The Coffee Industry Needs Regenerative Agriculture

farmer looking at coffee field

Coffee is one of the numerous foods threatened by climate change and would be catastrophic to consumers and farmers. With 2.25 billion cups poured daily (, coffee is more than a beverage. It’s a communal center, a connoisseur’s topic, and an industrial monster created by tiny farmers.  Coffee supports 120 million people worldwide. Unfortunately, warming […]

How to Propagate Pothos: Best Guide for Beginners & 3 Mistakes to Avoid

showing how to propagate pothos plants

Propagating pothos is a fast, cheap, and easy way to get more houseplants. This beginner-friendly vine is a vigorous grower and will benefit from a regular trim. Our how to propagate pothos guide will discuss the best methods with easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions. Getting Started Before getting started, here are some essential tips for propagating your […]

Growing Microgreens: Easy & Quick 10 Step How-to (Explained)

growing microgreens

A straightforward ten-step process can be used to grow microgreens. You’ll find that it requires little effort, time, and knowledge. As you incorporate the growing of fresh, healthy greens into your life, you will quickly develop the necessary skills and efficiency. Get ready to start growing microgreens! Step 1.) Fill Your Growing Trays With Soil […]

What is Net Zero Building? (Principle, Design & Energy Explained)

workers looking at a net zero building

In simple terms, a net zero building annually produces more energy than it consumes using exclusively renewable energy. But, there is more to it. There has been substantial debate regarding the meaning of “net zero” and the criteria a net zero project should meet. The discussion has grown fairly in-depth, typical for a new concept. […]

Different Types of Microgreens: Perfect Starter Varieties + Tips

different types of microgreens on a tray

In this article, different types of microgreens will be highlighted. These will give you a foundation to expand, as there are numerous other varieties. Remember that the germination and harvest days statistics are based on growing temperatures between 65 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit.  Use these averages as a starting point and modify them for your […]

Home Air Barrier: Durability, Energy & Comfort (Explained)

zip sheathing as home air barrier

Since the 1970s, building scientists have discovered a great deal about home air barriers. They now understand that air barriers are crucial to a home’s durability, the energy needed to heat and cool it, and the comfort of its residents.  No other building element is as critical in high-performance homes, and building and energy requirements have […]

11 Highest Paying Jobs With Zero Experience Required

forklift bringing money to salary sign for a high paying job

It can be challenging to land a job with zero experience, even if you have a sought-after degree. Finding that very first job can help you fill out your resume and gain experience for whatever your future career holds. Luckily, many high-paying jobs require no experience. Sometimes, you don’t even need a college degree, or […]

Mother of Thousands Plant: Guide to Care & Growing the Best Succulent

mother of thousands plant

If you’re a plant lover who wants to add to your houseplant collection, Mother of Thousands will be a lovely addition. You can never go wrong with its attractive foliage and low-maintenance features. Native to Madagascar, the succulent plant thrives best outdoors in hot regions, and it seldom blooms indoors. Want to know more about this […]

Senecio Barbertonicus: Care Guide + 8 Mistakes to Avoid (Succulent Bush Senecio)

senecio barbertonicus plant in white pot

If you’re looking for a hardy, an easy-to-grow succulent that can tolerate a wide range of conditions, the Senecio barbertonicus, or “succulent bush Senecio,” is a great choice.  You might be surprised to learn that it’s not a true succulent. Here’s why. This plant does not store water in its leaves like normal succulents, despite […]

The science behind natural wines

natural wine grapes

The natural wine movement may seem new and trendy, but, winemakers have been making “natural” wine for thousands of years. Natural wine—also known as naked or raw wine—is a grape juice that is fermented without additives. It doesn’t contain sulfur dioxide during fermentation and rarely at bottling. It also does not have added yeasts or […]