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Pond Filters

If you want healthy, clear, and clean pond water a quality pond filter is the answer.   Pond filtration comes in many different forms.  Natural wetlands, floating islands, bog filters, UV filters, pressure filters, bead filters, ionizers, and more.

Each type of filter has its advantages and disadvantages.  Below we will discuss each and guide you through selecting the correct pond filter system for your water feature.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Natural Pond Filters

Natural pond filters have been used from the very beginning.  Having been discovered in ancient cities of Rome, Egypt, China, and Mesopotamia.  The basic idea is to create a balanced ecosystem where the plants and fish support one another.   Fish waste feeds the plants and the plants filter the water for the fish.  A true diy pond filter that works.

There’re a couple different methods to constructing your own homemade pond filter using plants.  Most popular is a bog filter, or constructed wetlands.Make a diy pond filter

Here is an article with pictures (Pond Trade website) about wetland filters and this page (IPPCA members website) will show you on how to make your own wetland pond filter.  Using common sewer piping to save you money.

Aquascape Wetland FilterView Product Page

Pond bog filter - Aquascape

If you would rather have a done for you natural pond filter (not having to cut the pipes yourself) the Aquascape filter is the answer.  It has been proven in the field by Aquascape pond contractors.

Designed with a patented Centipede Module and Snorkel Vault to be modular in construction.   Which allows designer and builders to meet their needs by expanding or shaping as needed.

The Centipede Module is installed at the bottom of the filter to ensure proper sediment removal during maintenance services and equal water distribution.

Key benefits of the wetland Aquascape pond filter:

  • Works with liner membrane ponds and earth bottom
  • Boosts water clarity
  • Easily remover suspended solids and other sediment
  • Simple to retrofit into existing ponds
  • Can be used in a perimeter of your pond to design a custom bog pond filter system
  • Removes excess nutrients from the water to help with algae control

Pond Filter Media

Pond Filter MediaPond filter media is the key ingredient to pond filters.   The media allows microorganisms to attach and live on the surface.  Creating a slimy biofilm that helps filter your pond.

Originally pond filter media was rocks and lava stones (still used in wetland and bog filters).  But the weight of rocks made the media hard to clean when in traditional bio filters.  Today pond bio filter media is lightweight with lots of surface area to maximize beneficial bacteria growth.

Selecting the best pond filter media is really just dependent on its weight, ease of cleaning, and your design.  Since there is no “best pond filter media”.  The best media is whatever gives you the most surface area in your application.  Below is the currently available filter media for ponds.


Pond Filter Media BagsView Product Page

Pond Media Filter Bags

Various sizes of mesh bags to hold filter media for ponds.  Most bags come with a drawstring and push button release for easy installation, and cleaning of filter media.



Bio-Blox Filter MediaView Product Page

Cheap Pond Filter Media

Bio-Blox are a excellent cheap pond filter media. Ground down in-house in the USA.  Works good when you need pond filter media bulk orders.

In every cubic foot of this cheap pond filter media you get 500 square feet of surface area.

Polyester material that will last a super long time.


Filter Floss Bio MediaView Product Page

Pond Media Filter Floss

Filter floss is a fish pond filter media that is made out of flat strapping.  Which has embossing on both sides to create more surface area for beneficial bacteria to thrive.

Very light weight and easy to clean with maximum effectiveness.


Bio-Balls Filter MediaView Product Page

bio balls pond filter media

Bio-Balls have been recommended as being the best pond filter media. Due to the fact that they reduce the risk of channeling like a soft media and are light weight and easy to clean.

Can be installed in all types of filters using mesh media bags (above) or loose.

Around (1-1/2″in size) 660 Bio Balls per cubic foot.

Ultimate Tube MediaView Product Page

best filter media for ponds

Tube koi pond filter media is usually included in bead filters.

Round design that features internal baffles to create a massive amount of surface area.

Just about 500 sq. ft. of surface area per cubic foot.


Pond Filter PadsView Product Page

Pond Filter Pads SM

Pond filter pads in standard pre-cut sizes and bulk rolls for your own custom applications.

Come in different pond filter material densities; fairly dense, medium density, and coarse density.

Fit most popular pond filter pad replacement sizes: 2″ thick by 12″ round, 10″ x 14″, 17″ x 20″, 20.5″ x 35″.

All koi pond filter pads can be cleaned and reused multiple times.   Easily replaces most pre-filters, waterfalls filter boxes and skimmer pads.

Matala Filter MediaView Product Page

Matala Filter

Matala filter media is one of the best pond filters on the market.  Although like all high quality items you will pay more for it.  But, it will last longer than other filter medias.

You can layer different density Matala filters for maximum filtration.  Use a coarse Matala filter then follow with finer layers. Designed to be more rigid than polyester filter media which makes it easier to clean, but cannot be rolled up like other pond filter pads.

Matala pond filter is available in different densities in black, blue, green, and grey colors.

Normally retails from $30.00 to $60.00 for a half sheet.

Pond Pre Filter Page

Pond Pre Filters

Pond pre filters are designed out of various materials but all have one goal.  That is to keep debris from clogging the pump impeller or fountain jets.  They will not improve water quality like a biological filter.

If your pond has lots of debris a simple screen may easily get clogged.  Requiring additional mechanical filtration to keep the koi pond pre filter clean. This mechanical filtration can be accomplished by using suction filters, or pond skimmers.  Below are suction filters which mean they are plumbed into the pump inlet and typically placed on the very bottom of small ponds.

Matala Biological Pre FilterView Product Page

Matala Pump Pre Filter

Matala biological pre filters work on small external pumps and most mag drive pumps.  And help to stop clogging due to debris.

Designed from durable Matala pond filter material for multiple years of use.  You can also connect more than one filter together for increased capacity.  Mostly provides mechanical pond filtration but also acts as a small biological pond filter.

Works on pumps from 1900 – 3400 GPH.  Normally retails for $25.00 to $40.00.

Pond Pump Pre Filter BagsView Product Page

Pond pump pre filter

These pond pump pre filter bags are a low cost way to add a little protection to your pump when it’s not in a skimmer.  Simply slip the bag over the pump and you’re ready to go.

Come in two different models.   Biologic Performance brand has some foam, while Pondmaster is just a bag.

Normally retail for around $35.00.

Pondmaster Pond Pre FilterView Product Page

Pondmaster pond pump pre filter

Low profile innovative pond pump pre filters that were made to be hidden at the bottom of your pond.  Non-frequent cleaning with a large filter area to provide chemical, mechanical, and biological filtration as well as acting as a pond pump filter box.

Work on ponds/water features 500 – 2000 gallons.  Normally retails for $35.86 – $118.99


Tetra Submersible Pond FilterView Product Page

Tetra Pond Filters

This Tetra pond filter is an entry level filter for those with small ponds and budget.

  • Designed for ponds 500 gallons and smaller
  • Helps provide healthy and clear water
  • Prevents pump clogs
  • 1″ Tubing and no hose clamps required.
  • Usually retails for around $25.00.

EasyPro All-In-One Pond FilterView Product Page

EasyPro Small Pond Filter

The EasyPro small pond filter put together UV, mechanical filtration, and pump filtration in one.  Works great on pre-formed ponds and other small water features.  Features:

  • UV light – 11 watt
  • Pump – 675 GPH
  • Max Pond Size – 1250 gallons
  • Easy to level fountain nozzles (three patterns included) with swivel joint
  • Works in pond depths from 17″ to 22″, but for deeper ponds simply place on a stand
  • Model # – ESF1250
  • One year warranty and retails for $229.99

Pond Pressure Filter Page

Pond Pressure Filters


Unlike the above suction type submersible pond filters, pressurized filters use the pressure from the pump outlet to push water through the filter.  Advantages of pressurized pond filters are flexibility of installation options (can be partially buried), usually include some form of all three types of filtering (UV, mechanical, and biological), and easy cleaning via back flushing.  Pressure filters are the most common koi pond filter on the market today.  Due to being easy to add on to existing ponds.

Choose between standard pond pressure filters and more heavy duty bead filters (commercial available) from top brands like EasyPro, Tetra, Oase, and Danner.

Tetra Pond Pressure FilterView Product Page

Tetra Pond Pressure Filter

The Tetra UV pond filter is a bio-active pressure filter.   Allows fast cleaning with a simple back flush valve, open profile bio-activator, mechanical and biological filtration, and includes a TetraPond UV bulb to help kill algae.

Work on ponds/water features 1500 – 4000 gallons.  Normally retails for $255.65 – $351.56.

EasyPro Pond Pressure FilterView Product Page

EasyPro Pond Pressure Filters

These Easy Pro pressurized pond filters are low cost and great quality.  Best suited for small water features and preformed ponds.

Features: Easy concealment, optional UV, dual filtration with filter pads and bio-media, cleaning indicator, and multi step connectors for a range of tubing.

Work on ponds/water features 1000 – 4000 gallons. PDF for more info.  Retail for $139.99 – $389.99.

Pondmaster/ Danner Clearguard Pressure FilterView Product Page

Danner Clearguard 8000 Filter

If you’re looking for an affordably priced pressure filter with good performance this is it.  Combines mechanical and biological filtration for healthy and clear water.

Very versatile with seven easy to use functions: 1 – filter, 2 – backwash, 3 – rinse, 4 – winterize, 5 – empty, 6 – circulate and 7 – close.  With reusable filter pads to polish and remove fine debris.

Work on ponds/water features 2700 – 16,000 gallons. Retail for $259.99 – $799.99.  Available with or without UV option.

Oase Pond Pressure FilterView Product Page

Oase FiltoClear 8000 Pond Pressure Filter

These Oase pond filters where engineered to be quickly and easily cleaned with pumps having a max head pressure of 16′ or lower.  The Filteroclear Oase pond filter will give you gin clear water with its excellent filtering capacity. Oase Filtoclear Pond Filter feature:

  • UV clarifier built-in to keep water clear
  • Easy concealment by burying until the lid level and cleaned without lid removal
  • Two year warranty and works with ponds 1000 – 7900 gallons.  Retail for $499.00 – $599.00.
  • Oase Filtoclear filter page for more info.

Pondmaster/ Danner Proline Pressure FilterView Product Page

Danner Proline Pressure Filter

The Pondmaster Proline filter with UV light:

  • Heavy duty design – Can be partially buried in ground for concealment & Monitor water clarity with clear inspection port
  • Unlock waste with built in agitator to conserve water while back flushing and rinsing then use the three way master valve (patent pending) to use for ” Filter, Rinse, Backwash” settings
  • Maximum surface area for bacteria with Bio-Matrix media
  • 1-1/2″ Swivel fittings and includes a ball valve to control water flow
  • Works on ponds/water features 1000 – 4000 gallons. Retail for $409.99 – $509.99.

EasyPro Pressurized Bead FiltersView Product Page

EasyPro Koi Pond Bead Filter

EasyPro koi pond bead filter that combines biologic and mechanical filtration.  Sets the standard for bead filters for koi ponds

  • Six position back flush head for easy flushing
  • Comes with Ultimate Tube media
  • High flow rate and low back pressure
  • Optional blower upgrade to mix up media before backflush to quicken the cleaning cycle and reduce water loss and beads from clumping together
  • Work on ponds/water features 1800 – 10,000 gallons. Retail for $634.99 – $1999.99.  Assembled and ready to go out of the box.

EasyPro Commercial Bead FiltersView Product Page

Commercial koi pond bead filter

Similar to the above koi pond bead filters but more heavy duty fiberglass reinforced design for commercial applications.

  • Six position back flush head for easy flushing
  • Comes with Ultimate Tube media
  • High flow rate and low back pressure
  • Optional blower upgrade to mix up media before backflush to quicken the cleaning cycle and reduce water loss and beads from clumping together
  • Work on ponds/water features 9000 – 60,000 gallons. Retail for $1500.00 – $5400.  Assembled and ready to go out of the box.

AQUA Ultima II Bio Tube UV FiltersView Product Page

Aqua Ultima Pond Filters

Aqua Ultima pond filters are a notch above koi pond bead filters due to the use of bio-tube media (patented).  Which has 750 square feet of surface area per cubic foot and doesn’t clump together like beads. So no need for a optional blower.

Another feature that makes these the best pond pressure filters is coming pre-seeded with bacteria for fast start-up!

  • Can be hidden in ground to the control head, unique filter material, and simple back washing
  • Work on ponds/water features 1000 – 60,000 gallons. Retail for $530.00 – $7627.29.

Deluxe Skid Mounted Pond Filter SystemsView Product Page

large koi pond filter systems

These are deluxe complete systems mounted on skids.  Combines a pressurized pond bead filter and external pump (self priming).  Along with a UV clarifier.  Just run your incoming and outgoing lines and you’re all set.  All the hard work is done.

  • Six position control head with back flush blower upgrade
  • Comes with Ultimate Tube media
  • All plumbing and electrical completed for you
  • 3 year warranty on the whole package aside from the UV bulb
  • Work on ponds/water features 1800 – 10,000 gallons. Retail for $2719.99 – $4249.99.

Waterfall Filter

Pond Waterfall Filters


Biological waterfall filters are a great way to make a functional and beautiful waterfall.  The way most waterfall filter boxes work is simply by placing pond filter media inside the box.  Then tubing is usually plumbed into the bottom and water will flow through the media and over the spillway.  The surface area of the media will be the breeding grounds for beneficial bacteria.  The water flow must be constant to keep the beneficial organisms alive.  These guys will help metabolize phosphates, ammonia from the fish waste, and other organic debris that cause algae.

When shopping for a waterfall filter keep in mind some following questions:

The more disguised the better.  Some pond waterfall filters come with an optional grate that really helps hide the top.  Making it look like a natural spring coming up from the ground.

Most waterfall pond filters come with lifetime warranties like the Signature Series Aquascape BioFalls waterfall filter box.

The more the better.  Also look at the design and make sure the water doesn’t simply flow around the media.  Since water takes the path of least resistance.

Some cheap koi pond waterfall filters will simply clog and channel around the pond filter media if not cleaned regularly.  High quality waterfall filters usually include backflushable valves making maintenance a piece of cake.  Think of it like cutting your grass.  If you do it often it is an easy task.  If you only do it once a year it will be a chore.

Some go inside the liner, some attach at the spillway lip with sealant (can leak over time and make sure the bolts are stainless steel or they will rust out over time), and some simply snap onto the waterfall filter like the EasyPro ECO-Series.


Tetra Waterfall FilterView Product Page

Tetra Waterfall Filter for Ponds

This Tetra waterfall filter is for ponds up to 1,000 gallons.  More of an entry level filter that comes with a 2 year warranty.

Mesh media bags and filter mats are included with the TetraPond waterfall filter.  But media is sold separately.

Work with pumps from 500 – 4500 gallons per hour. Retails for around $45.00.


Savio Filterweirs and LivingPond FiltersView Product Page

Savio Filterweir Waterfall Filter

Savio Filterweirs (16″ & 31″) are an easy way to add biomechanical filtration with the beauty of a waterfall.  Easy to install, and well-built to make you look like a pro.  The Savio F060 waterfall filter comes with a grate for hiding with stones and plants.

Savio LivingPonds waterfall pond filters put water in a “spin cycle”.  Using a round design the unique flow will remove heavy debris before it gets to the media.  Helping the media stay clean and not getting clogged up.  Resulting in a waterfall box that operates up to three times better than square waterfall filter boxes.  Using the Savio Springflo media these filters will operate at 97% during startup and 85-90% efficiency at 8-10 weeks.

Models: F070, F200, F100 Work with pumps from 900 – 10,000 gallons per hour.  Retails for $75.00 – $399.40.

Atlantic FilterFalls Waterfall FiltersView Product Page

Atlantic FilterFalls Waterfall Filters

Atlantic Filterfalls  pond waterfall filters provide performance with the ability to upgrade to back flushing and matala filter pads.  Super strong housing that holds up to 6 matala filter pads and a wide range of filter media on top of included support bars/grate.

  • Oversized chamber to fit more media for better filtration
  • Bulkhead locations in multiple locations for design flexibility
  • Eliminates weir leakage with a drip edge feature

Models: BF1600, BF1900, BF2600, BF3600. Work with pumps from 1000 – 8,000 gallons per hour. Retails for $229.99 – $659.99.

EasyPro ECO Series Waterfall FiltersView Product Page

ECO series waterfall filter DIY

When it comes to easy installation the EasyPro ECO Series waterfall pond filters excel.  Being a true do it yourself waterfall filter.  Using no silicone, bolts, or puncturing the liner in any way.

The patented “Spliner Lock” system uses a tool-free liner attachment and comes with biological filter media.  Even the inlet bulkhead fittings on these waterfall filter boxes are pre-installed.

Models: Prelude, Melody, Sonata, Symphony. Work with pumps from 1800 – 9,000 gallons per hour. Retails for $101.99$467.49.

EasyPro Pro-Series Waterfall FiltersView Product Page

Professional Waterfall Filters by EasyPro

EasyPro AquaFalls Pro-Series waterfall filters are heavy duty for lasting performance.  Come with a fake rock lip for creating an easy and beautiful waterfall drop.  No foaming needed.

Easy to bury in the ground and hide with multiple design options with the use of an inlet hole on either side (aside from Mini Aquafalls filter).  Just plug the side you don’t end up using (plug included).  You can also use the second hole as a drain by adding a ball valve.

Models: Mini AT2, Small AS2, Medium AM2, Large AL2. Work with pumps from 2400 – 15,000 gallons per hour. Retails for $207.99$879.99.

Aquascape BioFalls FiltersView Product Page

Aquascape BioFalls Waterfall Filters

Professional grade Aquascape BioFalls filters will give you high water flow and maximum filtration.  Circular in shape using heavy duty rotational-molded polyethylene to maximize strength.

Come with media net, filter mats, support rack, hardware including non-cross threading screws for worry free installation, and a lifetime warranty.

Models: MicroFalls, BioFalls Filter 2500, BioFalls Filter 6000. Work with pumps from 5000 – 15,000 gallons per hour. Retails for $279.98$799.99.

UV Pond Filter Page

UV Pond Filters


Using a UV pond filter is a great way to control unwanted single cell algae and parasites.  They work by killing floating algae using a ultraviolet light at 260 nanometers.  Regular pond UV filters can be submerged in water where sterilizers cannot. Giving you clean, clear, pristine, and safe water.  Making UV pond filters perfect in applications where pets, children, and wildlife are around.

EasyPro All-In-One Pond FilterView Product Page

EasyPro Small Pond Filter

The EasyPro small pond filter put together pond pump with UV pond filter, and mechanical filtration.  Works great on pre-formed ponds and other small water features.   EasyPro all in one pond pump filter UV features:

  • UV light – 11 watt with a 675 GPH pump
  • Max Pond Size – 1250 gallons with pond depths from 17″ to 22″, but for deeper ponds simply place on a stand
  • Easy to level fountain nozzles (three patterns included) with swivel joint

Model # – ESF1250 -One year warranty and retails for $229.99

Little Giant UV ClarifierView Product Page

Little Giant UV Pond Clarifier

Formerly sold by Cal Pump this Little Giant UV pond clarifier can be added to existing or new installations.  Designed with a 18′ long power cord and a magnetic ballast.  This UVC pond filter clarifies up to 810 gallons and 540 gallons sterilization.

Works on ponds up to 1,000 gallons.  Retails for $59.00.


PondMaster Ultraviolet Clarifiers / SterilizersView Product Page

Danner UV Pond Filter

These PondMaster UV pond filters can be used outside as well as inside your pond.  For naturally bending into surroundings the unit is black in color and can be hidden underwater.  Engineered with a unique swirl pattern to add to the length of time the light stays in contact with the water.  Since more contact time means more effective UV filtering.  PondMaster included a patented Halo ring which give the filter a light blue glow to help you ensure your submersible pond UV clarifier is working.

Models: 10 watt, 20 watt, and 40 watt.  Work with ponds from 1500 – 6,000 gallons.  Retails for $139.99 – $199.99.


EasyPro UV Pond ClarifierView Product Page

EasyPro UV Pond Clairifier

EasyPro UV clarifier for ponds is an industry leading clarifier with a built-in protective device inside the sleeve.  Which when the top cover is opened cuts the power off.  Features:

  • Choose either side for the inlet/outlet with dual outlets with multi-step connectors that fit 3/4″, 1″ & 1¼” tubing
  • Heavy duty impact resistant housing with waterproof ballasts and long life bulbs
  • High quality quartz glass sleeves unlike some other pond water clarifier brands that use cheap plastic

Models: 18 watt (EPU18N) and 36 watt (EPU36N).  Work with ponds from 4000 – 7000 gallons.  Retails for $165.32$250.32.

ProEco UV Pond ClarifierView Product Page

ProEco Ultraviolet Pond Clarifier

ProEco UVC pond filters are an benefit to any filter system.  The CUV Series (Ultraviolet pond clarifier) work by passing water through the UVC chamber where the bulb clumps suspended microscopic green algae.  Which should then be caught by some form of mechanical filter.  Along with other UVC pond filters make sure you properly size this according to your application.

Models: 18 Watt UV Clarifier, 36 Watt UV Clarifier, 72 Watt UV Clarifier.  Work with ponds from 5200 – 11,900 gallons.  Retails for $169.98$369.98.


AQUA Ultraviolet UV Pond ClarifierView Product Page

AQUA Ultraviolet Pond Clarifier

AQUA Ultraviolet pond clarifiers feature a lifetime warranty on the housing with one of the longest lamp lives in the industry.  They have been building pond UV clarifiers for over 25 years!  Features:

  • Easy twist cap for simple cleaning and inspection of quartz sleeve
  • 2″ inlet and outlet for maximum flow to the UV pond sterilizer bulb (in-house manufactured in USA that last up to 14 months of continuous use)

Models: 8, 15, 25, 40, 57 Watt.  Work with ponds from 300 – 6500 gallons.  Retails for $194.04$446.88.

Savio UVinex Pond ClarifiersView Product Page

Savio UV Pond Filter

Along with Savio’s other high quality products the UVinex pond clarifiers are no exception and are one of the best pond uv filters available.  Modular in design with no knowledge of plumbing required making them easier to maintain.  the Savio UVinex system features a twist and lock design allowing the socket to securely grip onto the bulb.  Making them more secure for pond owner maintenance.  Features:

  • No expensive quartz sleeves that break with stainless steel construction
  • Simple plug-and-play installation with a 20′ long power cord

Models: 18 Watt UV, 26 Watt, 50 Watt.  Work with ponds from 2500 – 5000 gallons.  Retails for $195.00$288.00.

EasyPro Commercial Large Pond ClarifiersView Product Page

EasyPro Commercial Large UV Pond Filters

EasyPro Commercial UV clarifier for large ponds is an industry leading clarifier with a built-in protective device inside the sleeve.  Which when the top cover is opened cuts the power off.  Features:

  • Choose either side for the inlet/outlet with dual outlets with multi-step connectors that fit 3/4″, 1″ & 1¼” tubing
  • Heavy duty impact resistant housing with waterproof ballasts and long pond uv lamp life.
  • High quality quartz glass sleeves unlike some other pond water clarifier brands that use cheap plastic

Models: 35, 55, 75, 110, 150, 225 Watt.  Work with ponds from 4800 – 24,000 gallons.  Retails for $309.99$1,784.99.

AQUA Commercial Large Pond UV SterilizerView Product Page

AQUA Commercial UV Pond Filter

AQUA commercial large pond UV sterilizers work great for large scale residential water features where high water flow rates are required.  Features a stainless steel housing with 3″ flow switches that have an auto shut-off if the water flow stops.

Models: 400 Watt UV Sterilizer in 115v or 230v.  Work with pumps up to 240 GPM.  Retails for $2,667.55$2,709.21.



FAQs about UV Pond Filters

While it is possible that a UV pond filter will kill some beneficial bacteria it impossible that it would kill all of them.  Because there is beneficial bacteria on all kinds of surfaces in your pond like the liner, rocks, media, etc.  Fish pond UV filters really just target suspended algae that is making the water cloudy and any parasites floating around.

Yes you still need a good biological filter along with a properly sized UVC pond filter.  The UV will help clear the water but it will not act as a complete filter.  The biological filter will break down ammonia from fish waste and dead algae that the UV pond filter kills.  Without a good biological filtration system you could go from having green cloudy water to filamentous algae (string).

This can be confusing.  But the basic difference of a UV pond clarifier is that it may not provide super clear water without the help of some pond plants for the rated amount of gallons.  While a pond UV sterilizer will not require pond plants at what it is rated for.  Often times pond clarifiers are submersible where sterilizers are not.  So keep that in mind as well.

Garden pond UV filters and koi pond filters are essentially the same thing.  Although if you don’t have a high fish load like a koi pond you might not need a ultraviolet pond light.  Simply adding a good amount of aquatic plants should do the trick.

Atlantic Copper Pond Ionizer

Pond Ionizers work by releasing a mix of copper ions into flowing water.  Most have a control panel that tells a replaceable probe when to slowly dissolve.  The ions in the water from the probe help filter the water to get rid of string algae and lower maintenance and the need for liquid pond water treatments.

Simple to add to new or existing ponds, waterfalls, or fountains.

Choose from top brands like Aquascape, Atlantic, and ProEco.


Frequently Asked Questions about Pond Filters

This is a tough question to answer.  As like most things there is no specific best pond filter kit.  It will vary based on your needs.  If you have a small pond you could use a pond filter kit like this EasyPro all in one kit. Otherwise you will most likely need to piece together components.

If you have a small pond with a few fish and plants you may not need a pond filter.  There is guy that is pushing the limits of ponds without pump filters and has a book coming out (Amazon link) for more info.  On the the hand if you have a large koi pond with lots of fish and want clean clear water then a fish pond filter system is a must.

A mechanical pond filter will trap large particles of suspended matter.  Pond biolfilters transform the harmful nutrients like ammonia from fish waste to beneficial nutrients for plants.  Some form of both are usually needed.

A couple of good aquatic plants would be floating water lettuce, water hawthorn, watercress, or water hyacinth, and any type of marginal plant.

Yes there are many diy pond filters you can create.  We do not have a specific design that we would recommend currently aside from our favorite bio filter (using plants as a wetland filter).  Just search through some videos like this one for ideas:

Water Quality

Clear and healthy pond water for pants and fish also keeps it attractive to people.  Which remains the largest challenge in water gardening today.

How Your Pond Works

Ecological balance is affected by depth and size, amount of sun it receives, movement, water temperature, pollutants, and the number of fish and plants you have.  Due to the all the different factors your pond can take from a couple weeks to many months to achieve a ideal balance point.  Which it can maintain if these factors remain somewhat constant.

Your pond is a small self-contained ecosystem.

When you add aquatic plants they will draw nutrients out of the water (nitrates and phosphates).  These nutrients allow the plants to flourish and pump oxygen into the water.  Surface plants like water lilies will also help shade the pond and keep it from overheating and give the fish a place to hide from pond predators like cats, birds, raccoons, etc.

Fish will consume the oxygen produced by the plants.  And give off gases and nutrients the plants need such as carbon dioxide from breathing, chemicals such as nitrogen from their waste through the process of the nitrogen cycle.  Fish will also keep populations of plant-eating insects under control.  And will eat some of the plants as well which will keep excessive plant growth under control.

The pond is in balance when the number of fish and plants have a stable relationship.  Meaning just enough of each.

Before you introduce either plants or fish it’s a good idea to test the water first.  Look for traces of toxic chemicals and minerals such as hydrogen sulfide from decaying matter, or chlorine from city water.

Once tests show that chloramine is not present you can add plants.  Wait about a month for the plants to establish themselves and then add fish.

What’s in Pond Water

Here’s a quick explanation of common elements in your pond water:

  • Ammonia – Again this comes from fish waste.  Too much can harm or kill fish and should be convert through a biological pond filter.
  • Chlorine – Usually comes from municipal water supplies and will dissolve after a couple of days in your pond.
  • Chloramine – This again comes from municipal water supplies and you will need chemicals to neutralize it if detected.
  • Nitrites – Chemicals from breaking down fish waste that can be harmful if too large of numbers.
  • Nitrates – Serve as nutrients for plants but an excess amounts feed algae.
  • pH – This stands for potential hydrogen and is a measure of alkalinity or acidity.  You want your pond to be in the range of 6.5 to 8.5.
  • Hardness – This means excess of minerals and affects the pH.
  • Oxygen – You want oxygen levels as high as possible.

Water Problems

Public enemy number one for ponds is having too many fish, or feeding them too much.  Again you need to keep the cycle balanced and this will lead to too many fish nutrients for the system to handle.

Another common problem with the pond is not in balance is low oxygen levels.  If you see the fish gasping at the surface it means they’re not receiving enough oxygen.  A garden hose splashing into the pond, a waterfall design, or a air pump added into the pond can help restore oxygen levels.  Once the fish stop gasping at the surface you can stop any of the temporary methods used.

Controlling Algae

New ponds will usually turn a murky like green tinge.  Which means single cell free floating algae are present.  You can use pond UV filters to kill these floating algae cells until the aquatic plants establish themselves.  Or, just wait it out.  The plants will eventually out compete the algae for nutrients.  Limiting sunlight during this time will help as well.

Some algae is natural and can be beneficial, but make sure it does not get out of control.  If it remains a problem after plants are established and a pond filter is installed consult a local pond contractor.


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