Pond Bottom Drain to Skimmer?

main connection of pond skimmer to bottom drain

Can You Connect a Pond Bottom Drain to Skimmer?

Yes, you can connect a pond skimmer and bottom drain together.  Let us show you how.

First, we should say that if you have a large koi pond with many fish you may need a more extensive solution.  Often with a settlement tank, large pre-filters, etc.  These skimmer and bottom drain options are more for water gardens with a balanced amount of fish or small koi ponds.

There are three popular pond skimmers that allow a bottom drain to be connected:

  • Atlantic Water Gardens Pro-Series skimmer
  • EasyPro Axiom pond skimmer
  • Savio SkimmerFilter skimmer

Atlantic Skimmer Bottom Drain Kit

atlantic koi pond skimmer to bottom drain kit

The Atlantic Water Gardens bottom drain kit is an easy add-on for Pro-Series skimmers.  A great way to pull sludge from the pond bottom while the Super Flow weir skims the ponds surface.  

Works for models PS4600, PS7000, PS15000. It does NOT work on the PS3900

The drain should be installed in the lowest part of the pond.  Tubing (not included) along with the fittings that are included extend from the bottom drain to the pond skimmer.  

A hole is cut in the pond liner once getting the correct location figured out.  Then, a bulkhead fitting is used to create a water tight seal between the two sides of the liner.

View the complete PDF instructions here.

bottom drain to pond skimmer


EasyPro Axiom Skimmer Bottom Drain Kit

EasyPro skimmer to bottom drain installation

Unlike the Atlantic kit above this skimmer is designed to have the main drain connected directly to the skimmer.  Without having the tubing go through the liner at the pond wall with a bulkhead fitting.

The Axiom pond skimmer has you install the bottom drain in the lowest part of the pond and run the tubing under the liner directly to the skimmer. Either on the side under the debris net, or in front below the net. So there is still a hole in the liner, but it is at the bottom drain itself.  

For the PSA5000 and PSA7000 Axiom skimmers EasyPro recommends their 2″ bottom drains (BDK2A or BDK2N). Options for the PSA9000 and PSA11000 skimmers will need the 3″ bottom drains (BDK3A or BDK3N).

For full PDF instructions click here.

Savio SkimmerFilter Skimmer

savio skimmerfilter bottom drain connection

Photo: Kent Wallace – Living Water Solutions – World class koi pond builder

Savio pond skimmers have the option of using what they call a “mid-water” intake.  Although it is named mid-water it can also be used for a bottom drain.

Similar to the Atlantic kit above the Savio mid-water intake kit includes a bulkhead to sandwich the liner.  Although you install similar to what Kent Wallace did and run the piping directly to the pond bottom drain and go through the liner at that point. 

savio bottom drain kit for skimmerfilter


View the complete PDF installation instruction here.

These three options are a great way to pull water from the top and bottom of your pond.  Using your existing pond skimmer and not requiring separate equipment like a settlement tank.

Last Updated on February 21, 2022 by Davin