Preformed Ponds

Preformed Ponds

Preformed ponds are generally the first type of pond a homeowner will install.  They’re cheaper than flexible rubber pond liner and a great introduction to experiencing the joy of water features.  Simply dig a level hole to support the preformed pond liner and you’re good to go.

A rigid preformed pond liner can withstand punctures better than flexible liner.   And if you move you could easily remove the shell and take it with you to your new home.

Beckett 18-inch Preformed Waterfall KitView Product

Preformed Waterfall Kit

Beckett 18″ preformed waterfall kit is an easy way to add a waterfall to your preformed pond.  Comes with a 1/2″ and 3/4″ barb adapter and a one year manufacturer warranty.

Weighs only 1.2 pounds and is 22″ x 4″ x 16″ in size.

Normally retails for around $30.00.

Algreen Preformed WaterfallView Product

Preformed Waterfall

Authentic rock texture with a granite color makes this molded waterfall realistic as possible.  Works get above ground.  Made out of rotomold material for durability.  Preventing fading, cracking, and chipping.

Comes with a built-in fitting for 3/4″ tubing.  Ideal for use with 200 – 850 gph pumps.

Normally retails for around $75.00.

Rubbermaid Stock Tank PondView Product

Pond Stock Tank - sm



Get a little creative and build a stock tank pond!  Stock tanks are much more durable than cheap preformed ponds.  Built with seamless construction out of weather resistant structural foam.  An advantage of a stock tank pond is having the option for a oversized drain plug.  Allowing easy cleaning and draining.  You could also drill into the top of it and add a fitting and pipe for an overflow.

Made in the USA and comes in various sizes.

Normally retails for around $100.00.

33 Gallon Algreen Preformed PondView Product

Small rigid preformed pond liner

33 gallon rigid preformed pond liner by Algreen.  UV stable and weather resistant material.  Plant and fish safe.

Provides a good flat base for pumps and aquatic plants.

Normally retails for around $60.00.

Oase Preformed Ponds

Oase pond shells

Coming soon!* Oase sets the standard for preformed fish ponds. Designed out of super strong, frost proof, abrasion and impact resistant high pressure polyethlene LLD-PE material.

Grained surface provides surface are for bacteria and natural looks.  Designed after the worlds most beautiful lakes.  With various depths of levels.  Including recesses for interaction between zones.

Environmentally friendly and 100% recyclable.  Comes with a 15 year guarantee! Contact us to be notified when available.


Preformed Pond Installation

Materials and Tools Needed

  • Preformed Pond Liner
  • Spirit Level or Plumb Bob
  • Something to Mark the Ground – Rope, Garden Hose, Spray Paint
  • Tamper and Shovel
  • Sand if Needed
  • Straight and Long 2×4
  • Edging Material
  • Optional – Mortar and mixing equipment


Small preformed ponds can be done with one person.  If you’re installing a large preformed pond two people is generally required.  You will be lifting the shell in and out of the excavation multiple times.

Installation Steps

  1. Mark the Preformed Pond Shell Outline – Place in desired location in upright position.  Mark the outline with your choice of marking equipment.
  2. Prepare the Ground – Even though you don’t need to be as exact as you would with flexible liner, a preformed pond needs to be free of projecting roots, rocks, other sharp objects and most importantly be stable.  Needed a well-packed earth below that for a solid foundation.  Bumps or air pockets can cause it to buckle or crack.  If your location experiences harsh winters or you have a high water table you should reinforce the foundation.  Make the excavation 6-8 inches wider and deeper than the preformed pond shell.  Backfill the hole with 3-4 inches of smooth pea gravel, and then top with 2″ of sand.  Tamp firmly when complete. Dig each shelf one at a time.  Placing the preformed plastic pond liner back in place and mark the outline of the shelf.  Then repeat until you reach the bottom shelf.
  3. For thin shells you may want to add a pond underlayment for added protection.
  4. Set the Shell – Place the preformed pond liner back into the excavation.  Check the height of the rim.  You want it to be about 1″ above grade level to prevent runoff.  Add or remove from the bottom of the hole and adjust shelves if needed.
  5. Level the Shell – Use a straight, long 2×4 across the rim of the shell.  Checking each location to make sure it’s level.  Remove and make adjustments as necessary.   Once completely level start filling with water and then backfilling around the sides.
  6. Add Edging – Once full of water you can now start to hide the rim with your choice of material.  Be careful not to place too much weight on the rim.  As it could damage or distort the pond walls.  Use blocks and mortar if needed.


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