pond weed control & Lake water treatments

Pond Weed Control & Water Treatments

Using a large pond and lake water treatment system can turn a disgusting smelly body of water in a oasis.

We carry a variety of pond weed control treatments to ensure high water quality and no algae blooms or foul odors.

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~ Beneficial Bacteria
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Barley Straw

Bacteria & Sludge Remover Water Treatments

pond vive pb10xThe biological and natural method for reviving your lake.  Pond-Vive water treatments are made for eliminating pond odor, improving water quality, reducing oxygen demand, reducing pond sludge buildup, and is safe for animals, fish, and people.  Premium option available for cold weather or problem ponds.  With barley straw and enzymes.

Retail prices range from $49.99 to $349.99.


Sludge Remover Blocks & PelletsView Product Page

easypro pond sludge remover blocks and pelletsThese blocks and pellets are specially made to reduce pond sludge.  Helps to reduce odors caused by decay and stagnant water, phosphate and nitrate problems, and reduces organic wastes and murky water.  Should be used along with Pond-Vive above for best results.  Comes in pellets or blocks in 10 lbs. to 50 lbs. sizes.

Retail prices range from $149.99 to $649.99.


Natural Phosphate BinderView Product Page

natural phosphate binderNatural phosphate binder helps to reduce phosphates (research article), stimulates biological activity, and improves water clarity.  Plant based formula instead of aluminum sulfate.  Also provides 70 trace minerals, helps settling of clay and mud, and reduces ammonia.

Retail prices range from $99.99 to $209.99.


Super Concentrated Water ClarifierView Product Page

pond water clarifierSuper concentrated water clarifier helps clear up tubed, murky water by binding particles and getting them to settle on the bottom.  Pond-Vive should be used in conjunction with water clarifier so that bacteria can consume the particles once settled.  One gallon can treat 250,000 gallons of water.  You can double the treatment or apply another treatment for pond or lakes with a high amount of suspended solids.

Retail price $84.99.



Cygnet Plus ActivatorView Product Page

cygnet plus activatorCygnet plus activator is a additive that can be used with algaecides and herbicides to increase treatment.  Provides a uniform spray and eliminates beading to give you a total contact with plant foliage.  Helps to break apart waxy surfaces on leaves for better coverage and penetration.  Comes in one quart or gallon sizes

Retail prices range from $23.99 to $49.99.


Cutrine Granular AlgaecideView Product Page

cutrine plus granularCutrine granular algaecide is helpful for character and algae that is bottom growing.  This granular Cutrine water treatment has no water restrictions.  Apply 60 lbs. per acre. Comes in a 12 pound jug or 30 pound bag.

Retail prices range from $52.99 to $109.99.


Cutrine Plus & Ultra Liquid AlgaecideView Product Page

cutrine ultra liquid algaecideCutrine Plus is a chelated copper algaecide which you can use instead of copper sulfate for a safer treatment.  Works on suspended algae or surface algae.  Use a sprayer for application.  Cutrine Ultra also should be sprayed and works on filamentous algae that have thick walls like chara and colonial platonic algae.

Retail prices range from $49.99 to $124.99.


Shore Klear & Aqua NeatView Product Page

shore klear and aqua neatShore-Klear is the same product as AquaNeat.  Why they call it two different names we don’t know.   Will work as a pond weed control product on water and land plants that are above water level like brush, weeds, and cattails.  Will not work on plants underwater.  Must use an activator during application and you may have to do two treatments.

Retail prices range from $39.99 to $149.99.


K-Tea LiquidView Product Page

k-tea-algaecideK-Tea liquid algaecide is made out of a chelated copper which is similar to Cutrine.  Although Cutrine has a 9% copper base where K-Tea only has 8%.  Comes in 2.5 gallon containers.

Retail price is $117.99.


Green Clean GranularView Product Page

green clean algaecideGreen Clean granular algaecide is non-copper and EPA registered.  Will not harm environment or fish when used correctly.  Works quickly through strong algae strains through the use of oxidation. Comes in 20 and 50 pound pails.  Also available in a PRO concentrated formula.

Retail prices range from $103.99 to $249.99.




aquathol k herbicideAquathol K utilizes Culigel®, which is a polymer technology that is super absorbent for pond weed control herbicides.  Making it more than six time more powerful than regular Aquathol herbicide.  Works excellent on pondweed, eurasian milfoil, and hydrilla.

Retail prices range from $139.99 to $619.99.


Hydrothol GranularView Product Page

hydrothol granular herbicideHydrothol is a granular herbicide that is used for spot treating.  Is an effective and quick pond weed control treatment on sago, hydrilla, milfoil, curly leaf pondweed, leafy pondweed, and more.  Easier to use Aquathol in the early part of the pond season than Hydrothol.  Comes in 20 and 40 pound containers.

Retail prices range from $125.99 to $239.99.


Komeen Liquid CopperView Product Page

komeen aquatic herbicideKomeen is a copper herbicide for controlling pond weeds like hydrilla, coontail, and elodea.  No water restrictions and comes in one size.

Retail price $149.99.


Komeen Liquid CopperView Product Page

Navigate herbicideNavigate aquatic herbicide for controlling pond weeds like parrot feather, bladder wort, watershield, coontail, milfoil, and water lilies.  Granular application works great for spot treatments.

Retail price $249.99.


reward aquatic herbicideReward aquatic herbicide should be applied with a sprayer, but not in turbid water conditions.  Reward is a unique pond weed control herbicide since the concentration decreases while it is absorbing into aquatic plants.  Meaning lower chances for environmental damage.  Use an activator for best results.

Retail prices range from $165.99 to $399.99.


weedtrine d herbicideWeedtrine-D aquatic herbicide controls pond weeds like elodea, naiad, milfoil, pondered, and duckweed.  Can be spayed with most weed sprayers and should be used along with an activator.  Restricted use in Michigan.

Retail price $84.99.


Nautique Aquatic HerbicideNautique aquatic herbicide is a double chelated copper pond weed control product.  Works on sago, thin leaf pondweed, elodea, naiads, water celery, and hydrilla.   Can be tank mixed and applied with a sprayer.

Retail prices range from $84.99 to $169.99.


Renovate 3 herbicideSePRO Renovate 3 aquatic herbicide controls pond weeds including naiad, purple loosestrife, and others like burdocks and poison ivy around plants.  Applied with a sprayer and tank mixed.

Retail price $369.99.


clipper herbicideClipper herbicide is the most recent chemistry in aquatic pond weed control.   Works on milfoil, water lettuce, water meal, and duckweed.   Clipper works quickly to break down plant to leave no accumulation.  Applies by mixing in water. Comes in one pound or five pound sizes.

Retail prices range from $199.99 to $999.99.


sonar a.s. herbicideSonar A.S. herbicide is great as a whole lake water treatment.  Contains 41.7% floridone that works on milfoil and duckweed.   Works by not allowing the plant to make food, causing it to die within 30 to 90 days.  Available in 8 oz to 1 gallon sizes.

Retail prices range from $359.99 to $2576.99.



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