How to Grow Fresh Air – Dr. B.C. Wolverton

Many people spend 90% of their of their lives in buildings. Growing plants indoors is a way to keep our connection to natural world. There is also a growing amount of: Allergies Asthma Cancer Chemical sensitivity In the past homes leaked a good amount of air. This aided natural ventilation and air changes throughout a […]

Electric Hybrid Water Heater Install & Rotten Egg Smell

It all started with noticing the water heater chimney was leaking a bit of water. From an energy efficiency standpoint this chimney was a giant leaky hole. Not only was it leaking water in… but also creating a stack effect that was leaking air out from the basement and main floor and sending it out […]

Why Choose Cork Underlayment

Cork Underlayment for Floating Floors

Why We Chose Cork Underlayment & You Should Too Cork underlayment cannot be beat. That’s the conclusion we came to after hours of researching every aspect (not just price) of flooring underlayment for a recent project. Here’s why: Sound & Thermal Insulation Our project house was located about a mile from a train station.  Along with […]

Sepp Holzer’s Permaculture

sepp holder's permaculture book

Book notes on Sepp Holzer’s Permaculture, A Practical Guide to Small Scale, Integrative Farming and Gardening. Amazon link Intro Sepp started his forte into permaculture in 1962 when he was just 19 years old.  Which is pretty cool.  Not many people have a passion for something that early in life and stick with it the […]

Natural Remedies for ADHD & Nature Therapy

natural remedies for ADHD using nature as therapy

“Nature, by virtue of all the feelings that aroused in me, seemed diametrically opposed to the mechanical inventions of mankind.  The less it bore their imprint, the more room it offered for the expansion of my heart.” – Marcel Proust Do you ever have these symptoms: Unintentional tuning-out Only able to focus on areas of high […]

How to Dispose of Oil

how to dispose of oil by recycling

Today, recycling glass, metals, and paper is pretty common.  People generally understand how to do it and where to drop off materials.  Recycling oil however is still confusing and less known.  Even though recycling agencies and regulators have a system in place with businesses for how to dispose of oil. The communication is lacking to […]

Why Use a Swale & How to Build Correctly

permaculture swale digging

Stumbled upon a great article by Permaculture News on swales. Key Highlights on Swales: Swales are often used with ponds, dams, grey water systems, rainwater harvesting, and other water catchments. The goal is to pacify water that would otherwise create issues like erosion.  Helping to capture silt, organic matter and nutrients. Preventing runoff. Once pacified […]

UK’ London Cross Build Their First Natural Swimming Pool

UK Natural swimming pool

The UK is getting its first natural swimming pool, or “man-made bathing pond” as they like to call it.  Located at a redevelopment site in London, and called “Of Soil and Water”. The project is a mixture of a partnership between Slovenian artist Marjetica Potrč and by the Ooze Architects of Rotterdam studio. No chemicals or biocides will be […]

David Nash’ Tree Artwork in a Secret Location – Ash Dome

art and nature

It’s no secret around Biologic Performance that we love art and nature.  Nature is beautiful by itself, but sometimes can use a hand in creating something really unique and pleasing the eye. We’re always on the lookout for inspiration from other artists and recently came across David Nash’s work called Ash Dome.  David trained 22 […]