Demystifying Yellow Leaves on Money Trees

money tree leaves turning yellow

I’ve seen my fair share of money trees with yellowing leaves. Through trial and error helping struggling plant parents, I’ve narrowed down the top reasons this happens and how to bring your money tree back to vibrant health.

Top Causes of Yellowing Money Tree Leaves

  • Overwatering – Money trees are succulents that prefer their soil to dry out between waterings. Too much moisture causes root rot and yellowing.
  • Lack of Humidity – Money trees thrive in 40-50% humidity. Dry indoor air sucks moisture from leaves, causing yellowing.
  • Pests – Spider mites, mealybugs and aphids feast on leaves. Their damage makes leaves yellow and drop.
  • Incorrect Light – Too much direct sun scorches leaves yellow. Too little light causes lackluster growth.
  • Temperature Stress – Fluctuating temps from heaters, AC vents, and drafts stress the plant.
  • Old Leaves Dropping – As money trees mature, old leaves yellow and drop off naturally.

Simple Fixes to Restore Vibrant Green

healthy money tree plant
  • Check soil moisture with your finger. Only water when top 2 inches are dry.
  • Mist leaves and place on pebble tray to increase humidity.
  • Inspect closely for bugs. Wipe them away with alcohol-dipped cotton balls.
  • Find a spot with bright, indirect sunlight for your money tree.
  • Keep money tree away from vents and drafts.
  • Remove yellow leaves promptly to encourage new growth.

When to Worry About Money Tree Yellow Leaves

While some causes of yellow leaves are normal, there are times you should worry:

  • If yellowing is rapid or widespread
  • If new leaves turn yellow right away
  • If you rule out other causes like overwatering
  • If yellowing worsens despite your changes

In these cases, root rot, pests, or disease may be responsible. Seek help from your local plant nursery or master gardener. Don’t wait too long to take action!

Final Tips for Avoiding Future Yellow Leaves

  • Quarantine new plants to prevent pests spreading
  • Prune your money tree to encourage bushy new growth
  • Repot in fresh soil every 2-3 years as needed
  • Rotate your money tree periodically to ensure even sun exposure
  • Apply balanced liquid fertilizer monthly during growth season

With diligent Money tree care, your plant will reward you with vibrant, lush green leaves bringing good fortune to your home! Let me know if you have any other money tree questions.

Last Updated on October 2, 2023 by Davin