Pond Dye

Pond Dye

Pond dye will help starve unwanted underwater plants by blocking them from photosynthesis and also provide a beautiful hue to your water.  A fish-safe pond dye is a key part in a pond weed control program along with aeration.

EasyPro Concentrated DyeView Product Page

EasyPro pond dye colorantEasyPro concentrated dye is so strong that on quart is equal to one gallon of other dyes on the market.  Non-toxic formula that does not stop swimming after application.  Works with many different herbicides and algaecides.  One acre of 3-6′ deep water only needs one quart.  Comes in Serenity (deep blue), blue and black pond dye colors.

Retail price $29.99.


aquashadow pond dyeAquashadow is a blend of water-soluble dyes to create a beautiful looking true blue color.  Will not harm wildlife, pets, or fish.  One packet will treat 1 acre foot of water by just tossing the packet in the water.

Retail prices range from $49.99 to $349.99.


aquashade pond dyeAquashade is safe for aquatic life and fish.  EPA registered for algae and weed prevention.  Comes in one gallon containers.  Will treat one acre that is 4′ deep.

Retail price $67.99.


Concentrated Lake Dye PacketsView Product Page

EasyPro pond dye packetsSimply toss these in water-soluble packets with EasyPro concentrated lake dye into your large pond or lake. Doesn’t harm swimming and is non-toxic.  Doesn’t stain.  Available as a blue pond dye, black pond dye, or Serenity (deep blue) color.

Retail prices range from $179.99 to $799.99.


Cygnet SelectView Product Page

cygnet select pond dyeCygnet Select is very similar to Aquashade pond dye above, but it is not EPA registered.  Which makes it more affordable.  Comes in a similar one gallon container.  Many customers say it looks like the same blue color.

Retail price $47.99.


Typhoon BlueView Product Page

Typhoon Pond DyeTyphoon deep blue pond dye in water-soluble packets.  Safe for pets, fish, wildlife, and livestock.  Also available as a black pond dye for a natural mirror like appearance.  Use one packet per acre-foot.

Retail prices range from $29.99 to $49.99.


Microbe Lift Bio Pond DyeView Product Page

Microbe Lift Pond Dye and EnzymesMicrobe-Lift dye along with enzymes in a patented formula.  Safe for aquatic life, plants and people.  Doesn’t stain rocks, fish, birds, or fountains once diluted. Available in a blue or black colors.  Helps to reduce odors and blocks out specific light rays.

Available in a variety of sizes including the popular 16oz Bio Black pond dye for $15.99.



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