Pond Liner Installation & Repair Tools

Tools for Installing & Repairing EPDM Rubber Liner


You’ve heard it before… but the key to installing pond liner (and just about anything) is having the right tools for the job.  These tools from Firestone make EPDM liner installation a breeze.  Whether you pinched the liner between a couple boulders, or need to seam a couple pieces together this equipment will help you get the job done.

Giving you professional results and confidence knowing the job was done right and will last.

Pond Liner Patch KitView Product Page

EPDM Pond Liner Patch Kit

Firestone QuickSeam EPDM pond liner repair kit that comes with everything you need to repair a couple small holes.  Excellent product to have on-site in the event of an emergency leak.

Each pond liner patch kit comes with two 6″ x6″ Quickseam patches, one Quickscrubber pad, one pair of disposable gloves, one bottle of QuickPrime LVOC, and instructions on completing the repair.


Firestone Termination BarView Product Page

Firestone Termination Bar for Pond Liner

When you need to install and seal flashing terminations, or just holding up pond liner.  Firestone termination bars are the answer.  From the factory the bars are 10′ long, but we cut them down to 5′ in length to save from expensive shipping costs if left at 10′.  If you need them left at 10′ in length please contact us prior to your order.



Firestone Cover TapeView Product Page

Firestone Cover Tape for Pond Liners

Firestone’s cover tape can be applied when seaming two pieces of EPDM rubber liner.  It can also provide protection for a 3″ wide seam since the cover tape is 6″ wide.

Cover tape has adhesive on one side only.  Use the Quickscrubber kit for proper installation.

Comes in 25′ and 100′ rolls.


Firestone Seam TapeView Product Page

Firestone Seam Tape for EPDM Liner

When you need to combine two pieces of rubber pond liner Firestone rubber pond liner seam tape is your solution.  Manufactured out of black rubber polymer in a 3″ width.

Seam tape has adhesive on both sides.  Use the Quickscrubber kit for proper installation.

Comes in 25′ and 100′ rolls.


Firestone Water Block Seal - S20View Product Page

Firestone Water Block Seal

Firestone water block seal uses compression to provide a water tight seal.  Only use water block seal on clean and dry surfaces.

10 oz tubes. Part# W563587071

*Ships HAZMAT via ground shipping due to S-20 water block seal being classified a flammable liquid.


Firestone Lap SealantView Product Page

Firestone Lap Sealant

Firestone lap sealant in 11 oz tubes.  Can be used for a variety of applications including seam edge treatments.




Firestone All Purpose SealantView Product Page

Firestone Lap Sealant

Firestone All Purpose sealant is a single component polyurethane that’s non-sagging and moisture-curing.  The all purpose sealant can be used on brick, sheet metal, and concrete block.

Comes in 10 oz tubes.



Firestone QuickPrime PlusView Product Page

Firestone QuickPrime Plus for EPDM Liner

Firestone QuickPrime Plus is a primer made for EPDM pond liner.  It’s designed ensure a proper bond between Firestone cover, or seam tape.

Liner surface should be dry and clean prior to QuickPrime application.  Use Quickscrubber kit for an easy application.



Firestone QuickPrime Plus LVOCView Product Page

Firestone QuickPrime Plus Low VOC LVOC

Firestone QuickPrime Plus LVOC EPDM Primer was designed especially for pond liner.

LVOC means that compared to regular QuickPrime Plus it has lower volatile organic compounds (LVOC).

Comes in one quart cans.


Firestone QuickSeam Tape KitView Product Page

Firestone QuickSeam Tape Kit for Liner

Firestone QuickSeam tape kit allows you to seam up to 25 feet of EPDM PondGard pond liner.  Comes with step-by-step instructions for professional results and includes 25′ of QuicSeam tape, two 4 oz TPO QuickPrime, two QuicScrubber pads, one QuickScrubber handle, four wipes, one seam roller, and a special crayon to highlight the area.



Firestone QuickScrubber KitView Product Page

Firestone QuickScrubber Kit

Firestone QuickScrubber Kit is the key to scruff the pond liner to ensure proper adhesion.  Just simply press the scuff pad on the industrial strength Velcro on the handle.

Comes with seven scrubbing pads and one holder/handle.



Firestone QuickScrubber Plus KitView Product Page

Firestone QuickScrubber Plus Kit for EPDM Liner


Firestone QuickScrubber Plus Kit helps save your back during large repairs/seams.  Accomplishes the same as the Quickscrubber kit, but allows you add a handle to scrub in the standing position (handle not included).



Firestone Silicone RollerView Product Page

Firestone Silicon Roller for EPDM Liner


Firestone silicone roller that makes pressing cover tape and seams easy.   Made out of a steel roller that is covered with silicone rubber, includes a wooden handle, and 1-1/2″ wide.



Firestone QuickRollerView Product Page

Firestone QuickRoller with Handle for EPDM rubber liner


Firestone QuickRoller comes with a steel handle that is 42″ in length.  Attached to a rubber sleeved steel roller.

Comes with one extra rubber sleeve.


Firestone QuickSeam Pipe Flashing – Pipe BootView Product Page

Firestone QuickSeam Pipe Flashing Boot

Firestone QuickSeam Pipe Flashing (which is also sometimes referred to as a pipe boot) was engineered to be used in the flashing of round penetrations in geomembrane applications.

Universal in size to allow a variety of pipe fitments from 1″ – 6-7/8″ OD (25.4mm – 174.6mm).  All you need to do is cut out the correct section of the pipe boot and proceed with the rest of installation.


Firestone QuickSeam Form FlashingView Product Page

Firestone QuickSeam Form Flash Roll

Firestone QuickSeam form flashing.  Manufactured out of uncured black EPDM.  Which is the laminated onto cured Firestone seam tape.

Firestone form flashing comes in 9″ x 50′ rolls or by the foot.  Part#W56RAC1650



Firestone QuickSeam Corner FlashingView Product Page

Firestone QuickSeam Corner Flashing

Firestone QuickSeam corner flashing.  Made by laminating QuickSeam tape to FormFlash.

Dimensions of corner flashing is 8.5″ (216mm) in diameter.  Can be used to flash outside and inside corners.





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