Pond Lights

Pond Lights

Well-placed pond lights can turn an ordinary water feature into a magical place in the evening.  Illumination has many practical uses including safety near steps, security, extending the amount of enjoyment, and adding a special touch of beauty.

This dramatic effect is not matched anywhere else in the landscape.  Underwater pond lighting can turn a waterfall, fountain, or the water surface along with fish underneath into magical images.  Above-ground lighting brings surrounding plants and ornaments to life.

Underwater Pond Lights

It’s important when searching for underwater pond lighting to purchase the best pond lights you can afford.  Because, cheap pond lights tend to leak over a short period of time, or burn out.   Save yourself the frustration and get a good quality light.

Atlantic AWG LED Pond LightsView Product Page

atlantic water gardens awleg1 pond light

AWG is Atlantic Water Gardens economical series of LED pond lighting.  Simple to install and can be used in open air and underwater.  No need for switches or timers with the built-in photo cell.  The light sensor will automatically turn the lights off and on at dusk and dawn.  Come in three different models; fountain, small, and large.

Retails for $29.99 to $69.99.

Atlantic SOL Professional LED Pond LightsView Product Page

atlantic professional pond led lights

The SOL series from Atlantic provides professional grade quality and looks.  Designed for longevity and durability with solid brass construction. With a oil-rubbed bronze finish that will look great in any water feature.  The bulbs are 2800 Kelvin color temperature to give it a nice warm light like a halogen fish pond light.    Simple to install and can be used in open air and underwater. LED diodes are easily replaceable and come with a five year warranty!

Retails for $59.99 to $279.99.

Atlantic SOL Color Changing LED Pond LightsView Product Page

atlantic color changing pond lights

Underwater lighting for ponds that brings things to a new level!  Get all the same benefits as the above Atlantic SOL series lights.  But include the ability to change the color of the lights with the touch a remote.  Choose from over 48 different colors, or use one of the 18 preset color modes.  Note the color changing lights require a remote control and control module to operate (SOLCCMX7 & SOLCCMX3). LED diodes are easily replaceable and come with a five year warranty!

Retails for $94.99 to $389.99.

EasyPro LED Pond Rock LightsView Product Page

EasyPro LED Pond Rock Lights

These EasyPro industrial-grade pond rock lights will last for years.   In fact, EasyPro is so confident that these rock pond lights will be the brightest, and highest quality lights you’ve seen with a 30 day money back guarantee.  Rated for 80,000 hours of use in epoxy filled housings which are permanently sealed.  Making them super durable submersible lights for ponds.

Model: LED2W. Retails for $72.79 in a two pack.

EasyPro LED Pond LightingView Product Page

LED pond lighting kit

Variety of EasyPro LED pond lighting.  Models include options of plastic or aluminum housings, transformers to have an all-in-one pond lighting kit, removable bases, and colored lenses. Choose from three and six watt LED lights with or without a transformer. Two or three year warranty depending on model.

Retails from $79.99 to $289.99.

EasyPro LED Color Changing Pond LightsView Product Page

Color Changing LED Pond Light

EasyPro color changing submersible LED pond light.  Create your own lighting theme with the touch of a button using the Cabiro remote.  Only uses 3 watts and has a 15′ long power cord.  Comes with a one year warranty.

Model: CLED4. Retails for $119.99 and the remote for $23.99.

EasyPro LED Stainless Steel Pond LightsView Product Page

Stainless steel LED pond lights

Remember that with most items the length of warranty will usually predict how much confidence the manufacturer has its lifespan.  These EasyPro stainless steel LED pond lights have a 5 year warranty!  Using patent pending engineering that allows longer life through cooling the 2800-3000 K warm white colored bulbs.  Four models to choose from, 6,12,18 and 35 watts.  With thirty foot long power cords for easy installation. Note: 6, 12 and 18 watt versions are not approved, but the 35 watt model can be used in spas and natural swimming pools.

Retails from $159.29 to $259.99.

Aquascape Pond LightsView Product Page

Aquascape Pond Lighting

One, three, and six watt LED Aquascape pond lights that are energy efficient and great for waterfalls, ponds, and up-lighting.  Can be used in or out of water.  These Aquascape lights were designed with die-cast metal.  3000 Kelvin LED bulbs for a white natural looking color.  About the same look as a 10-watt halogen pond light.  Removable base.  Comes with a limited five year warranty.  Aquascape LED lighting has a 40,000 hour bulb life rating.

Aquascape lighting comes in a range of options. From single lights to complete kits. Retails from $49.98 to $149.98.

Oase LED Pond LightsView Product Page

Oase LED pond lights

Oase LED pond lights in a set of three.  Come ready to install and complete with outdoor transformer.  Warm LED technology make the Oase lights closer in temperature to halogen pond lighting.  30 Degree beam angle. Comes with a limited two year warranty.

Retails from $99.99 for a set of three.

Jebao LED Pond LightsView Product Page

Jebao LED Pond Lights

If you’re on a budget these Jebao LED pond lights will get the job done.  Set of three lights 3.3′ from each other with three sets of colored lenses (yellow, green, red, blue).  LED blub rated for 100,000 hours makes this one of the most popular Amazon pond lights.  Although don’t expect the life expectancy of the housing to last as long as the higher quality lights.

Retails from $27.92 for a set of three.

Solar Pond Lights

Solar pond lights are just starting to become available.  Making for little to choose from and questionable products from China. Although, with the solar industry growing at a record pace (SEIA website) we expect to see many more solar lights for ponds in the near future.

Exlight Solar Pond LightsView Product Page

Exlight Solar Pond Lights

Exlight solar pond light set that includes everything you need; 1- solar panel, 3 – pond lamps, 1 – ground stake, 2 – expansion screws, and 1 – instruction manual.  No DC or AC power needed as these outdoor pond lights get their energy from the sun.  Can be submersed into water up to 6.6 feet in depth.  Adjustable up to 90 degrees to give you the right angle of lighting.

Retails for $32.61 for a set.

Waterfall Lights

LED Waterfall LightsFor traditional waterfalls you can use any of the above pond waterfall lights.  Simply place the spotlights to the side, or in the water pointing up at the waterfall.  If you have a formal waterfall with a flat spillway they you’ll want to use these LED waterfall light strips.

Available to fit a wide variety of weir widths.  And different color choices including color changing with a remote.


EasyPro LED Underwater Light StripsView Product Page

EasyPro LED Waterfall Lights

EasyPro LED underwater waterfall lights.  These strips come in three different lengths, 11, 23, and 35″.  In two different colors, warm white and cool blue (best seller).

These are ideal for use with waterfall diffusers, Vianti Falls, streams, and other formal water features.  Includes a low voltage transformer and can be used in or out of water.

Retails from $76.49 to $195.49.

EasyPro Color Changing LED Underwater Light StripsView Product Page

Color Changing Waterfall Light Strips

LED waterfall light strip that has the ability to change up to 48 different colors.  Also works with the Cabrio color changing pond lights above.  Remote works up to 60′ away and does not to be in direct line of sight.

Complete kits available that include a LED strip, 3-way splitter and transformer.

Retails from $94.74 to $220.99.

ProEco LED Weir Light StripsView Product Page

ProEco Color changing LED strip

These ProEco LED underwater waterfall strips work great with the ProEco stainless steel and Acrylic weir.  Like the above EasyPro waterfall lights they come in either a warm white, cool blue, or color changing with a remote.  Transformer is included but photo cells or splitters are optional.

Variety of sizes available from 11″ to 59″ in width.  Two year warranty.

Retails from $49.98 to $199.98.

Pond Spotlights

EasyPro LED High Output Pond SpotlightsView Product Page

EasyPro Pond Spotlight

This EasyPro pond spotlight is meant to be installed around the perimeter of your water feature, flag pole, garden, or landscape for land-based lighting.  Low voltage with LED bulbs for energy efficiency with an aluminum housing.  IP65 rated (Green Business resource website). Use 12 volt transformers. Five year warranty.

Retails from $215.99 to $279.99.


Hardscape Lighting

Hardscape LightingHardscape lighting helps bring the entire surroundings of your water feature to life.  Most hardscape lights can easily be installed through 1″ PVC conduit and come in color changing options.



Atlantic LED Hardscape LightingView Product Page

atlantic hardscape light





Atlantic hardscape lights are similar to the professional sol pond lights.  Except they’re designed to be used on block walls.  Same oil rubbed bronze finish for a classic look.  Easily highlights steps, columns, or walls.   The LED fixture can be replaced without the need to caps to get to the wiring.  Spout lights are made of solid brass and work great to highlight plumes of water. Choose from warm white color, or 48 color changing models.  Both come with the same solid five year warranty.

Retails from $94.99 to $159.99.


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