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Pond pumps bring the magic to water features.  They’re the life force in the design of a balanced pond ecosystem.  Like a beating heart. Providing required aeration and tranquil, soothing sounds of flowing water.

The first time you plug-in your pond pump is when your water feature will come to alive.  It’s one of the best experiences of building a pond.  Standing back and just watching the water spill over rocks, and listening to the sounds the very first time.  It completely changes an environment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Direct Drive Pond Pumps

Direct drive is great when you need a powerful pond pump.  They are submersible and work in a wide range of applications.  Whether you need a large pond pump for a fish pond, or waterfall.  Look here when power and size is more of a concern. Especially when looking for commercial pond pumps.

Below is out entire inventory of direct drive pond pumps.  If you don’t see what you need please contact us.

Shinmaywa Norus PumpsView ShinMaywa Norus Pumps

ShinMaywa Norus Series Pumps

Often touted as one of the best pond pumps on the market.  The Shinmaywa Norus pumps deliver outstanding performance and durability.  Using high quality materials and design.  The Japanese pond pump uses a 304 stainless housing and comes with a two year warranty.  Pump size ranges from 3300 GPH to 11000 GPH.

*Currently Rated as the best direct drive pond pump


EasyPro TH PumpsView EasyPro TH Pumps

EasyPro TH Pump Direct Drive TH250

The TH-Series is rated as being EasyPro’s best pond pump. With over 50,000 pumps sold.  Built out of heavy-duty stainless steel. Optional bottom screen is available to help keep debris out of the impeller.  Comes with a two year warranty.  Pump size ranges from 3100 GPH to 6000 GPH.



Anjon Big Frog PumpsView Anjon Big Frog Pumps

Anjon Big Frog Pumps

Another best seller is the Anjon Big Frog pump.  Claiming a 99% service rating to earn its top spot of pond pumps for sale.  They are engineered with no oil so they’re fish, plant and wildlife safe.  Comes with a two year warranty. Pump size ranges from 3000 GPH to 6300 GPH.



Savio Water Master Clear PumpsView Savio Water Master Clear Pumps

Savio Water Master Clear PumpsSavio Clear pumps are another stand-out submersible pond pump.  For many years professional pond contractors would demand Savio pumps.  The Clear series can handle higher height heights and come with a two year warranty.  Pump sizes ranges from 1200 GPH to 3960 GPH.



Savio Water Master Solids PumpsView Savio Water Master Solids Pumps

These are Savio’s solids handling direct drive waterfall pumps.  They are similar to the Savio Clear pumps with innovative third lip seal protection but are able to pass 1-1/4″ solids.  Meaning less clogged up impellers and problems.  Work best at low heath heights in submersible applications.



Atlantic A-Series PumpsView Atlantic A-Series Pumps

Atlantic Tidal Wave A Series Pumps

The A-Series Atlantic high volume pond pumps are designed with a cast iron impeller, stainless steel housing, and a built-in overload protector.  On top of a super long thirty foot power cord, dual drive bearings and a two year warranty.



Atlantic PAF-Series PumpsView Atlantic PAF Series Pumps

Atlantic TidalWave PAF Pumps

Atlantic PAF Series direct drive pond pumps are lightweight, energy efficient, and use the exact top-notch internal components the A series above uses.  Giving you a solid pump with high volume and medium head.  Handles 1-1/4″ solids with a removable intake screen.  Built out of stainless steel, double silicon carbide seals, and a fiber reinforced vortex impeller.  Comes with a two year warranty.


Atlantic SH-Series PumpsView Atlantic SH Series Pumps

Atlantic Tidal Wave SH-Series Pumps

The Atlantic SH Series pumps are energy efficient and one of the most dependable direct drive pond pumps available.  Solids handling up to 1-1/2″ with a vortex impeller with a 16′ long power cord in a non-corrosive pump housing.  Comes with a two year warranty.



Cal Pump Torpedo PumpsView Cal Pump Torpedo Pumps

Torpedo Pumps

The Torpedo pumps are unique in the sense that they are pretty much the only submersible direct drive pond pump that can be installed without any tools.  They’re also pretty versatile in that they can be installed horizontally or vertically, have an optional filter basket, and rare being a external direct drive pond pump that can be installed outside of the water (below water line). The downfall is that they only come with a one year warranty.


Little Giant Direct Drive PumpsView Little Giant Direct Drive Pumps

Little Giant Direct Drive Pond Pumps

Little Giant submersible direct drive pumps are perfect for smaller water features, fountains, or patio ponds.  A great blend of performance and affordability.  Pump sizes range from 170 GPH to 475 GPH.  Comes with a two year warranty.



Mag Drive Pumps

Mag drive pumps are highly efficient pond pumps engineered for submersible use in standard sized waterfalls and ponds. Also, most small ornamental pond pumps are magnetic driven.  Below is our entire collection of mag drive pond pumps.

Anjon Monsoon PumpView Anjon Monsoon Pumps

Anjon Monsoon Pump

Anjon Monsoon pumps are a great pond fountain pump.  You can control the water flow output with a remote control!  How cool is that!?  Built for medium to high head applications. Comes with a two year warranty.  Pump sizes range from 4000 GPH to 10000 GPH.


Anjon Flood PumpView Anjon Flood Pumps

Anjon Flood Pump

Anjon Flood pumps are the standard for most small pond pumps.  Built with some good components for the price including a epoxy filled housing, recessed drive shaft, and permanent magnet.  To give you a quiet and efficient pond pump.  Comes with a two year warranty.  Pump sizes range from 3000 GPH to 6300 GPH.


EasyPro Mag Drive PumpView EasyPro Mag Drive Pumps

Easy Pro Mag Drive Pond Pumps

Let the numbers speak for themselves.  Over 98% of these pumps are still in operation after three years!  EasyPro mag drive pumps are a great pond fountain pump with the addition of a fountain nozzle.  Included with most models.  Come with a three year warranty.  Pump sizes range from 120 GPH to 3200 GPH.



Little Giant Mag Drive PumpView Little Giant Mag Drive Pumps

Little Giant PES Mag Drive Pumps

Little Giant is still on top of the leader board with submersible pond pumps.  The Little Giant pond fountain pumps work great for small ponds and fountains.   Providing a top-notch mag drive pump that is affordable and energy efficient.  Best of all the Little Giant pumps come with a three year warranty.  Pump sizes range from 80 GPH to 1000 GPH.



External Out of Pond Pumps

External out-of-pond pumps are designed with low energy consumption, good power, and easy maintenance in mind.  These pumps are non submersible and designed to be installed on the exterior of the water feature and in most cases (aside from self priming pumps) should be installed lower than the water level.

Below is our entire collection of external pond pumps.  If you don’t see what you need please contact us.

EasyPro High Head External PumpsView EasyPro High Head External Pumps

EasyPro External High Head Pond Pumps

EasyPro External high head pumps are great when higher pressures are needed.  Whether you have a tall fountain or waterfall this pump can handle it.  Offering energy efficiency and longer lifespan than submersible pond pumps.  Made in the USA and can be used outdoors with either 115v or 230v electrical wiring.  One downfall of these pumps are that they’re not self priming and will need to be positioned below the water line, or a check valve to maintain pressure.  Come with a three year warranty.  Pump sizes range from 8500 GPH to 13200 GPH.


EasyPro Low Head External PumpsView EasyPro Low Head External Pumps

EasyPro External Low Head EX Pond Pumps

EasyPro External low head pumps provide great reliability and value. A perfect water pond pump for low head fish ponds, waterfalls, and more. Made in the USA!  Unlike many of pond water pumps for sale, that are manufactured in China.  Dual voltage wired motors means you can use 115v or 230v.  Not self-priming.  Comes with a 18 months or three year warranty.  Pump sizes range from 3600 GPH to 8200 GPH.


Solar Pumps

While with solar you’re mainly going to find pond pumps for small ponds. The technology is rapidly advancing.  Most do not require any batteries or electrical hookup.  Making them a perfect energy saving pond pump with easy installation. Solar pumps are relatively new to the industry and being new technology should not be used in applications requiring constant aeration such as koi fish ponds unless the system is specifically designed for it.

Below is our inventory of solar pond pumps.  If you don’t see what you need please contact us.

Eshion ® 1.2W Outdoor Solar PumpView Eshion ® 1.2W Outdoor Solar Pumps

Solar Pond Pumps

This solar pump for small ponds and fountains uses a high efficiency panel and brushless pump.  Giving up a strong, stabile, and fast startup.  The beauty of it is there is no external battery or electrical outlet needed.  It floats on water and is simple to use.  Great for small ponds, bird baths, water circulation, and garden decorations.



Pond Pumps and Filters

These kits will combine a small submersible pond pumps with filters.  Giving you a turn key complete pond pump system.  Just assemble the unit and place into your water feature.  Most come with a few options for fountain heads for an attractive water pattern and sounds.

Below is our inventory of pond pumps with filters.  If you don’t see what you need please contact us.

PondMaster PMK Pump and FilterView PondMaster PMK Pumps and Filters

Pond Pumps and Filters

The Pond Master PMK pond pump and filter kit uses a mag drive pump for energy efficiency and is designed for continuous duty pond, statuary, fountain, or aquarium use.  Be sure to select a model that will circulate the pond water volume 2-3 times per hour.

Pondmaster pond pumps and filters kit come with a deluxe filter system, pump, adjustable fountain heads,tubing, fittings, and biological, chemical, and mechanical filtration.


Pond Pump Parts

Buying some extra pond pump parts can be a huge time and money saver.  Sometimes just a simple swap of a pond pump impeller can get you back up and running.  Go to this section for a variety of pond pump repair parts such as filters and housings.

Best Selling Pond Pump Parts

Below is our best selling pump parts.  If you don’t see what you’re looking for click the following link to view our entire collection.

Pond Pump Parts

EasyPro makes replacing you pump impeller a breeze.  Follow along with their online video to inspect and replace your impeller.



Pond Pump Accessories

Unless you have a cheap pond pump that you don’t care about.  Protecting your pump will make maintenance and durability go a long ways.  We stock a variety of pond pump protectors, screens/pre-filters, auto shut-offs, and volt meters.

Below is our entire inventory of pond pump accessories. If you don’t see what you need please contact us.

Atlantic Tidal Wave Pump ProtectorView Atlantic Tidal Wave Pump Protectors

Pond Pump Protector

The quickest way to ruin a pond circulation pump is operating in low water conditions.  This pond pump protector will detect and shut-off the pump automatically.  Also protects against current drops, current spikes, thermal cycling, and low water flow.

Works on any pond pump brand within the select parameters.


Types of Pumps for Ponds

Deciding which pump to buy can be a challenge with the wide range of options and pond pump manufactures out there.  Start with the application in mind.  Doing so will help you choose the best pond pump based on the projects size, type of drive, energy efficiency, and quality desired.  There is no one perfect pump.  It all comes down to your individual project and price range.

Which Pond Pump is Right for You

Your first decision will be if you need a external or submersible pond pump.  Which is just another fancy way of saying installed in the water or out.

Submersible pond water pumps are excellent for ease of use, and large range of sizes that are available.  They’ve also become more and more focused on becoming energy efficient pond pumps.

Most submersible (wiki link) pumps can simply be plugged into a GFCI electrical outlet.  Without requiring any hardwiring that may need a licensed electrician.

Pond Pump Electrical Installation

When deciding which backyard pond pump is right for you make sure it has a long enough power cord to reach your power outlet.  Unless you’re installing a new outlet near your pump.   Then, it isn’t too much of a concern.  Sometimes pond pump manufactures will allow you to special order a longer power cord up to 100′. Giving you some more options.

If you want to avoid sticking your hands and arms into the water for maintenance.  Or, if your size of water feature allows you may want to choose a non submersible pond pump.

Non submersible pond pumps are often called external pumps.  As people realize the energy efficiency and flow they’re getting out of non submersible pond water pumps, they are becoming more popular.  The only downfall of external pumps is that they can be difficult to install.  Requiring a pond pump housing that is well ventilated and possible hard wiring of electrical connections.

Buying a Water Feature Pump Checklist

Here are some questions you should ask yourself before even looking where to buy pond pumps:

  1. What’s the distance from the electrical outlet to the pump
  2. What size pond pipe will you be using and what fittings will be needed
  3. Will the outdoor pond pump be used for a pond, waterfall, fountain, or combination
  4. What is the total volume of water in your water feature, and what turnover rate is needed
  5. If you have a filter, will you need a heavy duty pond pump that can handle continuous duty useage
  6. If the water feature pump will be pushing water above the water level what will the head height be (fountains and waterfalls)
  7. If you have a waterfall, what type of flow are you looking for (standard rule is for every 1″ of width you need 60 gph)

GPH Flow Needed for a Biological Filter

Time flow chart for pond pumps

5 Gallon Bucket Method – Time Vs. Water Flow Chart

Ron Boedecker put this chart together for Mid-Columbia Koi & Pond Club.

The chart will give you a simple way to know the amount of time and flow through a waterfall, pump, or biological filter.  Which can make or break a pond bio filter.

Instead of having to guess the chart will tell you how long it takes to fill a five gallon bucket.  And will gallons per hour (GPH) and gallons per minute (GPM).

Click on the Mid-Columbia link for a full explanation.








GPH Flow Needed for a Waterfall

Generally you’ll need around thirty six gallons of water a minuter in order to design a 1″ deep x 1′ wide waterfall.  This is a standard rule of thumb for most backyard water features.

Example – 108 GPM would be required for a 3′ wide waterfall.  (36 x width of waterfall = GPM (gallon per minute))

GPH Flow and Head Height

Regardless of the type of water feature you’ll be installing you want to make sure you have the right pond pump size.  Using a 1000 gph pond pump instead of the correct 3000 gph pond pump can make a huge difference.

The lower GPH pump may not turn the pond over enough.  Meaning passing all the water in the feature through the pump.  So if you had a 2000 gallon water feature.  How long will it take a 1000 GPH pond pump to pass 2000 gallons through it?  Sometimes called “turnover rate” as well.

Head height is equal to the vertical height the pump will need to push water.  So if your pump is located in a pond skimmer two feet below ground.  And the top of the waterfall is six feet high.  You will have a head height of eight feet and need to make sure the pump will push the required amount of water at that height.

The higher the water goes the less flow comes out.   This is why you should buy a pond pump that is larger than needed in most cases.

Pond pump manufactures usually have charts showing the flow rate at different heights to make this easier.

While head height is one main thing to keep in mind the other is friction loss.  Friction loss is created by the piping you use to plumb your water feature pump.  Too small of pipe, or too many bends may cause too much friction loss.

Friction loss and head height combine to equal total dynamic head.  Total dynamic head is what is most important when determining water feature pump sizing.  There are some pond pump calculators out there that will do these calculations for you. Here are two links to help:

Positioning Outdoor Pond Pumps

Each application will be slightly different.  Here are some general guidelines after you have the power hooked up and close enough to where the pump will be installed.

Ponds: Most backyard ponds will use a pond skimmer.  And most fish pond pumps will work.  As long as it’s sized and installed correctly.  Pond skimmers typically use submersible pond pumps, but they can also be plumbed to use non-submersible inline pond pumps.  Submersible pumps just require you to place them inside the skimmer.  Hookup the plumbing and you’re good to go.

Waterfalls: Similar to ponds you can use either type with some modifications.  Generally a submersible pump will be installed at the bottom of the waterfall basin and is usually the best pond pump for waterfalls.

Decorative Ponds:  For container gardens and other small ponds you will usually want a small decorative pond pump.  Usually mag drive pumps are used by placing them directly at the bottom of the feature.

Installing Pond Water Pumps

Installation should be done with care.  Many mistakes most homeowners make can be avoided.   The most common is thinking you can run a extension cord from your home to the pump directly.  Backyard pond pumps require constant voltage and are often damaged by the fluctuation extension cords cause.  While they can be used in testing and temporary situations… you should always properly install a outdoor GFCI (ground fault circuit interrupter) outlet near the pump location.  So that you can simply install the pump and use the factory power cord to plug into the electrical outlet.

For safety it is recommended you always consult your local building codes and have a licensed electrician do the installation.  Also, have you utilities located before any digging is started.

Maintaining a Pond Water Pump

During regular operation you’ll want to check for debris buildup.  Usually once a week, or as conditions require.  Pre-filtration is key to keeping the debris from entering and damaging your pond water pump.

Simply shut-off and remove the pump.  Inspect the impeller by looking inside the pond pump cover.  See if it moves smoothly and easily.

If there is any corrosion you can take apart the pond pump housing and soak the parts in a mixture of CLR.  Contact us for full details.

Pond Pump Manufacturers

The list of pond pump manufacturers is growing steadily.  We aim to be one of the leading pond pump suppliers providing you with as many options and manufacturers as possible including:  Anjon Pumps, Pondmaster, EasyPro, Aquascape, Carry, Matala, Munro, F&Q, Spirit, Goulds, Berkley, Atlantic Tidal Wave pumps, Aqua Top, SmartPond pumps, Beckett, Tetra, Laguna, Savio, Little Giant, Tsurumi, Sunterra, Cascade, Aquamax, Shinmaywa, and more.

If you don’t see what you’re looking for please contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions

All of this information can be extremely overwhelming to a first time pond builder searching for the best pond pump.  Here are some frequently asked questions:

While pond pump warranties vary by manufacture they’re very important.  Most importantly the warranty length will tell you the confidence the manufacturer has in the pump lasting for a certain period of time.  A one year warranty will not inspire as much confidence as a five year.  But, you also have to make sure the company providing the five year backs it up with good service and delivers what it says it will in an easy to follow process.

Yes.  In general it makes sense to break down the flow needed into two pumps rather than one.  The main reason being if you have a pump failure you’ll still have one pump running to provide aeration to fish, etc.  Where if you just had one giant pond pump the entire feature would be down and risking fish loss if you had them.

For small pond pumps common sizes are 200 GPH, 250 GPH, 500 GPH, 1000 GPH, 1200 GPH, 1500 GPH, 2000 GPH, 3000 GPH, 4000 GPH, 5000 GPH…. you get the picture.  There is pretty much a garden pond pump available for just about any GPH you need.

Unfortunately most pumps are manufactured in China.  But, there is a growing demand and supply of pond pump suppliers in Japan and USA.

We do sell pond pumps direct to contractors and other dealers in the industry.  For pricing and more information please contact us.

Yes there are some 12v pond pumps on the market.  Checkout our mag drive pond pump section.  As that will list most of the small decorative pond pumps we carry. If you don’t see what you’re looking for please contact us.

When looking for low wattage pond pumps we generally start with 220v external pumps if a solar pond pump system will not work.  If either of those work and you need something submersible you’ll need to scan through some mag drive pumps and select what submersible water feature pump works best for you.

If the pond pumps at Home Depot are exactly what you’re looking for yes by all means pick one up.  Most times Home Depot will have limited selections and it can be hard to find a quality pond pump in the size you are looking for.

Yes there are some pumps that will allow this.  They’re called variable speed pond pumps.  Do search in the store for “variable speed pump” and whatever we have should pop up.  Most of these will need to be hardwired and are external pumps.  Similar to pool pumps.

Yes we do.  You can use the submersible pumps called “trash pumps”.  While not technically labeled a pond cleaning pump, they are designed to handle large solids as you pump water out of the pond.  If you use a regular pond skimmer pump it will most likely get clogged continually and risk damaging it.  Unless you place in in some sort of pre-filter to block debris.

While all pumps make some noise there are some quiet pond pumps.. compared to others.  It’s hard to recommend one pump over another due to the variety of applications.  But in general if you want a quiet pond pump you’ll need to pay for quality parts and engineering.  The old saying of you get what you pay for rings true.  The cheaper China pond pumps are noisier than a high quality Japanese pond pump.

Yes we do carry some 220v pond pumps.  A few like EasyPro actually have the option to wire it 220v or 110v.  Look to see if the pump/s you’re interested in have the option.  If not you’re welcome to contact us with information of your application and we can recommend some 220v pump options.

Please contact us with details so we can see if we can find a replacement for you.  We’re always adding new pond pumps to our catalog so it’s possible we may also have it in stock and just not listed on the website.

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