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Pond Supplies

If you’re looking for pond supplies, you already know the universal joy that water brings. In any garden, no matter the size or budget. Water features turn your home into a private paradise. Modern technology has made it possible for practically anyone with the right pond equipment, an electrical connection, and a shovel to create a water feature that was privy to only royalty 100 years ago.

“When we garden with water, we can indulge our fantasies.”- Van Sweden.

On top of that, we now can add rainwater harvesting to just about any water feature.  Install a basin that collects rainwater and attaches it to the water feature—making a traditional water resource hog sustainable and beneficial to your landscape and the environment.

Firestone Pond Liner

You’ll need a watertight foundation for the hole you dig.  Centuries ago they used clay soil to hold water.  Decades ago most people poured concrete. Today, most garden ponds are designed and built using preformed pond shells (see below) or flexible pond liner.   Flexible liner comes in a range of sizes with the most popular being 45 mil EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer) pond liner.  But, you can also use PVC, Polyethylene, or Butyl rubber pond liners.

Like most things, the more you pay the better the quality and the longer it will last.


Pond Pump

Pond pumps are often referred to as the heart of a water feature.  They pump the blood, or oxygenated water, into the pond and keep circulation going.  Pond pump supplies can be tricky to navigate as they come in a range of styles for various uses.  For example, there is external, submersible, direct drive, mag-drive, etc… The size and type of pond water pump you choose will depend on the design and effect you want to accomplish.  Your filtration also is a significant component in which water pump you select.

Check out the pond pumps page and view the different styles and sizes available.


Pond Filters

Pond filters are the key to crystal clear water.  And just like money… there’s no such things as having too much filtration.  There are a ton of different options you can choose including, mechanical filters to catch debris, pre-filters to protect pumps, biological filters to create a healthy balance of bacteria in the water, UV filters and clarifiers to zap bad bacteria, skimmers to also help remove debris, and lastly chemical filters such as algaecide.


Pond Lights

If you want to get the maximum beauty out of water feature add pond lights.  Pond Lighting extends the time you get to enjoy your pond and gives it another dimension.  Especially good for people who work all day and only have the evenings to enjoy their water feature.  Lighting can be simple solar foot lighting around the perimeter, or more sophisticated with submersible lights in waterfalls and ponds, and also transformers with photocells and timers.


Preformed Ponds

Preformed ponds are generally the first type of pond a homeowner will install.  They’re cheaper and are a great introduction to the joy of water features. Although it can be a little challenging to get the hole level and to conform to the shapes of the preformed pond liner. Once people realize how amazing water features can be they usually upgrade to a larger feature using flexible rubber pond liner.  As it’s usually a little more expensive than the rigid liners but looks better and allows more flexibility.


Pond Kit

Not sure where to start?  Want to just buy a package that has all the pond supply equipment needed?  A pond kit is your answer.  These kits typically include everything you need including a pump/s, hose, filtration, waterfall spillway, fittings, glue/silicone, liner, water treatments, and maybe even some lighting.

Pond kits take the guesswork out of the equation.  So instead of trying to figure out how to properly size a pump, making sure everything fits, etc… you can just dig a hole and use the pond supplies provided.  Getting your water feature up and running quickly and easily.

Pond Management

Pond and lake management can be an easy task with the right pond supplies and water treatment schedule.  Along with some seasonal maintenance such as trimming plants, removing pumps, fixing leaks etc.

Small ponds can be cared for using water treatments, pond aerator systems, pond dye, pond deicers, vacuums, netting, predator protection, pond weed control, and power control centers.

Large ponds and lakes are usually controlled with weed rakes, sprayers, herbicides, aeration, dyes, and water treatments.

Supplies for Koi PondsView Koi Supplies Page

Koi Pond Supplies

Are you koi kichi?  Which means you have a crazy love for koi fish ( definition).  Which is completely understandable.  Koi are awesome pets that can be trained to eat out of your hand. You can also get into the style, colors, etc.

If you’re building a koi fish pond you’ll need some different equipment than traditional garden pond supplies.  Actually the entire project will be completely different.  You’ll want deep straight walls and some type of coverage to protect the koi fish in the pond from predators.  Lots of aeration, and filtration.  Checkout the wide range of koi fish pond supplies available and contact me if you need anything you don’t see listed.

pond skimmer

Pond skimmers are similar to pool skimmers.  They suck in water from the surface of the pond to avoid debris sinking to the bottom of the pond and creating excess nutrients.  That cause water quality issues.  They also provide a great place for submersible pond pumps, check valves, and additional filter media.  Skimmers can be installed on the outside of the pond liner, and there is also a few pond skimmers that can be installed inside the liner.  The size of your water feature and style will dictate what size and number of skimmers you need.


Waterfall Kits

Waterfall kits bring the joy of a water feature, but with less maintenance as a garden or fish pond.  You don’t need to run it constantly since the water is stored in an underground basin.  And also no need to add bacteria or other pond water treatments.  Enjoy the sounds and sights of a beautiful waterfall in one easy to install package.  Dig your waterfall course and basin, then simply install the waterfall supplies, hookup the electrical and any lighting, and you’re done.

No standing water also makes things a little safer for children, or pets.  Also, an excellent addition to rainwater harvesting basins.

Waterfall Spillways & SuppliesView Waterfall Supplies Page

Waterfall Supplies

When you’re building a waterfall and don’t need a waterfall filter box a simple waterfall spillway will be easier to install and cheaper.  These spillways provide a even distribution of the water for a beautiful waterfall and can be easily hidden.

You’ll also need some other pond supply products such as waterfall foam, pump, a pump vault, water cubes for the basin to complete your waterfall.


pond underlayment

Pond underlayment provides some protection for the pond liner.  As it’s easy to puncture from gravel, broken tree roots, or anything else sharp (check your shoes/boots before walking on liner).  Pond underlay is generally tough and flexible like a carpet pad, but won’t rot away like carpet. Pond underlay also allows some gasses to escape from the ground so that the liner doesn’t bubble up.  Available in a couple different weights per ounce.  You can also add some sand or double layers of pond liner underlay for added protection.


Pond Pipe

All the pond pluming supplies you need to hookup your pump and filtration.  Pond tubing, fittings (ball and gate valves), PVC glue/cement, Kink-free tubing, splitters, hose clamps, bulkhead fittings, pond bottom drains, and more.  You really want to make sure you use quality supplies to avoid any leaks, or other troubles down the road.



pond spitters

Pond spitters are a quick and easy way to add some whimsy, aeration, and fun to your water feature.  Most decorative spitters are simple to install with a submersible pond pump, and tubing.  Available in a wide variety of styles to fit any water feature and budget.



Pond Supply Manufacturers

We strive to list all the possible brands of pond parts and accessories.  Here are the current brands listed:

Alpine, Anjon, Atlantic Water Gardens, American Pond, Applied Biochemists, Aquascape, Cal Pump, Cygnet Lake products, Danner/Pondmaster, Davin Paul Designs, Earth Way, EasyPro, Farm Innovators, Firestone,  Little Giant,  Microbe-Lift, Rio, Savio, Shinmaywa, William Lim, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Yes, we aim to be a full service pond supply store and can order any pretty much any part you may need.  Some we may not have in our warehouses and will have the manufacturer ship directly to you.  Please contact us with what you need for a quote.

If you don’t find the pond product you’re looking for please contact us and we’ll do our best to track it down for you.