Blue Flag Iris Pond Plant (Iris virginica)

blue flag iris pond plant

  • Blue iris flowers convey hope and faith
  • Zone Hardy in areas 3 – 9.
  • The body’s width grows from 18 to 24 inches, which should be spaced accordingly.
  • Height Grows 20 – 30 inches tall.
  • Sunlight requirements Full sun to partial shade (Blooms better when full sun is available)
  • Moist soil or shallow water is required for moisture.
  • Blooms in spring, depending on the zone.
  • Fertilize Compost in terrestrial gardens and slow-release fertilizer tabs for the pond once a month, from June to August.

Blue Water Iris For Sale

Blue flag iris pond plants are beautiful, drought-tolerant plants that can be added to your garden or pond. Blue flag iris care and growing conditions are pretty primary, which will bring you beautiful blooms every year.

Blue flag iris (Iris Versicolor) can be found in semi-aquatic areas. You will see deep green leaves and blue-violet flowers on 2 to 3-foot stalks in late spring and early summer. The leaves are narrow and slash-shaped. Blue flag iris plants come in many varieties.

They can be found near streams, streams, wetlands, and the edges of wet meadows. This sturdy plant is easy to grow in a home garden pond.

Picking a Spot for a Blue Flag Iris Plant

It is best to plant a blue flag iris pond plant in a large pond basket or plastic pot to limit its growth since, like some other water iris types, such as yellow flag irises, can spread rapidly and become difficult to control.

If you don’t live in a hot desert climate, look for a place where the plant can be exposed to the sun most of the day. If that is the case, some afternoon shade can be beneficial.


These pond plants love highly acidic and moist soil with high amounts of organic material- such as compost and mulch. 

Propagate Blue Flag Iris

To keep your plants under control, divide them after flowered every 2-3 years.


Blue iris pond plants should be fertilized regularly during the growing season with a general-purpose aqua fertilizer to promote the healthy growth of roots and foliage. You can also use an aquatic fertilizer that is balanced and slow-releasing.

In warmer climates, the water iris is green throughout the year. However, any yellow or brown leaves should not be left behind to maintain the plant’s health and water quality. If you live in a cold climate, cut water iris just above the waterline in autumn.

Every year, repot the blue iris pond plants in a slightly larger container.

What can you plant with Blue Flag?

Blue Flag iris can also be used with Canadian Anemone (Anemone Canadensis). They both bloom at the exact moment. Blue flags are made more striking by the white anemone flowers. Canada Anemone can be aggressive in moist soils, so be cautious.

Are blue irises invasive?

This iris (line drawing) is considered an invasive species but can be allowed in the garden/pond when under control with a container.

What does Blue Iris Symbolize? 

A blue flag iris pond plant can represent faith, hope and courage, wisdom, admiration, and wisdom. The pretty flowers can also be associated with specific flower colors. A bouquet of blue iris flowers conveys hope and faith.

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