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The Coffee Industry Needs Regenerative Agriculture

farmer looking at coffee field

Coffee is one of the numerous foods threatened by climate change and would be catastrophic to consumers and farmers. With 2.25 billion cups poured daily (, coffee is more than a beverage. It’s a communal center, a connoisseur’s topic, and an industrial monster created by tiny farmers.  Coffee supports 120 million people worldwide. Unfortunately, warming […]

How to Grow Potatoes: Essential Care Guide + 5 Alternative Growing Methods

growing seeding potatoes

Potatoes are some of the most rewarding plants to grow in your vegetable garden. They are filling, rich in vitamins, minerals, and oxidants, and are a delicious crowd-pleaser on any dinner table. Provide them with full sun, loose soil, compost, and regular watering, and they will produce a large crop that will last you throughout […]

Ruth Stout Gardening: The “No-Work” Organic Garden

ruth stout method of gardening

Are you thinking of starting an organic vegetable garden that requires no fertilizers, no watering, and best of all, no digging and soil amendments? In that case, the Ruth Stout method is one of the easiest techniques you can try.  Even for beginner gardeners, this is a fantastic way to grow your own food, using […]

10 Steps to Growing Potatoes in Containers

growing potatoes in a bag

Planting potatoes in pots is the best growing method for the busy gardener who lacks space and good garden soil. It’s fast, easy, and gives you more control over the potato growing conditions. And, with the right grow guide, you will find that using pots for your potatoes is a failproof method to ensure a […]

Sepp Holzer’s Permaculture

sepp holder's permaculture book

Book notes on Sepp Holzer’s Permaculture, A Practical Guide to Small Scale, Integrative Farming and Gardening. Amazon link Intro Sepp started his forte into permaculture in 1962 when he was just 19 years old.  Which is pretty cool.  Not many people have a passion for something that early in life and stick with it the […]

Why Use a Swale & How to Build Correctly

permaculture swale digging

Stumbled upon a great article by Permaculture News on swales. Key Highlights on Swales: Swales are often used with ponds, dams, grey water systems, rainwater harvesting, and other water catchments. The goal is to pacify water that would otherwise create issues like erosion.  Helping to capture silt, organic matter and nutrients. Preventing runoff. Once pacified […]