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Pond Skimmers

The quality and beauty of your pond’s water will significantly improve with the correct pond skimmer setup.  Pond skimmers play an important role by removing floating debris, which would otherwise sink to the bottom and strain the pond filter system (causing excess nutrients and algae blooms) or damage or clog your pond pump.   Garden pond skimmers also provide a wonderful place to hide your submersible pump.

Below you’ll find a wide range of pond skimmers in various prices and sizes, from the large professional heavy-duty skimmers to a small DIY water garden skimmer.  We have you covered.

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Floating Pond Skimmers

A floating pond skimmer is one of the easiest skimmers to install.  You just hook up your plumbing or power and place it into the pond.  The great thing about floating pond skimmers is that unlike a traditional garden pond skimmer located in one spot outside of the pond.  A floating pond skimmer… like that name says… floats around and can skim areas others can’t.

No Niche Pond SkimmerView Product Page

no niche skimmer small

The no niche pond skimmer is a good choice if you don’t mind getting a little creative with installation—one of the most popular floating koi pond skimmers with their excellent 360-degree water surface tension.  Pump flow rates should be around 3200 GPH, generally for smaller ponds unless multiple units are used. 

Normally retails for $100 – 125.00.


OASE SwimSkim SkimmersView Product Page

Oase Floating pond skimmer

OASE SwimSkim floating pond skimmer will continuously and quickly skim large debris and leaves from your pond.  Adapts to any water level, unlike other skimmers that can run dry when water levels get low.  The SwimSkim is designed with a built-in pond aerator that uses an 800 GPH pump—adding oxygen and cleaning simultaneously.  Simple installation by just placing it inside the pond and powering it up.

Normally retails from $99.99. 

OASE AquaSkim SkimmersView Product Page

oase aquaskim in pond skimmer

The AquaSkim OASE Pond skimmer is kinda a mix between a in-pond skimmer, and a floating pond skimmer.  Giving you the best of both worlds.

Think of it as a no-niche skimmer with a stand already built-in.

AquaSkim is a great choice for retrofitting ponds due to the ease of installation.

The floating weir provides up to 6″ of water level changes.  Works in ponds up to 270 square feet and 8-22″ deep.

Normally retails from $99.99.


DIY Pond Skimmers

Listed here are diy pond skimmer boxes that are geared towards easy installation and affordability..

Oasis SkimmerView Product Page

atlantic ps3900 pond skimmer

This Atlantic Oasis skimmer is where affordability meets quality—featuring a removable lid, debris basket, filter mat, silicone, and a weir door with the maximum flow for superior surface cleaning. Similar to the Atlantic heavy-duty skimmers with labeled drill locations for installing an overflow and auto-fill. The polyethylene pond skimmer box shell comes with a lifetime warranty.  

Normally retails for $351.99. 

Pondmaster Mini SkimmerView Product Page

Danner Pondmaster Mini Pond Skimmer for 700 - 1800 GPH Pumps

Danner 02450 Pondmaster mini pond skimmer is a small version of Pondmaster’s Pro5000.  It is engineered for smaller ponds with 1,000 gallons of water or less.  Works with pumps in the ranges of 700-1800 GPH.  Complete with debris basket, all needed fittings, and filter material.

Normally retails for $186.05. 

Eco-Series SkimmersView Product Page

Eco-Series EasyPro Pond Skimmers

Eco-Series Easy Pro pond skimmer series are patented skimmers that get installed inside your pond liner.  Making them the industries first “in pond skimmer”.  No chance for leaks since there is no attachment with silicone like other skimmers.  Providing a secure and easy install. Available in four different sizes (Tempo, Melody, Prelude, and Ovation).

Normally retails from $87.99 to $309.99.

Skimmer & Filter Combo PackageView Product Page

pond skimmer filter combo atlantic

These Atlantic pond skimmer filter combo packages are the perfect match for pond project.  Comes with a FilterFalls waterfall filter and skimmer complete with all the parts you need in one kit.  The shells come with a lifetime warranty.  Available in three different sizes.

Normally retails from $409.70 to $470.30.


Aquascape SkimmersView Product Page

aquascape skimmersThe Aquascape Signature Series skimmer comes in three different sizes: 200, 400, and 1000.  For ponds sized 200 sq.ft. to 1000 sq.ft with flow rates of 3000 – 10,000 GPH.  Lifetime warranty on skimmer box.

Normally retails for $393.98 to $692.99.



Commercial / Professional Pond Skimmers

When the professional installers go to select a pond skimmer box, they usually select one of the models below.  These skimmers are great if you need high performance, durability, or need a really large pond skimmer.

Atlantic Heavy-Duty SkimmersView Product Page

atlantic professional pond skimmer

The Atlantic Big Bahama skimmer is built with the professional in mind.  Featuring mechanical filtration using a brush panel, stainless steel debris trap, super-flow weir, and a rolled upper rim for super strength.  The shells come with a lifetime warranty.  Available in four different sizes.

Normally retails from $406.05 to $752.91.

Helix SkimmerView Product Page

helix pond skimmer

In all styles of pond construction, you can’t go wrong with the helix pond skimmer.  It’s a mix between a floating pond skimmer with the floating weir (self-leveling and keeps fish safe) and a traditional pond skimmer box (allows for different configurations like air-lift).  Featuring stainless steel hardware, an optional auto-fill valve, no pre-drilled holes for maximum customization,  durable HDPE construction, and more.   Helix pond skimmers are not cheap, but they’re high quality.

Normally retails for $499.99. 

Axiom SkimmersView Product Page

axiom pond skimmers

This is one versatile Easy Pro pond skimmer! The Axiom pond skimmer combines mechanical and biological filtration in one unit.  Featuring options for an integrated UV option, adjustable overflow, flange to extend inlet, secure and fast liner attachment, and can be used on external or submersible pumps.

Normally retails from $389.79 to $529.99. 

Pro-Series SkimmersView Product Page

pro series easy pro pond skimmer

Pro-Series Easy Pro pond skimmers featuring separate pump chamber for easy inspection and filter pad installation, one piece heavy-duty debris basket,  easy to hide weir opening, and the choice between filter brushes or a vertical filter mat.

Normally retails from $299.99 to $799.99.

Savio SkimmerFilterView Product Page

savio skimmerfilter pond skimmer

The SkimmerFilter Savio pond skimmer combines four types of filtration into one!  Providing mechanical, biological, skimming, and UV filtration (sold separately).  All wrapped in a durable housing with a cylindrical shape to resist compaction and warping.  For ponds up to 1000 gallons.  Comes with a 5 year warranty.

Normally retails from $640.00 to $732.00.

External Pump SkimmersView Product Page

external pump easy pro pond skimmer

Easy Pro pond skimmer designed for external pumps.  Featuring the same components as the Pro-Series Easy Pro skimmers, but  pre-plumbed for simple bottom drain installation (comes with plug).  Where multiple skimmers are needed, you can connect multiple units together and use a single external pump.  Max flow 4500 GPH each.

Normally retails for $259.99.

External Pump SkimmersView Product Page

easy pro extension tube

EasyPro skimmer extension tubes are great for improving the looks of your installation.  The patented designs allow you to place your Easy Pro pond skimmer further away from the pond edge.  Allowing for rocks, or plantings to places where a normal pond leaf skimmer would sit.  Works great with concrete walls.

Normally retails from $99.89 to $124.99.

Satellite SkimmerView Product Page

ps3000 skimmer

This Atlantic pond skimmer is perfect for areas that are hard to reach. Unlike other koi pond skimmers, this satellite model can go outside or inside of your liner.  Also can be used as a single small pond skimmer, or pre-filter bottom drain.

Normally retails for $229.53.


Pond Skimmer Replacement Parts & Accessories

Below is parts and accessories needed for every koi pond skimmer on the market.  If you need something that you don’t see below please contact us.

pond leaf skimmer debris net

Danner pond leaf skimmer debris net.  Featuring heavy-duty aluminum, sure-grip handle, padded rims to protect from damage and fish, string loop for easy storage, and fish-safe soft nylon netting.  A great small pond skimmer net.

Normally retails for $19.99.



Frequently Asked Questions About Pond Skimmers

Here are some common questions that get asked about pond skimmers.

What does a pond skimmer do?

There are many different pond skimmers for sale today, with each of them having its strengths and weaknesses.  In general, a good skimmer will:

  • Hide a submersible pump or hook up to an external pump
  • Suck in floating debris and allow you to quickly dispose of waste
  • Provide mechanical and/or biological UV filtration
  • Allow other plumbing options like a bottom drain 
  • Keep fish safe from being sucked into a pump

Do you have tips on making a DIY floating pond skimmer?

First off, it’s fantastic that you’re trying to learn how to build a pond skimmer.   While we do not have any specific plans, we’re currently working on them.  In the meantime, check out this DIY floating pond skimmer tutorial on Youtube by David Butler.  It’s labeled a natural pool skimmer, but it works for ponds just the same.

What is the best pond skimmer location?

Your pond skimmer location will be highly dependent on your overall pond design.  Generally, it is always recommended to place the skimmer on the opposite end of your waterfall (if you have one).  The water enters the pond and then travels across the entire surface to the opposite end.  You are creating an endless loop.

If you have some hard-to-reach areas in the pond, you may consider adding a skimmer or a floating pond skimmer / in pond skimmer.


More Resources:

A great article in Pond Trade by Kent Wallace is about koi pond skimmer installation, which requires a different setup than a garden pond skimmer.

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