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Pond Ionizers work by releasing a mix of copper ions into flowing water.  Most have a control panel that tells a replaceable probe when to slowly dissolve.  The ions in the water from the probe help filter the water to get rid of string algae and lower maintenance and the need for liquid pond water treatments.

Ionizers are easy to install on new or existing water features by simply adding to the plumbing.

Aquascape IongenView Product Page

The Aquascape Iongen copper pond ionizer comes with an outdoor rated transformer, electronic control panel, probe fittings, flow chamber, alkalinity test kit, copper test kit, and owner manual.

Probes usually last 1-3 years depending on pond volume and operated ionization level.  Energy efficient with operating costs of less that $1 per month and works on ponds up to 25,000 gallons.  Retails for $379.98


Atlantic Triton Pond IonizerView Product Page

Atlantic Copper Pond IonizerAtlantic Triton Ionizer also helps reduce maintenance and is safe for plants and fish.  LED control panel helps to control mineralization and copper electrodes can be replaced without tools.

Comes with a 1 year warranty and retails for $299.98



ProEco Pond IonizerView Product Page

ProEco Pond IonizersYou won’t get all the bells and whistles with this ProEco IO Series copper pond ionizer, but you will get the function without the heavy price tag.  Anodes usually last 1-3 pond seasons depending on usage just like the others.

Includes 2″ T-fitting and retails for $146.98



Atlantic Triton Copper Test StripsView Product Page

Copper ion test stripsAtlantic Triton copper test strips.  50 pH, alkalinity, and copper test strips per package.

Last up to two years from born on date on bottle.  Retail for $16.99.



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