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Sepp Holzer’s Permaculture

sepp holder's permaculture book

Book notes on Sepp Holzer’s Permaculture, A Practical Guide to Small Scale, Integrative Farming and Gardening. Amazon link Intro Sepp started his forte into permaculture in 1962 when he was just 19 years old.  Which is pretty cool.  Not many people have a passion for something that early in life and stick with it the […]

The Urban Farmer – Curtis Stone – Book Notes

The Urban Farmer by Curtis Stone Book Notes

If You’re Not part of the Solution, You’re Part of the Problem I rented Urban Farmer from my local library which I recommend whenever possible.  However if you want to purchase it here is the Amazon listing. There’s a huge opportunity to repurpose suburban plots as self-reliant farming communities (I see this as turning a liability […]