Pond Covers

pond with cover over the top

Pond covers will help keep out leaves and other debris. While also helping deter predators and reduce ice buildup in the winter months if you live in a cold climate.

There are a couple of main types of covers you can choose from depending on the function and design of your pond.

Net Pond Covers

You may need to install fine pond netting if your pond is near a deciduous tree to catch leaves before falling into the pond and sinking to the bottom.  Although hopefully, you have a pond skimmer that will collect them before that happens.

The netting will decrease the time it takes to clean the pond and help reduce algae growth by keeping excess nutrients out of the pond.

There are many sizes of pond netting. You can either cut it to fit your pond or have it custom-made.

Pond netting’s most significant advantage is its ease of installation and ability to be removed once the trees have lost their leaves.

Here are a couple of koi pond covers using netting.  Note, even though some products will say they’re easy to set up with one person.  It helps to have two people to move them around.

Also, these pond covers are great for leaves and protection for predators- but should be taken down during winter as they will not handle heavy snow loads. 

Atlantic Water Gardens Garden & Pond Protector Cover

atlantic pond cover protector


atlantic pond cover

Pond Features

  • Keeps leaves and other windblown debris out
  • Protects fish against herons and other predators
  • Reduces organic waste to help prevent algae growth

atlantic garden cover

Garden Features

  • Protects fruits and vegetables
  • Allows for optimal plant ventilation and sunlight
  • Protects against frost by being able to cover with plastic

The Pond and Garden Protector is an excellent line of defense against many predators such as hawks and herons. It can be easily assembled and moved by one person. This makes it easy to set up or access your water feature.

  • The Pond and Garden Protector has fiberglass supports that raise the netting so leaves and other wind-blown debris can’t get into your garden or pond.
  • The sloping design allows for pond and garden plants growth unimpeded under netting
  • Poly netting that is UV-resistant extends its useful life
  • Fish are protected from predators by 1/2″ x 1/2″ openings
  • Reduce organic waste in your pond to prevent algae growth
  • To protect your garden, keep out deer and rabbits during the growing season

EasyPro Pond Cover 10’x14′

easypro pond cover

This is EasyPro’s version of a fish pond cover for leaves, which happens to be one of the more popular products currently on the market.  Due to it being large in size and heavy-duty materials that help it stand up to the elements a bit better.  It can be used in the garden as well.

  • For leaves and pests, complete pond and garden protection!
  • Strong 3/8″ UV-resistant nylon black mesh netting will hold up for years!
  • Complete 12″ width band around the bottom, with adjustable tie-down loops to attach anchor stakes (included).
  • Securely hold netting to the frame using full-length sleeves
  • Dimensions: 10’x14′.
  • Includes tent and fiberglass poles, stakes, storage bag.


DIY Pond Cover with PVC

If you like the above pond covers that keep out leaves but want to leave the cover up during winter, you will need to beef up the supports.  This can be done with PVC pipe from a local hardware store.  

What’s great about the DIY option is if you have an irregular-shaped pond, sometimes rectangular pond covers don’t quite fit 100%.  With making a PVC version, you can create the supports to fit any pond shape.

Here is a video showing how this could be done. But if you are building for snow loads, you will want to make it more heavy-duty and use high-quality netting.

Metal Pond Covers

These are the go-to for child-safe pond covers.  Iron pond covers are usually strong enough to stand on and don’t take away from the view as much as netting would. 

The metal pond covers are usually used in more formal koi ponds and are custom-made.  You will need to seek a local fabricator in your area to make one, or if you don’t mind paying for it to be shipped, that is possible.

Here are some pictures from Creative Pond Covers Limited in the UK.  Contact them if it makes sense for your location and get a quote for a custom pond cover. If you are located on the other side of the world just looking at their website will give you some great pond cover ideas.

small fish pond cover

Above would be a great small fish pond cover.  The nice thing about using an iron pond cover is you can leave it up all winter.  Snow loads will not be an issue.

decorative pond cover

Decorative pond covers can add visual appeal and additional protection.  If you have ever had koi fish stolen from your pond you could also lock down the pond cover like the one above.  Adding yet another benefit.  

dragon fly pond cover

Another UK company creating amazing metal covers is Elite Pond CoversAgain, this won’t help if you’re located in another country like the United States.  But, it will give you some great ideas on what’s possible for garden pond safety covers.


Pond Covers for Winter

If you live in a cold climate, using pond covers for winter can help prevent ice buildup.  Sometimes they can be designed to eliminate ice altogether.  Dramatically reducing the chance your ponds fish will be in danger of low oxygen levels and gas buildup.  While also allowing you to enjoy your pond in the winter months.   

Essentially you are putting a greenhouse around your pond.  

Winter Pond Cover Benefits:

  • Easy to construct – takes just a few hours
  • There is very little or no ice on the pond
  • Reusable year after year
  • Simple to disassemble and put away during the summer months

It is still recommended to use a pond deicer and pond aeration during the winter months.

There are various options when creating a pond cover for winter.  You can buy a kit:

pond cover for winter use

  • Excellent Ventilation – The six greenhouse roll-up windows have mesh netting to allow for cross ventilation.
  • Strong frame- Made from heavy-duty green powder-coated steel resistant to rust and peeling. To secure the greenhouse, you will need four ropes and four stakes.
  • TRANSPARENT PLASTIC COVERS-The transparent 140G/M2 PET plastic cover protects the plants while allowing sunlight to enter.
  • LARGE TUNNEL GREENHOUSE-This large, zippered, the roll-up door allows easy access to the interior. It can also be attached to the top for added ventilation.
  • Warranty- We will replace your greenhouse if it arrives damaged or partially accidentally.


You can also create your own.  Using PVC piping and 6mil  plastic sheeting, or even cattle fencing shown in the video below: 

They use the hoop house for gardening, but it could easily be used as a winter pond cover. 

If this has your brain thinking about building a permanent greenhouse over your pond, this is a great example.  You could enjoy your pond all year-round and never have to worry about pond predators attacking your koi fish.  

This would not be cheap, though.

Hope one of these pond covers works for you.  Also, be sure to check out our main pond supplies page. 

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