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Is Garlic Man-Made? Unraveling the Mystery Behind the Origins of Garlic

In the grand tapestry of life, the small, seemingly insignificant things often spark our curiosity and lead us down fascinating paths of discovery. Take garlic, a modest little bulb that has managed to find its way into kitchens and cuisines worldwide.  One can’t help but wonder, as we chop, mince, or roast this pungent delight: […]

11 Outdoor Activities With Kids For Nature Lovers

happy girl walking with mother.

With all the technological advances of our time, the outdoors is starting to feel like a foreign environment. It’s not uncommon for kids to spend lots of time indoors on electronic devices. They are either playing video games, watching TV, or using the computer. The stats are staggering! As a parent, you understand the importance […]

You’ll Never Guess What Beats Pumpkin as America’s Top Fall Crop

man harvesting fall garden crops

Fall officially begins on September 22 this year. Historically, the autumn season is synonymous with pumpkins. They dominate harvest images and are an essential part of both Halloween and Thanksgiving. But Americans apparently don’t want to grow pumpkins this fall. What are they growing instead? Gardening experts at All About Gardening analyzed Google Trends data […]

Is Broccoli Man Made or Natural? (Solved + Surprising)

scientist making man made broccoli

If you’re wondering, “is broccoli man made?”, the answer is yes, broccoli is man-made. But don’t panic. That doesn’t necessarily mean the vegetable originated in a laboratory. In fact, broccoli isn’t even a recent invention. Read on to learn how ancient farmers used selective breeding to produce broccoli.  A Quick Guide to Selective Breeding  Selective breeding, also […]

Different Types of Microgreens: Perfect Starter Varieties + Tips

different types of microgreens on a tray

In this article, different types of microgreens will be highlighted. These will give you a foundation to expand, as there are numerous other varieties. Remember that the germination and harvest days statistics are based on growing temperatures between 65 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit.  Use these averages as a starting point and modify them for your […]

Drought-Tolerant Plants For Every Landscape & Plant Type

drought tolerant plants and landscaping

Drought sounds like a gardener’s worst nightmare. But despite the common association of gardening with watering cans or hoses, many plants can tolerate periods of drought once they are established.  So many that it would be impossible to survey them all here. Instead, we’ll go over a few of our favorite drought-tolerant plants. Plus, we’ll […]

Mulberry Tree: Growing, Tips & Some Surprising Facts

mulberry tree with ripe berries

This article was published on Mulberries are one of the easiest trees you can grow. Whether you’re looking for something that packs ornamental value, hoping to attract wild birds, or planning to grow a reliable fruit tree that produces an abundant crop year after year, these underrated trees will quickly earn a well-deserved spot […]

How to Grow Potatoes: Essential Care Guide + 5 Alternative Growing Methods

growing seeding potatoes

Potatoes are some of the most rewarding plants to grow in your vegetable garden. They are filling, rich in vitamins, minerals, and oxidants, and are a delicious crowd-pleaser on any dinner table. Provide them with full sun, loose soil, compost, and regular watering, and they will produce a large crop that will last you throughout […]