Benefits of a Koi Pond

benefits of a koi pond for stress relief

There are many reasons to install a koi pond on your property. But, one thing is for sure: the enjoyment it will bring you.

To enjoy the benefits of a koi pond, you don’t have to be an expert. Ponds need minimal maintenance if adequately constructed with the correct biological and mechanical elements.

However, once your pond has been built and is stocked, regular maintenance items need to be done.  Consider it like cutting the grass each week.

Below are just a few of the many benefits that a koi pond can bring to your life and enhance your living space.

Having a Koi Pond is Rewarding

A dog show is something you’re familiar with, but what about a koi show. They exist.

Owners enter selected koi in a competition. Each fish is kept separately, and judges evaluate each contestant for conformation, color pattern, quality, elegance, impossibility, and any other criteria that may apply to the show.

The judging categories can be separated by type or variety and then by size. Each class usually has several awards, with an overall winner being determined. The hobby can be lucrative, and many enthusiasts will compete for bragging rights and experience. The 2017 All Japan Koi Show Grand champion named S Legend sold for $1.8 Million.

Many forums allow hobbyists to discuss and exchange knowledge and information about keeping koi. These forums can be a great way to get all the details and tricks of the trade. They also allow you to connect with other hobbyists who share your interest. These forums are great for information on local koi shows and rules and judging criteria.

The Looks of a Koi Pond

A koi pond can instantly add curb appeal to any home, no matter how simple or elaborate. It might surprise you how popular your home becomes after installing a beautiful pond and filling it with live jewels.

Your backyard will become the favorite spot for family and friends to gather at barbecues or other events. You will also find that outdoor gatherings are more enjoyable in the summer because koi can eat mosquitoes.

A koi pond can come in any size or shape. It can be customized to suit your yard and provide a safe environment for your koi. You can enhance the atmosphere by adding plants to the pond, such as different shapes and sizes of rocks or miniature waterfalls. It would help if you designed your habitat to attract birds, frogs, and butterflies.

Reduces Stress

Many people wish to reduce stress levels. A koi-pond can help. After a stressful day at work, the fish’s soothing sounds and captivating activity can help you relax. Retirees will be able to see that their ponds never grow old. This is something that almost anyone who has a pond will agree with, but there are some scientific proofs to support it.

The American Association for the Advancement of Science discovered that regular exposure to water features could increase psychological well-being and lower the risk of developing mental illness. Research suggests that chronic pond exposure may correlate with lower blood pressure and anxiety symptoms. Blue spaces are more beneficial than green ones for overall well-being.

The potential benefits of koi ponds for illness and injury recovery are also possible. Patients who have suffered strokes have seen faster recovery rates after regular exposure to koi pools during their treatment. Interaction with koi pools has improved heart health and blood pressure in people with high blood pressure. These benefits can be activated quickly–in fact, it takes only 10 minutes per day to have a noticeable impact.

Connection to Koi Fish

If you’ve never had one, you might think that koi fish are not high-value and high-reward pets. Although koi are more challenging to care for than other pets, your relationship with them will be proportional to the amount you spend.

A study published in the British Journal of Occupational therapy found that fish owners who cared for their fish regularly felt a sense of purpose and joy. The same thing happened to owners of dogs and cats who shared their experiences with their pets.

Avid hobbyists will tell you that koi can form relationships individually. You will see distinct personality traits within each pond. In a koi, you can find almost every feature in a human, including shyness, boldness, playfulness, and more.

You may even find a few favorites.

Koi can adapt to human contact and can recognize their owners. You can even teach them to eat from your hand. You can build strong relationships with your aquatic friends by creating routines for the care and enjoyment of your pond.

Meaning of Koi Ponds

Folklore enthusiasts will know that koi are potent symbols in Chinese and Japanese culture. The Japanese have a unique name for them, nishikigoi. Their color brings luck and fortune, and they have special significance.

  • Red or orange: Motherhood. Love, power, and bravery.
  • Yellow or Gold: Wealth, prosperity, and growth
  • Silver: Success, fulfillment
  • Black: Fatherhood. Strength. Endurance
  • Pink: Femininity.
  • Blue: Masculinity, which represents a son.
  • White: Career Success, Balance, Harmony

The traits of strength, perseverance and endurance are also associated with Koi. Legends say that they can swim upstream in any weather conditions.