David Nash’ Tree Artwork in a Secret Location – Ash Dome

art and nature

It’s no secret around Biologic Performance that we love art and nature.  Nature is beautiful by itself, but sometimes can use a hand in creating something really unique and pleasing the eye.

We’re always on the lookout for inspiration from other artists and recently came across David Nash’s work called Ash Dome.  David trained 22 trees into a vortex-like circle in 1977.  Now, just about 40 years have past and the trees are still growing today.  Further evolving and changing as the time passes.

Ash Dome is located in a secret location in Wales near where David lives.  Telling a International Sculpture Center reporter in an interview he deliberately takes people on a round-about way to get to it, so as to guard its location.

Read the full article and watch a video by BBC here:

Ash Dome: A Secret Tree Artwork in Wales Planted by David Nash in 1977



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