complete Atlantic Colorfalls kits that include leak-proof, seamless basins that are made to fit common sizes found on paving systems, and modular walls.  Plumbing is located inside the basin to allow you to surround the basin with blocks without and cutting or notching.

Normally retails from $886.85 to $1593.77.


Waterfall Weir OnlyView Product Page

color falls lighted weir

Colorfalls lighted waterfall weir in four different colors and a color changing model.  Built with a 5″ lip extension, 30′ long power cord,  and a12v outdoor transformer. Comes with a 1-year warranty.

Normally retails from $183.82 to $588.00.


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12" colorfalls basin

Colorfalls basins and filter mats.  Atlantic’s basins are designed in one piece, have a pump chamber built-in along with plumbing channels, and can be installed below or above ground.  Optional Splash mats to help conserve water by reducing splashing.  12″ through 36″ models available.

Normally retails from $35.99 to $399.99.


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colorfalls basin kit

Made to perfectly fit the Atlantic Colorfalls spillway and can be used with stainless steel scuppers.  Atlantic Colorfalls basin kits come with give you what you need for a complete install, including the pump and plumbing, double filtration, fittings, automatic fill valve, and a splash mat.

Normally retails from $35.99 to $399.99.


Replacement BulbsView Product Page

colorfalls replacement bulb

If your Atlantic Water Gardens Colorfalls bulb has burnt out we have a full stock of replacement bulbs.  For every size Colorfalls spillway (6″ to 36″) and color (including color changing).

Normally retails from $125.97 to $293.82.



Stainless Steel and Copper Slash RingsView Product Page

atlantic scupper

These Atlantic Colorfalls splash rings will help reduce evaporation and eliminate splash.  Allowing more time before you need to fill up the Colorfalls basin.  The splash rings give the Colorfalls a architectural look and are installed on top of the Colorfalls basin.  Finish the look with surrounding the Splashing rings with stone.  Available in copper and stainless steel finishes and fit 12″, 24″ and 36″ Colorfalls waterfalls.

Normally retails from $164.85 to $380.61.


Atlantic Colorfalls Videos

Atlantic Colorfalls Color Changing

Features of the Atlantic Color Changing Colorfalls

  • Use with basin kits and formal waterfall spillway kits
  • Includes a Color Changing control module, outdoor transformer, 20′ power cord, 5″ lip, and remote control
  • More clog resistant with larger weir opening
  • Maximum plumbing flexibility with multiple inlets
  • Installs easily in a variety of materials like wood, tile, block, brick, or stone, indoors or outdoors
  • Use the CCCM05 Color Changing control module and make a 15″ synchronized waterfall
  • Link Colorfalls together for a custom width
  • Synchronize with Atlantic’s submersible and SOL LED hardscape lighting
  • Multiple configuration options for a truly custom install


This PDF will go over Colorfalls installation steps:

Atlantic PDF Installation Manual