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Detailed Guide to Propagating Money Trees + Care Tips

propagating a money tree

The money tree, scientifically known as Pachira aquatica, is a popular and relatively easy-to-grow houseplant renowned for its braided trunk and lush, umbrella-shaped leaves. Money trees are believed to bring good luck, prosperity, and fortune to their owners. Propagating your own money tree can be done through several methods, all of which have high success […]

The Best Guide to Caring for Your Money Tree Plant

Money trees are one of my all-time favorite houseplants. With their braided trunks and lush, rounded foliage, they add a tropical vibe wherever they’re placed. But keeping a money tree healthy does require some specific care. Follow this guide and you’ll have a prosperous plant bringing good fortune for years to come! Watering Your Money […]

Are Carrots Man Made? Answered + Exploring the History & Varieties

carrots being man made

Have you ever pondered the query, “Are carrots made by humans?” This curious inquiry has sparked curiosity in many gardeners and homeowners seeking to enhance their abodes. In this blog post, we will delve into the intriguing world of carrot origins and explore whether these popular root vegetables are a product of human intervention. We’ll […]

Top 15 Rare Pothos Varieties: From the Rarest to the Most Expensive Plant Types

holding a rare pothos

We all know and love the common Golden Pothos (Epipremnum Aureum). But did you know that the Pothos genus comes with more than just the Devil’s Ivy’s golden variegation? There are cultivars with white variegation, exciting leaf shapes, and so much more! What Makes a Rare Pothos? Rare pothos plants are just like regular plants, […]

How Long Do Pothos Live? Answered & Tips to Increase Pothos Lifespan

pothos plant

Pothos plants are known for their low maintenance and hardiness, but how long do pothos live? No easy answer exists. While some specimens may last up to 10 years in the right conditions, other factors, such as care and environment, can drastically reduce a plant’s lifespan.  Understanding what it takes to keep your pothos healthy […]

5 Top Causes of Pothos Leaves Turning Yellow

pothos leaves turning yellow

Pothos plants are known for their attractive, heart-shaped leaves and easy-to-care-for nature. However, even the hardiest of plants can experience issues from time to time, and one common problem is yellowing leaves. If you notice that your pothos leaves are turning yellow, it can be frustrating and raise concerns about your plant’s health. This article […]

The Complete Guide to Pruning Pothos Plants

pruning a golden pothos plant

Pothos plants, also known as Epipremnum aureum, are a popular choice for indoor gardening due to their easy care and ability to thrive in various environments. However, like any plant, pothos will benefit from regular pruning to maintain its health and encourage new growth.  This comprehensive guide will cover everything you need to know about […]

Cebu Blue Pothos: Care & Propagation Guide + 5 Problems to Avoid

cebu blue pothos

Cebu Blue pothos or Epipremnum pinnatum ‘Cebu Blue’ is a tropical houseplant with oval, silvery-blue leaves. It’s just as easy to grow as other pothos varieties but packs more decorative appeal due to its unique foliage color.   Plants with blue leaves are a rare sight in nature, and this blue pothos species is one of the special […]

How to Propagate Pothos: Best Guide for Beginners & 3 Mistakes to Avoid

showing how to propagate pothos plants

Propagating pothos is a fast, cheap, and easy way to get more houseplants. This beginner-friendly vine is a vigorous grower and will benefit from a regular trim. Our how to propagate pothos guide will discuss the best methods with easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions. Getting Started Before getting started, here are some essential tips for propagating your […]