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Bill Nye the Science Guy Calls Out Conservatives on Climate Change

bill nye

Bill Nye the Science Guy has a message for conservative lawmakers and television networks who continue to peddle climate denial in the wake of Hurricane Ian: “Cut it out.” Nye delivered his message on CNN when speaking with broadcaster Jim Acosta Saturday about the relationship between the climate crisis and strong hurricanes like Ian, which devastated Florida when it made landfall as a […]

The Coffee Industry Needs Regenerative Agriculture

farmer looking at coffee field

Coffee is one of the numerous foods threatened by climate change and would be catastrophic to consumers and farmers. With 2.25 billion cups poured daily (, coffee is more than a beverage. It’s a communal center, a connoisseur’s topic, and an industrial monster created by tiny farmers.  Coffee supports 120 million people worldwide. Unfortunately, warming […]

How far is the US from a 100% renewable energy future?

wind farm

Renewable energy in the United States nearly quadrupled in the last decade. Solar power production today is 23 times greater than in 2011, while wind energy has tripled. This rapid expansion can be credited to technological improvements and economies of scale. State-level policies and incentives have also played a role in subsidizing renewable infrastructure. With […]

Worried about climate change? Here are the US cities least affected by it

With record-breaking heat, sea levels rising, and a surge in devastating storms and wildfires, there’s no denying climate change is here. It’s likely to only get worse in coming decades, and that can affect the decisions you make today. Thirty-year mortgages are the norm when buying a home, so where you decide to settle down […]

Undeterred by Climate Change, U.S. Homeowners Are Moving to Climate-Vulnerable Areas

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Some of the most highly prized real estate in the U.S. exists in areas considered high risk for wildfires, flooding, or drought. Despite this present and growing danger, many Americans are still moving to climate-vulnerable regions. This may be because some people are willing to take the risk if it means living in their dream […]

Climate Change Is the Driving Force Behind These Growing Wine Regions


Wine is first and foremost an agricultural product. As such, it is susceptible to the whims of Mother Nature and the lashings of climate change. Global warming of 2 degrees Celsius, or 35.6 degrees Fahrenheit, could result in a loss of more than half the world’s current wine grape-growing land. An increase of 4 degrees […]