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How to Grow Fresh Air – Dr. B.C. Wolverton

Many people spend 90% of their of their lives in buildings. Growing plants indoors is a way to keep our connection to natural world. There is also a growing amount of: Allergies Asthma Cancer Chemical sensitivity In the past homes leaked a good amount of air. This aided natural ventilation and air changes throughout a […]

Electric Hybrid Water Heater Install & Rotten Egg Smell

It all started with noticing the water heater chimney was leaking a bit of water. From an energy efficiency standpoint this chimney was a giant leaky hole. Not only was it leaking water in… but also creating a stack effect that was leaking air out from the basement and main floor and sending it out […]

Why Choose Cork Underlayment

Cork Underlayment for Floating Floors

Why We Chose Cork Underlayment & You Should Too Cork underlayment cannot be beat. That’s the conclusion we came to after hours of researching every aspect (not just price) of flooring underlayment for a recent project. Here’s why: Sound & Thermal Insulation Our project house was located about a mile from a train station.  Along with […]