If you have a pond algae problem barley straw for ponds can help.  Barley does not remove or kill algae.  It just slows downs, and degrades it.  The barley will decompose and release enzymes that changes the pH of the water.  Creating a less suitable environment for the algae to survive.  To get the best results we recommend you use barley along with beneficial bacteria and pond aeration for the best results.

Liquid Barley Straw Extract - Davin Paul DesignsView Product Page

liquid barley straw extract for ponds

Provides the power of barley without the excess nutrients like barley bales or pellets.  World’s first formula that is pharmaceutical grade liquid barley straw for ponds and five times stronger than other brands.  Safe, eco-friendly and works quickly to help provide clear and pristine water conditions. 1oz treats 1,000 gallons.  Comes in 16oz and 128oz sizes.

Normally retails from $28.99 to $79.99.

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Microbe-Lift liquid barley straw extract for ponds is a cost-efficient and environmentally responsible method for healthy pond water.  Liquid barley straw works great in ponds with bottom drains.  Powerful formula (one cap full is equal to many barley straw bales).  Comes in 16oz to 5 gallon sizes.

Normally retails from $19.99 to $299.99.


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easy pro pond barley straw extract

EasyPro pond barley straw extract is a liquid all-natural formula that is easier to use than barley bales or pellets.  Helps to keep water clear and clean.  Faster results that barley straw which needs time to decompose.  To ensure results this barley extract is also seeded with bacteria. Comes in 16oz to 128oz sizes.  Use 2oz per 1000 gallons of pond water.

Normally retails from $19.99 to $55.99.


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Microbelift barley pellets for ponds

Microbe-lift barley pellets for ponds are a organic and natural way to improve water clarity.   Lower cost than barley bales, easy to apply, works year-round, and decomposes faster than barley straw.  Rich in organic peat which helps reduce phosphates and nitrates.  Along with providing a buffering agent and also a ion attenuation for ponds that are in-lined for provide the beneficial properties similar to a earthen pond. Comes in 10.5, 20, and 40 lbs. bags.

Normally retails from $42.99 to $117.99.

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barley bales for ponds

EasyPro 1lb. barley straw bales for ponds, treats up to 100 square feet of pond water surface.   Will require replacement every three months of use. View this PDF for more info on barley straw.

Normally retails for $22.99.


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easy pro barley straw pellets for ponds

EasyPro barley pellets for ponds in a 40 pound bag.  These barley straw pellets are a concentrated formula made from 100% natural product.  Works quickly and is safe for pets, plants and wildlife.  Provides a constant release of barley over an extended period of time.  Works best along with phosphate binder and beneficial bacteria.  Use one 8oz scoop for every 300 gallons to start with, then for maintenance use the same amount.  For larger ponds use 120 lbs. of barley straw pellets per acre.

Normally retails for $89.99.


History of Barley Straw for Ponds

There is no official documentation but here is the story that tells how barley straw was first used in ponds.

Apparently there was a British farmer who was traveling along his property by wagon.  A barley straw bale accidentally fell into a pond with algae issues.  Over some time the farmer noticed the pond had cleared up.  The farmer then told researchers in his area about this accidental discovery.  And we have been using barley straw in ponds ever since.


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