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Bill Nye the Science Guy Calls Out Conservatives on Climate Change

bill nye

Bill Nye the Science Guy has a message for conservative lawmakers and television networks who continue to peddle climate denial in the wake of Hurricane Ian: “Cut it out.” Nye delivered his message on CNN when speaking with broadcaster Jim Acosta Saturday about the relationship between the climate crisis and strong hurricanes like Ian, which devastated Florida when it made landfall as a […]

The science behind natural wines

natural wine grapes

The natural wine movement may seem new and trendy, but, winemakers have been making “natural” wine for thousands of years. Natural wine—also known as naked or raw wine—is a grape juice that is fermented without additives. It doesn’t contain sulfur dioxide during fermentation and rarely at bottling. It also does not have added yeasts or […]

States With the Biggest Solar Economies

solar panels

Solar panels have become normalized among landscapes, spotted everywhere from the open spaces of deserts to rooflines of dense residential areas. Installed on covered carports, parking lots, open fields, and even closed landfills, solar accounted for  3% of America’s electricity in 2020, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA). That number may seem small […]

Forest Bathing: What It Is & How It Can Help You Sleep Better

forest pathway for bathing

Research has repeatedly proven that being out in nature can help you sleep better. This is something certified forest bathers have known for quite some time. With its origins in Japan, forest bathing, or shinrin-yoku, emerged in the 1980s as a mindfulness practice in which devotees spent uninterrupted, quiet moments among trees, resulting in improved mental […]

Climate Change Is the Driving Force Behind These Growing Wine Regions


Wine is first and foremost an agricultural product. As such, it is susceptible to the whims of Mother Nature and the lashings of climate change. Global warming of 2 degrees Celsius, or 35.6 degrees Fahrenheit, could result in a loss of more than half the world’s current wine grape-growing land. An increase of 4 degrees […]