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Is Broccoli Man Made or Natural? (Solved + Surprising)

scientist making man made broccoli

If you’re wondering, “is broccoli man made?”, the answer is yes, broccoli is man-made. But don’t panic. That doesn’t necessarily mean the vegetable originated in a laboratory. In fact, broccoli isn’t even a recent invention. Read on to learn how ancient farmers used selective breeding to produce broccoli.  A Quick Guide to Selective Breeding  Selective breeding, also […]

Nixtamalized Corn: How & Why (Tamales, Tortillas, Arepas)

Nixtamalized Corn - blue hominy

The transformation of corn into masa flour is accomplished by a process known as nixtamalization. First, the corn kernels are submerged in water for some time and then cooked in lime or another alkaline solution. The dough is then processed into masa flour, used to make corn tortillas, tamales, and other Mexican foods.  Since before […]