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Garden fountains are a great way to cool the mind with the tonic sound of splashing water.  A garden fountain can improve the look of your landscape by reflecting plants, drawing birds to drink and splash, and catching sunlight.

Use these fountain kits for simple and quick installation (most can be completely installed in a few hours).  Available in a variety of sizes and styles. A garden fountain is the perfect start to adding water to your garden.

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Rainwater Harvesting Fountains

rainwater harvesting fountains

rainwater containment garden fountainRainwater harvesting can easily be added to just about any garden water fountain.  The pictures above are from an Aquascape community makeover event.  That Biologic Performance’s founder was also apart of back in 2009.  Aquascape fountains are used along with a 500 gallon RainXchange system filled with D-Raintanks instead of a traditional fountain basin.  Then, decorative stone is used to cover it up.

The rainwater can be used to water your plants, lawn or garden, wash your car, etc.  Contact us for more information.

Complete Fountain Kits & Garden Fountains

Stacked Slate UrnView Product Page

aquascape urn fountain kit

Aquascape stacked slate urn fountain kit simulates real stone and will not chip or fade.  Giving you the light weight and durability of fiberglass with the beauty of real rock.  32″ tall by 20″ in diameter.  Comes with a DecoBasin fountain basin, Ultra 550 pump, liner skirt, fittings, and pre-cut tubing.

Normally retails for $459.98.


Basalt Columns & KitsView Product Page

easypro keyed basalts

Nothing quite matches how beautiful basalt columns are.  These are real stone with a variety of finishes, cuts, and sizes.  You can buy the column or columns by themselves or in a complete basalt water fountain kit.

Normally retails from 129.99 to $3,429.89.

Vase Fountains & KitsView Product Page

easypro fountain vase kit

Tranquil Décor fountains were designed with a fiber reinforced alternative concrete product.  Giving you the durability and appearance of concrete, but light weight fountains and lower cost.  To prevent breakage during shipping Tranquil Decor outdoor fountains are packaged individually.

Over 15 different designs to choose from! Normally retails from $99.99 to $299.99.


Statuary FountainsView Product Page

EasyPro Statuary Fountains

Very realistic statuary and fountain kits from EasyPro.  Available as a single feature, or as a complete kit.  Made from impact resistant, tough, UV-protected resin material.  Each garden fountain includes a 3′ piece of tubing to allow for simple connection with the pump.

Over 9 different designs to choose from! Normally retails from $99.99 to $699.99.


Rock Waterfall FountainView Product Page

alpine fountain win316

Alpine fountain designed to look like a rock waterfall.  Can be used outdoors or indoors.  Has the durability of fiberglass with the look of natural stone.  The many flowing streams of water create a beautiful melody and cover up background noises.  These Alpine fountains will not warp, fade, or chip.  Comes with LED lights that have a 3 year warranty, and a 450 GPH pump.

Normally retails for $325.12.


Solar Garden Fountains

Allow mother nature to power your fountain with a solar powered garden fountain.  You can place your outdoor water fountain just about anywhere since there is no electrical power to worry about.  Solar water fountains will even work in the shade as long as you place the solar panel in a sunny area.  Solar garden fountains are an easy way to decorate your garden with a clear conscience.  There are a variety of fountain materials to pick from.  With an included solar panel.

We also have solar bird baths for your feathered friends.

2-Tier Pineapple Solar on Demand Water FountainView Product Page

Sunnydaze 2 Tier Pineapple Water Fountain Solar on Demand Fountain, 33 Inch Tall-sm

Sunnydaze 2 Tier Pineapple solar on demand water fountain is the symbol of hospitality in the south.  Designed out of fiberglass and polyresin with solar-on-demand technology.  Durable and lightweight and works great in front yards, patios, or other formal landscapes.

Normally retails for $311.99.


Umbrella Series Solar FountainView Product Page

smart solar umbrella garden fountain

Whimsical and charming solar fountain with a girl and boy under a umbrella on a bench.  This solar powered fountain is great as a birdbath and provides soothing sounds of trickling water.  Designed out of fiberglass reinforced concrete with a aged bronze color.  Engineered with Smart Solar technology (dual solar).

Normally retails for $259.95


Zen FountainView Product Page

zen garden fountain

This zen fountain will make a wonderful addition to your balcony, garden, entertainment area, or garden.   Made out of Envirostone material and comes with three yellow LED lights, and UL certified pump.

Normally retails for $279.99.


Solar Bird Bath FountainView Product Page

solar powered birdbath foutain

Solar powered birth bath fountain pump that works on 100% solar.  No electricity or batteries needed.  Can be used in small ponds, garden decorations, fish tanks, and of course bird baths.  Comes with a brushless pump.

Normally retails for $39.99.



Wall Fountain Kits & Supplies

Wall fountains can be installed indoors and out.  Outdoor wall fountains are great if you have pets or children.  Since most designs do not have a basin with standing water that your dog could drink out of, or a child to fall into.  Indoor water wall fountains bring the therapeutic benefits of the sound of water indoors.  You’ve probably seen them on walls inside of your doctors or dentists office, or in high-end residential homes.

atlantic color falls basin

The original Colorfalls started the trend of formal backyard waterfalls.  You can use these outdoor fountain kits in brick or block walls, natural stone, ceramic tile, and more.  Available in SOL white, ice blue, crystal white, fire red, or the new color changing model. These outdoor water fountains are extremely versatile.  You can hook multiple spillways and lights together and have them all synchronized together and change colors with a remote control.

Normally retails for $125.97 to $1593.77.

Vianti FallsView Product Page

viand falls

Add the beauty of a formal waterfall to any block wall, patio, or entry way with EasyPro’s Vianti Falls color waterfall kit.  An outdoor water fountain system that has internal baffles to give you a elegant sheet of falling water into a basin.  The waterfall can be illuminated with a LED lighting (optional) for a breathtaking nighttime feature.  Can be used outdoors or indoors.
Normally retails for $575.69 to $1312.89.


Fountain Basins - Pro & DIY series

Using a fountain basin can make installing a garden water fountain a breeze.  Most basins help filter the water, provide a housing for the pump and plumbing, and hold the correct amount of water needed.

Mini Basin - AquascapeView Product Page

aqua basin aquascape

Aquascape AquaBasin mini fountain basin is easy and quick to install.  Can be used outdoors or indoors with a variety of garden water fountains.  Can hold up to 250 lbs. and has a 8 gallon water capacity.  Works with pumps up to 50 GPH.

Normally retails for $54.99.


Basins - EasyProView Product Page

easypro fountain basins

EasyPro Eco-Series fountain basins feature roto-molded support columns.  Which help transfer the weight of heavy statuary into the ground below.  Ideal for heavy, large outdoor fountains.  Comes in four sizes; 28″, 40″, 48″ and 58″.  Pro-Series basins were designed to be self supporting.  No other props or cement blocks are required.  Making them the strongest, thickest grates on the market.  Comes in 28″ 40″ and 58″ models.

Normally retails for $199.79 to $599.99.

Basins - AtlanticView Product Page

32 Gallon Fountain Basin FB3200 Professional Series

Atlantic outdoor water fountain basins are built with ease of installation, and strength in mind.  Designed with a supported top deck that is flat and has plumbing channels for a 3-way Triton manifold.  Works great with all kits of water fountains like rock columns, disappearing fountains, and bubbling urns.

Normally retails for $154.72 to $406.05.


PVC Hardscape BasinsView Product Page

atlantic flexible hardscape basins

Sometimes lining a hardscape fountain basin can be a pain.  Mostly due to trying to figure out how to get the wrinkles out.  Atlantic has solved that problem with their new hardscape water feature basins.  Available in tan and grey colors, and three different sizes to choose from.

Normally retails for $322.99 to $469.99.


Fountain Plumbing & Lights


Installing a Backyard Fountain Kit

As mentioned on the top of the page.  Installing a backyard fountain kit is pretty easy.  Even for those of us without a green thumb.  Here are the five basic steps to installation from Aquascape.

Step 1

Dig out the area for the basin in the ground.

step 1 installing a fountain kit

Step 2

Install fountain basin, and backfill.

installing a garden fountain step 2

Step 3

Hookup the water fountain to the pump.

installing a water fountain kit step 3

Step 4

Add water and decorative stone.

install garden fountain step 4

Step 5

Power on and enjoy your new garden fountain.

garden fountain installed


Aquascape’s fountain install video for more information.


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