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Different Types of Microgreens: Perfect Starter Varieties + Tips

different types of microgreens on a tray

In this article, different types of microgreens will be highlighted. These will give you a foundation to expand, as there are numerous other varieties. Remember that the germination and harvest days statistics are based on growing temperatures between 65 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit.  Use these averages as a starting point and modify them for your […]

Drought-Tolerant Plants For Every Landscape & Plant Type

drought tolerant plants and landscaping

Drought sounds like a gardener’s worst nightmare. But despite the common association of gardening with watering cans or hoses, many plants can tolerate periods of drought once they are established.  So many that it would be impossible to survey them all here. Instead, we’ll go over a few of our favorite drought-tolerant plants. Plus, we’ll […]

Mulberry Tree: Growing, Tips & Some Surprising Facts

mulberry tree with ripe berries

This article was published on Mulberries are one of the easiest trees you can grow. Whether you’re looking for something that packs ornamental value, hoping to attract wild birds, or planning to grow a reliable fruit tree that produces an abundant crop year after year, these underrated trees will quickly earn a well-deserved spot […]

How to Grow Potatoes: Essential Care Guide + 5 Alternative Growing Methods

growing seeding potatoes

Potatoes are some of the most rewarding plants to grow in your vegetable garden. They are filling, rich in vitamins, minerals, and oxidants, and are a delicious crowd-pleaser on any dinner table. Provide them with full sun, loose soil, compost, and regular watering, and they will produce a large crop that will last you throughout […]

Cucamelon: What It Is + Growing + Propagating + Seeds


Have you heard of cucamelon? They are becoming a trendy garden crop. Cucumelons are small fruits that resemble baby watermelons.  They’re hard to resist, and many are enjoyed straight from the vine without making it to the kitchen! So how do these inch-long fruits taste? They have a hint of cucumber and a lime-like flavor, despite […]

Ruth Stout Gardening: The “No-Work” Organic Garden

ruth stout method of gardening

Are you thinking of starting an organic vegetable garden that requires no fertilizers, no watering, and best of all, no digging and soil amendments? In that case, the Ruth Stout method is one of the easiest techniques you can try.  Even for beginner gardeners, this is a fantastic way to grow your own food, using […]

10 Steps to Growing Potatoes in Containers

growing potatoes in a bag

Planting potatoes in pots is the best growing method for the busy gardener who lacks space and good garden soil. It’s fast, easy, and gives you more control over the potato growing conditions. And, with the right grow guide, you will find that using pots for your potatoes is a failproof method to ensure a […]

David Nash’ Tree Artwork in a Secret Location – Ash Dome

art and nature

It’s no secret around Biologic Performance that we love art and nature.  Nature is beautiful by itself, but sometimes can use a hand in creating something really unique and pleasing the eye. We’re always on the lookout for inspiration from other artists and recently came across David Nash’s work called Ash Dome.  David trained 22 […]