Rain Barrels

Rain Barrels

What Are Rain Barrels?  (Why You Need One)

Rain barrels are containers that are used to capture rainwater that falls from the rooftop of your home.  Once captured and stored the rainwater can be used in place of municipal water.  Components typically include a screened inlet for debris and mosquitoes, an overflow, and a hose connection.  Available in a very wide range of designs, materials, and colors.

They’re an easy first step into rainwater harvesting and water conservation.  Not only reduces the amount of runoff, but also provides a great source of quality water (Soft, oxygenated, and almost neutral pH unless it’s acid rain, then it will be slightly acidic.  Which tends to have fewer sediments and dissolved salts than municipal water) that can be used for:

  • Gardens – Ambient temperature that will not shock plants like cold well water.  Also, absence of hard water and chemicals found in municipal water can lead to imbalanced garden soil
  • Flowers
  • Indoor plants
  • Bird baths
  • Moisten compost bins
  • Refill water features, or swimming pools
  • Clean garden tools, or muddy shoes
  • Wash cars, windows, or other household cleanings

Benefits of Using a Rain Barrel

  • Save Money – Reduces household water usage on your water and sewer bills. During peak summer months, a rain barrel can save around 1,300 gallons of water per barrel.
  • Teaches Water Conservation – Collecting and using your rainwater is a simple step to sustainability.  It teaches conservation of our limited resources.
  • Allows Watering During Water Restrictions – Conserves additional water for gardens, car washes, or landscaping that’s non-chlorinated and free of lime and calcium to use during water restrictions.
  • Protects Water Quality – Rain barrels decrease stormwater from the sewer system and reduce the number of pollutants from runoff into rivers and groundwater. Helping to safeguard watersheds (What is a Watershed PDF).
  • Save Energy – Lowers the demand for moving, treating, and using potable tap water.
  • Reduces Flooding & Erosion


First, assess the need for harvested water.  Then, use the following formulas to calculate how much water will be collected from your roof:

  1. Rooftop surface area (in square feet) = roof width x roof length (if necessary, use the width and height of your home to get an estimate)
  2. To get a rough idea of your area’s average rainfall, check out this website and click on the nearest city. Also, remember that not all rainwater systems are 100% efficient.  You can expect maybe 70-90% efficiency.
  3. Harvested Water (Gal) = Rooftop Surface (Sq.Ft.) x Average Rainfall Event (In.) x 0.623

Another formula if you don’t know your average rainfall number: Square Footage of Roof x 623 Divided by 1,000 (One inch of rainfall on a 1,000 sq. ft. roof will yield 623 gallons of water).  So a rain barrel can fill up even with a 1/10th of an inch of rainfall.  After running the numbers, you may want to connect multiple barrels to capture more water.

Example:  A 10’x10′ shed with one inch of rain can fill a 55-gallon barrel.

After determining the amount of roof runoff, find the difference between that number and the volume of the rain barrel/s used.

Overflow Formula = Runoff ( Harvested Water Gallons) – Storage Volume of Rain Barrel/s (Gallons) = Overflow Water (Gallons)

This will give you an idea of the amount of overflow expected if the barrels are empty at the start of the season.  The overflow outlet becomes very important if you get several storms.

Setup your rain water barrel, so the overflow outlet is facing away from your home’s foundation.  Water should be directed at least six feet away from basements.

  • A minimum of 2 feet for a crawlspace and 6 feet for basements.

And keep an eye on how the overflow works to avoid damage to the foundation. Ideally, you want to direct overflow water into a rain garden.

Another idea is to connect one or more rainwater barrels to capture the overflow. The barrels will fill up faster than you think.

A couple of tips to avoid some of the rookie mistakes many rain barrel installers make:

  • Homeowners Association – If you live in a homeowners association, ensure rain barrels are allowed before you go any further.
    rain barrel weight chart
  • Safety – Ensure the base is sturdy in all weather conditions and can handle the weight of the rainwater barrel.  They can weigh more than you think.  A sixty-gallon rain barrel can weigh up to 500 pounds!  Make sure children will not be playing with it and ensure there are screens to prevent mosquitoes from breeding. In some applications, it may make sense to strap the barrel down to prevent movement. Also, if you’re building your rain barrel, know its past. Do not use a barrel with a previous history of storing toxic materials.
  • Location – Once you’ve located the proper downspout to use, you’ll need to think about overflow (see info below).  You can direct excess water to a rain garden, another rain barrel, or a general overflow area. The key is ensuring the overflow is directed into a permeable surface to allow the water to soak into the ground. Also, ensure you can connect a hose and keep the barrel at least 18″ away from gas or electric meters.
  • Correct Tools – Follow the manufactures instructions for installing a rain barrel in your home.  Tools you may need are a tape measure, hacksaw, and level.  Also, don’t forget eye protection for any cutting and gloves.  Gutters can be sharp and dangerous!
  • Height & Level – Once the rain barrel starts collecting rainwater, you won’t be moving it.  So make sure your base is level before installation. Extra time spent on this step is a good idea. If you’re doing drip irrigation, you’ll want to raise your barrel about two feet off the ground.  This will also allow easy access to fill a watering can.
  • Materials: Pressure-treated wood or concrete blocks, Seven to a ten-foot-long garden hose, or other tubing/fittings needed if hooking up a rain barrel pump to boost water flow.  You will also need a soaker hose if you’re using one.  It should be designed for rain barrels due to the lower water pressure.

Installing rain barrels is a pretty simple job.  View the steps below for a general overview of the RainXchange terra cotta rain barrel with planter installation by Aquascape:

  1. Place the level of the barrel
  2. Cut your downspout gutter
  3. Collect rainwater
  4. Reuse nutrient-rich rainwater

installing an Aquascape rain barrel

For a more detailed installation on the RainXchange barrel, please view this PDF.

You should clean your rain barrel about once a month during the rainwater collection season.  Take off the lid and wipe down the inside of the barrel with a towel to get rid of film that may have built up.  Then, reseal the lid.  This should also be done at the end of the season along with rinsing it out with soap and warm water.  If you live in an area with harsh winters you should disconnect and drain the barre. Then place in storage until spring.

If an odor develops while you’re using the barrel it’s most likely a sign that your homes gutters need to be cleaned.  To get rid of the odor you can add cedar oil, 1/4 cup of vinegar, cedar chips, or a quarter cup of Clorox to each rain catcher barrel.  Adding these solutions shouldn’t harm any plants.

Another formula you can use that’s environmentally friendly. Is a solution of 2 tsp. of castile soap + 2 tsp. vinegar or lemon juice per gallon of water for cleaning. Swish the solution around inside the barrel then rinse the inside throughly.

Tubing can be cleaned by soaking in soapy warm water.  To remove any mildew, mold, or built up debris you can run a strip of rag through the tubing.

Use a spray nozzle and remove any accumulated debris in the downspout diverter or debris screen.

You also want to be aware of any standing water on the top of the lid. If your barrel does not have a planter built into it.  Just splash or wipe up any water so that it doesn’t become a breeding ground for mosquitoes.

Algae growth – This can happen in rainwater barrels as a result of three factors: sunlight, organic debris, and time.

  • Sunlight – Find some way to provide shade.  Either changing location, blocking sunlight with a plant or tree, or paint/screen.
  • Organic Debris – Keep your gutters clean and remove any organic debris buildup.
  • Time – If your barrel has been full for a extended period of time and rain is in the forecast.  Use up the water in a beneficial way, or simply drain the barrel to allow new fresh water to accumulate.  The longer the water sits in the barrel the higher chance you have of algae growing.

If algae still becomes an issue you can empty the barrel.  Wash it with a dilution of bleach that equals 3/4 cup of bleach to one gallon of water.  Make sure to rinse the barrel throughly and dispose of the bleach water through a household drain and not your lawn.

Have a leak?  Most small leaks can be stopped by using a clear aquarium sealant.  Which can be found at most hardware stores such as Home Depot, Menards, or Lowes.

If you live in an area that experiences frost or harsh winters it’s best to winterize your rain water barrel.  Follow the steps below:

  1. Drain – You want to remove all water in the barrel to avoid it freezing.  If water inside is allowed to freeze the pressure from expansion can break the barrel, tubing, or fittings. Remember to use the water in a beneficial way if possible such as watering plants.
  2. Remove Tubing from House – Remove all tubing from downspout, hose, pump, etc. But leave any tubing attached to the barrel itself.  This will make for a easier installation in the spring. If you did any modifications to the downspout itself make sure it is still functional and directs water away from your foundation.
  3. Plug Downspout Diverter – If you’re using a downspout diverter it’s a good idea to plug the rain barrel connection to allow normal downspout operation.
  4. Clean – Rinse out the barrel with warm water an soap.  Wipe dry, or turn upside down to allow any water to drain out and air dry.
  5. Storage – Empty rain barrels are light and can get blow around by the wind pretty easily.  If left outside it is recommend to weigh it down.  You’ll want to store the barrel indoors if possible. Use the barrel/s for storing hoses and other garden tools.  
  • Rain barrel water is non-potable.  It isn’t suitable for pet or human consumption.  Roofs can pickup contaminates such as dust, bird droppings, leaves, and other airborne material. Some roofs should not even be used that have old asbestos singles, old tar and gravel, or treated cedar shakes.  If your roof gets treated for any type of pests it’s best to unhook the rain barrel from the downspout for a couple of weeks.  Allowing the water to become uncontaminated. Installing a “Do Not Drink” sticker is a good idea.  The city of Los Angeles actually gives stickers away for free.
  • Use caution when using for vegetable or fruit gardens.  There is not enough research around this currently to ensure safety.  There’s risk of rooftop contaminates and some studies suggest the potential of E.coli from animal feces. Toxic roof runoff is also a concern (Dept. of Ecology – PDF of Study).
  • Water flow will be minimal without the use of a booster pump.  Use drip irrigation for landscaping.
  • Keep all openings screened off.  It takes approximately 4 days of standing water for mosquito larvae to develop.  If any issues develop use small pieces of Mosquito Dunks that contain Bacillus thuringienis ssp. israelensis, a bacterium that kills black fly larvae and mosquito.  The dunks will not affect wildlife, plants, or people.  Read directions before application.  You can also try adding 1 tablespoon of olive or vegetable oil to create a thin film on the top of the water.  A couple drops of dish soap can also be used to stop them from laying eggs in the water.
  • Permits – Most towns will not require a permit.  But, it’s always recommended to check with yours first.  Along with a Homeowners Association if you belong to one.

Painting Your Rain Barrel

Painted By Roni Gilpin
Painted By Roni Gilpin

Most barrels are manufactured out of HDPE (high-density-polyethylene), which makes it very difficult to get paint to stick.

Krylon Fusion is a good spray paint used on plastic and is currently the best option.  I recommend getting two cans to ensure adequate coverage. Before painting, you must scuff the surface with sandpaper (220 or higher) or a red 3M scuff pad.  Then, clean with an ammonia-based cleaner.

Use one coat of primer as a base—tint or match to your final color to save on paint.

You can paint your rainwater barrel to match your home or create a custom design and clear coat.  One or two coats of polyurethane can be used to help protect it.

Also, don’t forget to add the beauty of plants around your barrel.  You can wrap the barrel in chicken wire and train native vine-growing plants to climb it.  Also, try adding some boulders in the area as well.

Rain Barrel Videos

Here’s a collection of rain barrel videos I’ve found (use the arrows to skip videos):



Where to Buy Rain Barrels

Upcycle Rain Barrel
Rain Barrel by Upcycle Products, Inc.

MWRDRFThe first thing you should do is check with the municipality you’re living in.  They may offer FREE rain barrels!

For example, MWRD’s program in Chicago, Illinois, the area has a listing of communities involved with their program and provides free rain barrels.

They also offer low-cost options for homeowners in other areas not enrolled and are priced between $47.85 to $51.67, depending on what color you choose.  These barrels come with a flexible elbow to attach the rain barrel to your downspout and connect to your garden hose with a brass spigot.

Municipal rain barrel programs will also usually offer free delivery to your home and are a recommended first step in your search

Most are reclaimed food barrels previously filled with pickles, olives, or something along those lines.  Using a reclaimed barrel doesn’t add additional plastic into landfills, lowering carbon footprint and saving energy.


State & Local Rain Barrel Programs, Incentives & Resources


Information Links:

Alabama Government Website – Nothing currently saying rain barrels are illegal

A&M and Auburn Universities Promoting Rain Barrels – PDF

Alabama Environmental Council – How to build your own rain barrel PDF

Alabama Rain Barrel Project – Build your own rain barrel PDF

This page states “Rainwater harvesting and rainwater collection should remain a private property right.”

Make your own rain barrel workshop – Website

Rain barrel workshop – PDF * Note dated October 2015, but use information to contact for new upcoming workshops


State Incentives: None found

Local Incentives: None found


Information Links:

Alaska Division of Water – Website

Promoting sustainable shelter in Alaska, “Rain Barrels” – Website

Rainwater Harvesting and Grey Water Reuse – PDF

Water Reuse Research – PDF

State Incentives: None found

Local Incentives: None found


Information Links:

azcentral.com on rain barrels – Website 

Rain Barrel Water Harvesting Guide – University of Arizona – PDF

Southern Arizona Suppliers: Rain barrels:
Freeway Tanks & Pumps, Inc. 1415 S. Farmington Rd. Tucson, AZ 85213-1415 520-623-2573

State Incentives: None found

Local Incentives:

Flagstaff – No longer sells rain barrels – Website

Pima – Green Infrastructure –  Website

Prescott – $ 0.10 per gallon of storage, $300.00 maximum award – Website

Tucson – “Rebate covers cost of system based on gallon per capacity of tank up to $2,000.” Website 


Information Links:

Arkansas Natural Resources Commission Rules for the Utilization of Surface Water – PDF

Building Rain Barrels to Harvest Rainwater – U of A – PDF

Rain Gardens and Stormwater – U of A – PDF

Rain Barrel Construction – PDF

Rain Barrel Workshop – Arkansas State Parks

Video Podcasts

Using Rain Barrels to Protect Water Quality

How to Build a Rain Barrel to Protect Water Quality

Using Rain Gardens to Protect Water Quality

How to Build a Rain Garden to Protect Water Quality

State Incentives: None found

Local Incentives: None Found


Information Links: 

Rainwater Capture Act of 2012 – Website This section was added and discussed rain barrels: (b) “Rain barrel system” is a type of rainwater capture system that does not use electricity or a water pump and is not connected to or reliant on a potable water system.

There is a lot of different information online about California rain barrels.  I suggest looking up your specific area online to get any information I may have missed.
State Incentives:

Socal Water Smart – Rebates Start at $75 per Barrel or $300 per Cistern – Website

Local Incentives:
San Diego – Page 13<
Santa Rosa Rebate – Website – $0.25 per gallon of storageLos Angeles Department of Water and Power – $100 Rebate for barrels 50 gallons and larger – Wesbite


Information Links:

It is currently illegal to use rain barrels in Colorado but the following bill is working to change that:

Colorado House Bill 1259 – Residential Precipitation Collection Rain Barrels

State Incentives: None found

Local Incentives: None found


Information Links:

A Resident’s Guide to Rain Barrels in Connecticut – PDF

Connecticut River Coastal Conservation District, Inc. – PDF

The City of Middletown has sponsored several distributions in partnership with The Great American Rain Barrel Company (for information contact the Public Works Department, 860‐344‐3526). Community programs such as the Middletown distribution are posted on the company’s website, (greatamericanrainbarrel.com).

State Incentives: None found

Local Incentives:

The City of Middletown has sponsored several distributions in partnership with The Great American Rain Barrel Company (for information contact the Public Works Department, 860‐344‐3526). Community programs such as the Middletown distribution are posted on the company’s website, (greatamericanrainbarrel.com).

Wethersfield, CT – Community Rain Barrel Program – Website


Information Links:

DNREC offers rain barrels at discount price to Delawareans: “The 50- to 55-gallon granite-colored barrels are made from 25 to 35 percent recycled content. Regular retail price for these heavy-duty plastic rain barrels is $120 or more. However, by purchasing a large quantity of barrels, the Nonpoint Source Program can offer them to the public for $57.88 each. Payment can be made by check or money order to the “State of Delaware.” – Website
Deleware Watersheds looks to put on a yearly rain barrel contest – “The Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control (DNREC) is sponsoring two contests in which local artists and children compete to design and paint the best rain barrel.” Website

View some of the painted rain barrels – Website
Delaware Soil and Water Conservation District: Phone Number 740-368-1921- PDF

Make a rain barrel out of a garbage can – PDF

Delaware Center for Inland Bays – Discounted rain barrels – Website


The Delaware Center for Horticulture – Make your own Rain Barrel Workshop – Website *Note this event was cancelled due to lack of interest, but contact them for upcoming workshops

DNREC: DIY Rain Barrel Video

State Incentives: None found

Local Incentives: None found


Information Links:

Florida receives an average of 56 inches of rainfall per year.

Florida Keys – Building and Installing a Simple Rain Barrel – PDF
Southwest Florida Water Management District

  • Rain barrel – Website
  • How to make a rain barrel – Website
  • Rain barrel installation video – Website

Florida’s Water – Rain Barrels for Watershed Protection – Website

Think About Personal Pollution (TAPP), City of Tallahassee – Rain Barrels: A Homeowner’s Guide – PDF

Miami, Dade County Rain Barrel Workshops – Website

Broward County – Rain Barrels & Cisterns – Website

Ft. Myers – Guide to Rain Barrels – PDF

Lakeland, FL – Website

Palm Coast, FL – Rain Barrel – PDF

Ocala, FL – Rain Barrel Fact Sheet – PDF

Oboe, FL – Rain Barrel page – Website

Orange County, FL – How To Make A Rain Barrel – PDF

State Incentives: None found

Local Incentives:

Manatee County’s Rain Barrel Program – Website – Offers a rain barrel kit for $30.99 plus sales tax.  The barrel is a white reconditioned drum (55 gallon) with a brass spigot, all PVC fittings, and debris drain.  Comes with instructions for stand and assembly if you choose to build one.  Limit is four per household.

“Rain barrel kits can be purchased at the Manatee County Utilities Department located at 4410 66th Street West, Bradenton, 34210 between the hours of 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. M-F.

Payment must be in the form of a check (preferred) or cash.  Credit/debit cards can only be accepted for customers with a Manatee County Utility Department Account.  All sales are final.

For more information call (941) 792-8811, ext. 5327 or e-mail water.saver@mymanatee.org

City of Melbourne is offering a limited rain barrel rebate program on a first-come, first-served basis – Website

Cocoa, FL Rebate Program – Website

Sarasota County Rain Barrel Program – Website – Facts PDF


Information Links:

Chattahoochee River Keeper – Rain Barrel Workshops – Website

Woodstock, GA – Website

Athens-Clarke County, GA – Rain Barrel Workshops & Link to where to buy a rain barrel – Website

Cobb County Watershed Stewardship Program & Link for How to Build a Rain Barrel Video – Website

  • How to construct and maintain rain barrels for your residence – PDF

State Incentives:

House Bill 1069 – PDF

Local Incentives: None found


Information Links:

Hui o Ko`olaupoko – Register Your Rain Barrel – Website

State Incentives: None found

Local Incentives: None found


Information Links: 

Attorney General letter stating the rainwater harvesting is legal – PDF – But nothing for Idaho rain barrels specifically

State Incentives: None found

Local Incentives: None found


Information Links:

Rain Barrel Artists – Website – Get ideas on how yo paint your rain barrel

Orland Park – Rain Barrels and Detention Ponds – PDF

Batavia – Rain Barrels – Website

Village of Mokena Uses Rain Barrels – PDF

Plainfield Composting and Rain Barrel Workshop – Website

Henry County Soil and Water Conservation District – Rain Barrels and Composter’s – Website

University of Illinois Extension – Rain Barrels Make a Comeback – Website


  • See if your city or village is listed for a free rain barrel – Website

Dupage County – Painting Your Rain Barrel – PDF

Will County – Rain Barrel – Website

Lake County – Rain Barrel – Website

In April of 2012, the City Council passed an amendment to the original ordinance,  which regulates rain barrel installations in a manner that addresses potential property maintenance issues without discouraging the use of this environmentally friendly practice. The intent of the ordinance is to facilitate the use of rain barrels so that they remain functional without becoming unsightly or unsafe, such as insect breeding areas. Rain barrels are important tools in community sustainability.

State Incentives: None found

Local Incentives:

MWRD Chicago Areas – Free rain barrel program – Website

City of Elmhurst, in cooperation with The Conservation Foundation – Rain Barrels – Website

  • Tips for using your Rain Barrel – Website
  • Rain barrel installation – Website

City Water, Light & Power is the municipal electric and water utility for Springfield, Illinois. CWLP – Rain Barrel Rebate – Your actual rebate amount will depend on the pre-tax cost of your rain barrel. The maximum rebate per barrel is $25. Only one rebate per installation address is allowed. – Website

City of Aurora – Rain Barrel Program – Website

North brook – $25 Rain barrel – Website

Buffalo Grove Environmental Action Team – $60 Rain barrels – Website

Woodstock, IL – Rain barrels $90 – Order Form

The City of Crystal Lake is offering a one-time $25.00 water/sewer utility credit to water/sewer utility customers that purchase a rain barrel from a retailer located within the corporate limits of the City of Crystal Lake. – Website

DeKalb County Soil and Water Conservation District – Rain Barrel – Website

Villa Park – Rain Barrel Poster – PDF

Shorewood – Rain Barrels for $58.50 – Website

Macon County – Rain Barrels for $60 – PDF

Winnebago County Soil and Water Conservation District – Rockford – $70 Rain barrels – PDF

Tazewell, Peoria, Woodford & Mason County – Rain Barrel Program – Price according to material ($56-$150) – PDF

Geneva – Rain Barrels for sale $85 – PDF *Note, three different models of barrels to choose from including Aquascape RainXchange rain barrel for $190

Illinois River Watershed Partnership – Rain Barrels – Website

  • Rain Barrel Construction – PDF


Information Links:

ERRA Rain Barrel Auction – Website

Indiana Water Environment Association – Rain Barrel Auction – Website

Rain on Main – Rain Barrel Painting Art – Website

State Rain Barrel Page – Website

Marion County Soil and Water Conservation District (SWCD) – Website – Rain Barrel Fact Sheet – PDF

  • MAKE YOUR OWN RAIN BARREL – PDFRain Barrel Installation Guide – PDFRain Barrel Winterization Guide – PDF

City of West Lafayette – 55 gallon rain barrels are available for $25 to West Lafayette residents and $50 to non-West Lafayette residents in various colors. Website

Pathway to Water Quality at the Indiana State Fairgrounds – Rain Barrel Guide – PDF

Indiana Conservation Partnership – Website

State Incentives: None found

Local Incentives:


Bartholomew SWCD – Columbus – Website – Rain Barrels for sale $65 – Website

Noblesville – Buy a rain barrel for $25 – Website 

Town of Merrillville’s Stormwater Utility department has launched its rain barrel program for residents and businesses.  Available in terra cotta, gray, blue or black for $54.00 each if paid by check, or in the same four colors by online orders with a credit card for $56.50 each, which includes a $2.50 processing fee. – Website

City of Valparaiso has launched the Rain Barrel program for 2015. Same as the past years, the discounted rain barrels at $20 each will be offered to City of Valparaiso residents. The online order form can be accessed from this link, and the mail-in order form from here.


Information Links:

Indian Creek Nature Center – Rain Barrels & Accessories – Website

North Liberty – Rain Barrel – PDF

Belle Plaine – How to Make a Rain Barrel – PDF

The Iowa Storm Water Education Program – PDF

Clive – Rain Barrel Fact Sheet: Care and Maintenance – PDF

Dubuque – Rain Barrels – Website

The Iowa Department of Natural Resources – How to build a rain barrel – PDF

Iowa City Public Library – How to Make a Rain Barrel Video – Website

State Incentives: None found

Local Incentives:

Polk County Conservation – 33 Gallon Rain Barrels for sale $50 – Website

City of Ames Public Works Department – Rain Barrel Rebate Program – PDF


Information Links:

Overland Park – Rain Barrels – Website

Lawerence – How to build and install a rain barrel – PDF

Wichita – 2016 Water Conservation Rain Barrel Rebate Program – PDF

Johnson County – Free Workshops – Website

Lenexa – Rain Barrel – Website

Leawood – Website – Rain Barrel Ordinance – PDF

Kansas Green Teams – Rain Barrels = Free Water – PDF

State Incentives: None found

Local Incentives:

Dickinson County Department of Environmental Service – Rain Barrels for Sale $45 – Website

Johnson County Cost Share Program – Rain Barrels – Website

Olathe – Stormwater Best Management Practices Reimbursement Application for Rain Barrels – Website


Information Links:

Lexington Herald Leader – Do-it-yourself rain barrel saves water, money – Website


Western Kentucky University’s Center for Environmental Education and Sustainability – Rain Barrel Construction 101 – PDF

Bluegrass Greensource – ARTISTIC RAIN BARREL PROGRAM – Website

Victory Gardens of Kentucky – Oak Rain Barrels – Website

Bluegrass PRIDE – Annual Rain Barrel Event – Website

Sanitation District No. 1 of Northern Kentucky – Rain Barrel – PDF

State Incentives: None found

Local Incentives: None found


Information Links:

The Rain Barrel Maker: Southern Cisterns – Website

Lafayette – Rain Barrel – Website

New Orleans -Let it Rain: Gardening with Water Barrels – Website

State Incentives: None found

Local Incentives:

Lafayette Consolidated Government – Rain Barrel Rebate Program $35 – Website

Lafayette, LA Rain Barrel Program – Website


Information Links:

Auburn, Maine gets an average of approximately 46 inches of rain every year! That is 29,000 gallons of runoff leaving your roof and driveway and entering the City Storm Drains! – PDF

City and Maine Air National Guard partner on rain barrels – Website 

State Incentives: None found

Local Incentives:

Westbrook – $65 Barrels – PDF

Portland – “As part of National Drinking Water Week, PWD partners directly with the manufacturer to offer discounted rain barrels at $60 (plus $3.30 tax). This is more than 50% off the retail price of $125!” – Website

Portland Water District – Rain Barrel Installation & Maintenance Instructions – PDF


Information Links:

Baltimore – Install a Rain Barrel – Website

Alliance for Chesapeake Bay – Rain Barrel – Website

South River Federation – How to Build and Install a Rain Barrel – PDF

Prince George’s County Master Gardeners – Workshops – Website

Maryland Department of the Environment – Building a barrel – PDF

Montgomery County Department of Environmental Protection – Make a Barrel Instructions – PDF

  • Local barrel sources – PDF
  • Water Harvesting – Website

Maryland.gov – Greening your Landscape – Rain Barrels – Website

Maryland Science Center – Build a Rain Barrel Workshop *Note sold out sign up for future dates – Website

Frederick County – Harvesting Rainwater with Rain Barrels – PDF

State Incentives: None found

Local Incentives:

Mount Airy – Rain barrels for sale – Website

Charles County Watershed Protection and Restoration Program – “Installing two rain barrels on your home, totaling 110 gallons or more (55 gallons ea.), qualifies you for a 50% credit on your Watershed Protection and Restoration Fee (WPRF)” – Website

Prince George’s County – Rain Check Rebate Program – “Through this program, rebates of $50 are available for individual residential projects, and rebates of $100 are available for multi-family dwellings, commercial businesses, and non-profit or not-for-profit organizations to help reduce costs” – PDF


Information Links:

Massachusetts Low Impact Development Toolkit – PDF

Massachusetts Master Gardener Association – Rain Barrel 101 – Website

  • Fact Sheet – PDF

Mass.Gov® – Rain Barrels & Other Water Conservation Tools – Website

Ipswich River Watershed Association – Harvest the Rain – Website

State Incentives: None found

Local Incentives:

The following all have a rain barrel program:

Acton – Website

Brookline Department of Public Works (DPW) – Website

Chelmsford  – Website

Ashland  – Website

Dedham – Westwood Water District – $50 Rain Barrels for Sale – Website

Medford  – Website

Maynard Climate Action Network  –Website

Belmont  – Website

Raynham – Website

Westward – Website

Marshfield – Website

Littleton – Website

Northampton Department of Public Works – Order form – PDF

Concord – Website


Information Links:

Grand Rapids – Workshop – Website

City of Superior Wastewater Division of Public Works – Reasons to have a rain barrel at home – PDF

Michigan State University – Rain barrels are economical and ecological – Website

Novi – Rain barrels and compost tumblers – Website

Muskegon County Sustainability Office – “Used pickle barrels are available for rain barrel construction for $8-$10 from Wood Recycling near Howard City, Michigan.  Call 231-218-5091 for more information” – Website

Clinton River Watershed Council – Rain Barrels – Website

  • Rain Barrel Tips – PDF

Ottawa – Rain Barrel information – PDF

Groundswell – Rain Barrel Workshop – Website

Ingham Conservation District – Rain barrel info – Website

Holland – Rain barrel basics – Website

  • Flyer – PDF

State Incentives: None found

Local Incentives: None found


Information Links:

Recycling Association of Minnesota (RAM) – Rain Barrels ($74)and Compost Bin’s – Website

Lake Superior Streams: Duluth – Website

St. Louis Park – Rain Barrels – Website

Brooklyn Center – Rain Barrels information – Website

  • “A comprehensive guide to deciding on, designing for, building and buying a rain barrel in the Twin Cities Metro Area”PDF

University of MN – Rain Barrels – A way of collecting & using rainwater – PDF

Dakota County – Rain Barrels – Website

Plymouth  – $69 Rain Barrel For Sale – Website

Maplewood – Rain Barrel – Website

Scott County – Rain Barrels – Website

Hugo – Rain Barrels for Water Conservation – Website

Bloomington – Rain Barrels – Website

Owatonna – Rain Barrel Installation Instructions – PDF

Nine Mile Creek Watershed District – Rain Barrels – PDF

Woodbury – Rain Barrels for sale – PDF

St. Paul – Rain Barrel page – Website 


Gertens – Instructions for Making a Rain Barrel – Website

Sauk Rapids – Rain Barrel & Compost Bin – Website

State Incentives: None found

Local Incentives:

Northfield – Rebate –“Install a rain barrel after Feb. 15, 2012 can receive a $20 credit on their utility bill after sending in a completed rebate form along with a receipt of purchase and a staff visit to verify installation. ” * Expired but check new rebates – Website

Owatonna – Rain Barrel rebate – $10 – PDF

Hopkins – Rain Barrels for sale – Website

Burnsville – Low Cost Rain Barrel – $69 – PDF

Clay County – Rain Barrel – Website

CROW River Rain Barrel Program – $55 in 2015 – Website

Minnetonka – Order Rain Barrel – Website


Information Links:

There are no legal restrictions in Missouri on collecting as much rainwater as desired.

How to Make a Rain Barrel in MO – PDF

Missouri State University – How to build a rain barrel stand – Website

Missouri River Communities Network Presents rain Barrels – PDF

Certified Rain Barrel Installers – PDF

Ellisville – Rain Barrels – Website

Rainscaping Guide – Missouri Botanical Garden – Website

  • Rain Barrel Building Instructions – PDF

Kansas City – How to Make a Rain Barrel – Website

Liberty – Rain Barrel – Website

Brentwood – Reduce Storm Water Runoff with a Rain Barrel – PDF

St. Joseph – Install a rain barrel & How to make a rain barrel – PDF

Orr Street Studios hosts Rain Barrel Art Review – Website

State Incentives: None found

Local Incentives:

Deer Creek Watershed Alliance – Rainscape Rebates program – Website

Springfield – “Greene County residents are eligible for a $25 instant rebate on rain barrels purchased through this program. This rebate is funded by City of Springfield Public Works Stormwater Engineering, Solid Waste Management, and Sanitary Services Divisions, city utilities, and Greene County Resource Management.” – Website

  • Sales Flyer – PDF

Columbia – Rain barrel programs – $65 barrels – Website

  • How to Make a Rain Barrel Video – Website

Kansas City – Bridging the Gap – Rain Barrels – $65 – Website

Universe City – Rain Barrel Initiative – PDF

Jasper County – Rain Barrels – Website

Moberly – Save it for a rainy day – Website


Information Links:

Friends of the Mississippi River – Workshop guided DIY & Ready-made Rain Barrels – Website

Building Rain Barrels – Mississippi State University – Website

Mississippi Sustainable Agriculture Network – Rain Barrel Construction Demonstration – Website

State Incentives: None found

Local Incentives:

Mississippi Valley Conservation Authority (MVCA) – $55 Rain Barrels – Website


Information Links:

Montana Wildlife Gardener – How to build a rain barrel – Website

State Incentives: None found

Local Incentives: None found


Information Links:

Lancaster County – What is a Rain Barrel? – Website

UNL Backyard Farmer Team – Rain Barrels – Website

Omaha.com – How to make your own rain barrel – Website

State Incentives: None found

Local Incentives: None found


Information Links:

Rainwater Harvesting is Illegal currently in Nevada without a water right: “NRS 533.030 provides that ‘subject to existing rights, and except as otherwise provided in this section, all water may be appropriated for beneficial use as provided in this chapter and not otherwise.’ It is interpreted to mean that you can’t collect and use water, even if it is just a rain barrel, without the benefit of a water right.” – Website

Regulated through the Department of Conservation & Natural Resources; JoAnn Kittrell has stated that they have not policed anyone without a water right using a rain barrel.  And as of now they don’t intend on policing it in the future either.

State Incentives: None found

Local Incentives: None found

New Hampshire

Information Links:

SOAK up the Rain NH – Website

State of Our Estuaries | Piscataqua Region Estuaries Partnership – Feature: Rain Barrels Runneth Over for Soak Up the Rain New Hampshire’s First Year, By: Jillian McCarthy, NH Dept. of Environmental Services – Website

Make Your Own Rain Barrel Workshop with New Hampshire Coastal Protection Partnership – Website *Note this workshop was in 2011, but I recommend contacting them for future workshops

The Hampton Conservation Commission – Offered $75 Rain Barrels in 2010 – PDF

New Hampshire Lakes Association (NH LAKES) – Protecting Our Waters Through Rain Barrels – Website

State Incentives:

NH Homeowner’s Guide to Stormwater Management – Build Your Own Rain Barrel – PDF

  • Pre-made rain barrels are available in many sizes and styles and range in price from $50 to over $200.

Local Incentives: None found

New Jersey

Information Links:

Sustainable Jersey Upcoming Events – Website

New Jersey Future – Workshops – Website

EarthShare New Jersey – Workshop – Website

Egg Harbor Township – Workshop – Website

Barnegat Bay Blitz Rain Barrel Challenge – Website

How to build a rain barrel – PDF
City of Newark Public Works and Water Resources – Rain Barrel – PDF

Hoboken – Workshop – Website

New Jersey Water Supply Authority Watershed Protection Programs Division – Website

  • How to Build and Install a Rain Barrel – PDF
  • Benefits, Use, and Care of Rain Barrels – PDF

NJ Rain Barrel Art Project  – Website *Note this is a link to 2014. Look for upcoming events.

Hawthorne – Build your own rain barrel workshop – PDF

Cape May County – Rain Barrels – Website

State Incentives:

Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey – Rain Barrels – Website

Local Incentives:

Maple Shade – Rain Barrel Sale – Website

Rarity River – Rain Barrel Rebate Program – Rebates of up to $200 to install rain barrels at your home! – PDF

Regional Center Rain Barrel Rebates for Bridgewater, Raritan & Somerville Homeowners – PDF

New Mexico

Information Links:

There’s no current state requirements to use rainwater outdoors.  But, if you want to use it indoors you will have to meet or exceed the standard for reclaimed water.  You’ll need a variance if residential.

Water, not space, is next frontier: By Nate DoWNey. Published in Santa Fe New Mexican – PDF

The Santa Fe New Mexican – Water Energy Nexus: Rain barrels a great conservation starting-point – Website

Bernalillo County – Rain Barrel Program – Website

  • Water Utility Authority – Rebate Program – Website

State Incentives: None found

Local Incentives:

Santa Fe – Rebate Program – PDF

New York

Information Links:

Buffalo Niagara Riverkeeper – Rain Barrels – Website

Erie County – Rain Barrel Contest – Website

NYC Environmental Protection – Rain Barrel Tips & Setup – PDF – Giveaway Program – Website

State Incentives: None found

Local Incentives:

Hempstead – Rain Barrels & Composters- Website

Onondaga County – Free Rain Barrels – Website

Monroe County Soil and Water Conservation District – Barrel Program – Purchase a rain barrel kit for $45 – Website

North Carolina

Information Links:

“House Bill 609 of 2011 directed the Department of Environment and Natural Resources to provide statewide outreach and technical assistance regarding water efficiency, which shall include the development of best management practices for community water efficiency and conservation. This shall include employing water reuse practices that include harvesting rainwater and using grey water (N. C. Gen. Stat. § 143-355).” – Website

North Carolina Adopts Code Council IgCC Rainwater Harvest Provisions – Website

Clemson University – Rain Barrels and Rainwater Harvesting – PDF

Boone, N.C., and Watauga County – Rain Barrel Sale – Website

State Incentives: None found

Local Incentives:

Wilmington – New Hanover Soil & Water Conservation District – Rain Barrel Sale – Website

North Dakota

Information Links:

Ron Smith, Horticulturist, NDSU Extension Service – Mosquitoes and Rain Barrels – Website

Fargo – Make Your Own Rain Barrel Workshop – Website

Morton County Soil Conservation District – Rain Barrels – Website

Cass County Soil Conservation – Rain Barrel Page – Website

Minot Storm Water Program – “Utilize a rain barrel to capture runoff from downspouts and use it to water the lawn, plants and flowers.” – Website

Grand Forks – Can I create a rain barrel, where do I get the supplies? Contact the Grand Forks County Soil Conservation District – Website

State Incentives: None found

Local Incentives:

North Dakota Rebates & Incentives – Rain Barrel Rebates – Website


Information Links:

Assessment of Residential Rain Barrel Water Quality and Use in Cincinnati, Ohio – Website

“Ohio allows rainwater harvesting, even for potable purposes. Private water systems that provide drinking water to fewer than 25 people are regulated by the Ohio Department of Health (ODH). Ohio also has a Private Water Systems Advisory Council within the ODH. The nine-member council is appointed by the governor with the advice and consent of the Senate (Ohio Rev. Code §3701.344 and Ohio Rev. Code §3701.346).”  – Website

Cleveland – Water Quality And Efficiency – Website

Clermont County – Rain Barrel – Website

Cuyahoga Soil and Water Conservation District – Workshops & Local Info – Website

Dublin – Winterize Your Rain Barrel – Website

Hillard – Save Water By Installing A Rain Barrel – Website

Montgomery Soil and Water Conservation District – Rain Barrel Page – Website

Summit SWCD – Rain Barrels – Website

Brooklyn – How to Build Rain Barrels & Workshops & Events – Website

Lorain SWCD – Rain Barrels – Website

Kettering – Rain Barrel Workshop *Expired but contact for future workshops – Website

State Incentives: None found

Local Incentives:

Lake County – Buy Rain Barrels – Website

Licking County Soil & Water Conservation District – Purchase a Rain Barrel – Website

Community Backyards Conservation Program  – $55 Rain Barrel, Composter, and Native Plants Rebates – Participating counties:Canal Winchester

  • Bexley
  • Canal Winchester
  • City of Columbus
  • Hilliard
  • Franklin County
  • Gahanna
  • New Albany
  • Obetz
  • Reynoldsburg
  • Upper Arlington
  • Westerville
  • Worthington

View website for complete details.


Information Links:

Water Act of 2060 – Website

Oklahoma City – Residents encouraged to conserve water with rain barrels – Website

Rain Barrels – Saving Rain for Thirsty Gardens – PDF

OK Farm to School – Rain Barrel – PDF

State Incentives: None found

Local Incentives:

Norman – Workshops for a free barrel – Website

Yukon – RECYCLE THE RAIN with a rain barrel system, Starting at $59 – PDF


Information Links:

Portland – Stormwater Management with Rain Barrels – PDF

Oregon Building Codes Division – Smart Guide to Rainwater Harvesting – PDF

State Incentives: None found

Local Incentives: None found


Information Links:

Lancaster – Rain Barrel – Website

Lebanon County Conservation District – Rain Barrel Brochure – PDF

EPA – What is a Rain Barrel? – PDF

Cumberland County Conservation District – Water Harvesting with Rain Barrels – PDF

Alliance for Chesapeake Bay – Rain Barrel – Website

WATERSHED & RAIN BARREL WORKSHOPS – “PRC West participants will receive a pre-made FreeGarden RAIN 55-gallon rain barrel and PRC East participants will learn how to retrofit a 55-gallon drum into a rain barrel.” Website

State Incentives: None found

Local Incentives: None found

Rhode Island

Information Links:

University of Rhode Island Rain Barrel Page – Website

State Incentives:

Personal Income Tax Credit – Website “Tax credit for installation of cisterns. – Any individual or business that installs a cistern on their property to collect rainwater for use in their home or business shall be entitled to a state income tax credit of ten percent (10%) of the cost of installing the cistern not to exceed one thousand dollars ($1,000). Each entity shall be allowed only one tax credit over the life of the cistern unless they are replacing an existing cistern with a larger cistern and have not received the maximum tax credit of one thousand dollars ($1,000). For purposes of this chapter, a cistern shall be defined as a container holding fifty (50) or more gallons of diverted rainwater or snow melt, either above or below ground, which shall be covered to prevent anyone from falling into it.”

Local Incentives:

Middletown – Rain Barrel Program – Website

South Carolina

Information Links:

Greenville – Rainwater Harvesting – PDF

Clemson – How to Make a Rain Barrel – Website

Old Town gets doused with rain barrels – PDF

Elgin – Build Your Own Rain Barrel Workshop – Website

State Incentives: None found

Local Incentives: None found

South Dakota

Information Links:

South Dakota State University – How to build a barrel to harvest water – PDF

Lexington Soil and Water Conservation District – GREEN IS CLEAN RAIN BARREL WORKSHOP – PDF

State Incentives: None found

Local Incentives: None found


Information Links:

Nashville – Purchasing a Rain Barrel – Website

University of Tennessee Institute of Agriculture – Rain Barrels Make Good Sense – PDF

Cumberland River Compact – Purchase ($40) Or Build Rain Barrels – Website

Middle Tennessee University – Benefits of Rain Barrels – PDF

Protecting the Warpath River – Rain Gardens and Barrels – Website

Upper Tennessee River Roundtable – How to Build and Install a Rain Barrel – PDF

Montgomery County – Workshop – Website

State Incentives: None found

Local Incentives: None found


Information Links:

H.B. No. 3391 – AN ACT – relating to rainwater harvesting and other water conservation initiatives.

Texas Commission on Environmental Quality – Rainwater Harvesting with Rain Barrels, A Take Care of Texas Guide – PDF

Austin – Rainwater Harvesting Rebate Program – Website

San Marcos – Rebate Program – Website

Galveston Bay Foundation – Rain Barrel Workshops – Website

Pflugerville – Rain Barrel Sale – Website

Irving – Maintain Your Rain Barrel System – Website

Richardson – Rainwater Harvesting – Website

The Woodlands Joint Powers Agency – Rain Barrel Sale – Website

Hill Country Alliance – Rainwater Revival – “The Rainwater Revival will feature a collection of 55-gallon recycled rain barrels transformed into works of art by Hill Country artists.” – Website

Mesquite – Making a Rain Barrel – Website

Frisco – Program & How to Get a Rain Barrel – Website

Fredericksburg – Rainwater Harvesting Information Including Barrels & Rain Chains – Website

Amarillo – Rebate Program – Website

Arlington – Rain Barrel Bash – Website

Murphy – 1800 Gallon Rain Barrel (cistern) – Website

Texas Land & Water Designs – Homemade Rain Barrel Instruction Manual – PDF

State Incentives:

Tax Exemption

Sec. 151.355. WATER-RELATED EXEMPTIONS. The following are exempted from taxes imposed by this chapter:
(1) rainwater harvesting equipment or supplies, water recycling and reuse equipment or supplies, or other equipment, services, or supplies used solely to reduce or eliminate water use;

Local Incentives: None found


Information Links:

Utah – Capture and storage of precipitation Laws – Website

Utah State University – Rainwater Harvesting & Barrels – Website

Wasatch Water Review – Rainwater harvesting in Utah: An overview – Website

State Incentives: None found

Local Incentives:

Murray, Sandy, Ogden, and Park City – $40 Barrels – Website


Information Links:

Vermont Green Infrastructure Initiative – Rain Barrels and Cisterns – PDF

Lake Champlain Basin Program – Install a rain barrel – Website

Let it Rain – Stormwater Program – Barrel Page – Website

Burlington – Grant up to $25 for barrels – Website

  • Build Your Own Barrel Workshop – $60 – Website

St Albans – Rain Barrel – PDF

Vermont Institute of Natural Science – The Art on a Rain Barrel – PDF

State Incentives: None found

Local Incentives: None found


Information Links:

“In 2001, Virginia passed Senate Bill 1416, establishing the Alternative Water Supply Assistance Fund, which gave income tax credit to individuals and corporations that installed rainwater harvesting systems. However, money has not been allocated for these purposes (Va. Code § 36-139.8). “- Website

Alexandria – Rain Barrel Accessories and Installation Assistance – PDF

Alliance for Chesapeake Bay – Rain Barrel – Website

Clean Virginia Waterways – Rain Barrels & Harvesting Rain Water – Website

Chesterfield – Workshops – Website

Falls Church – Build Your Own & Rain Barrel Distributions & Sales – Website

Fairfax County – Rain Barrel Art – Website

Henrico – Workshops – Website

James River Association – How to Build a Rain Barrel for Your Home – PDF

Lynchburg – Rain Barrel Guide and Tips – PDF

New Kent County – Rain Barrels / Rainwater Recycling – Website

Newport News – Workshops – Website

Richmond – Workshops – Website

State Incentives: None found

Local Incentives: None found


Information Links:

After years of hard work.  Rain barrel are now legal in Washington.

The Seattle Rain Barrel – PDF

Pierce County – Rain Barrel – Website

Washington State University – Rain Barrel Setup – PDF

State Incentives: None found

Local Incentives:

DDOE Rain Barrel Rebate Program – “Rebates of $1 per gallon (minimum volume 50 gallons), with a maximum rebate of $500 are available for most barrels and cisterns.” – Website , PDF

  • Choosing the Right Rain Barrel and Installation Site – PDFRiverSmart Homes Rain Barrel Rebate Application – PDF

Olympia – Rain Barrel Rebate – PDF

West Virginia

Information Links:

Brooke County – Workshop – Website

State of West Virginia – How to build and install a rain barrel – Website

State Incentives: None found

Local Incentives: None found


Information Links:

Amery – “As an Amery resident, you can receive your very own rain barrel for free while supplies last. Simply contact the City of Amery at 715-268-7486 to place an order or visit City Hall at 118 Center Street West.” – Website

Eau Claire Area Master Gardener Association – Rain Barrels – PDF

Madison – Rain Barrels – Website 

Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District / MMSD – Rain Barrels – Website

Port Washington – Rain Barrel Art Auction – Website

Shorewood – Rain Barrels & Rain Gardens – Website

Sources for barrels in Southern Wisconsin – PDF

Stevens Point – What is a Rain Barrel – PDF

Sustain Hudson – Rain Barrels and the Artful Rain Barrel Project – PDF

Washburn – Rain Barrel Project – PDF

West Bend – Rain Barrel – PDF

State Incentives: None found

Local Incentives:

River Falls – Rain Barrel Program – $35 Barrels – Website

Verona – Rebate – The City of Verona Rain Barrel Rebate program is a 1 time rebate at $10 per barrel. – Website


Information Links:

Gillette – Rain Barrel – Website

Laramie – Rain Barrel – Website

Metropolitan Sewer District of Greater Cincinnati (MSD) – Rain Barrel Project – “As part of a pilot program to reduce CSOs to the Mill Creek, MSD and the City of Wyoming teamed up to offer Wyoming residents rain barrels at a sharply discounted price” – Website

State Incentives: None found

Local Incentives: None found

If you have something you would like us to add please contact me. Also, if your community doesn’t provide any options we have some rain barrel supplies listed below and would be happy to help.

Rain Barrel Products & Systems

Atlantic 55 or 100 Gallon Rain BarrelView Product Page

Atlantic Rain Barrel

Atlantic’s rain barrels are a new design that where made to be attractive, durable and sturdy.  No need for an underground basin.  The barrels come in a half-barrel design which is 55 gallons to allow for a more snug fit to the side of your home, or the full-on 100 gallon rain barrel.  Feature a one year warranty with a 4″ inlet and 3/4″ outlet.  Sized at 44″ H x 31″ W x 32″ L.  Model numbers RHRB110 and RHRB055.


75 Gallon Aquascape RainXchange Rain BarrelView Product Page

Rain water barrel by Aquascape

The Aquascape RainXchange 75-gallon rain barrel can be added to existing drainage systems and gutters.  This barrel features a five-year warranty, made in the U.S.A,  a childproof lockable lid that can be used as a planter, thick walls made out of plastic to handle extreme weather conditions, large safety overflow to keep water away from the house or water in the barrel, and includes a brass spigot for a solid connection for your garden hose.  Sizing is 40″ H x 29″ in diameter in Sandstone and Terra Cotta colors.


Urn - 65-Gallon Rain Wizard Rain Barrel by Good IdeasView Product Page

65 Gallon Urn Rain Barrel

65 Gallon Urn shaped rain barrel by Good Ideas.  Featuring a top planter area that is self-draining, a flat back design to fit snuggly against your home, heavy duty brass spigot, a routed channel to help divert water away from your foundation, linkable to additional barrels, BPA-free, 1-year warranty, and made in the USA.

Available in a range of colors including Oak, Black, Green, Khaki, Sandstone, Terra Cotta, and Dark & Light Granite. Prices vary based on color and stock.

Review – Amazon reviewers are stating some issues with this barrel.  Be aware of the outlets on this barrel.  They are on the rear.  And it sounds like the company is strict on their 12-month warranty period.

Enviro World 55 Gallon Rain BarrelView Product Page

Enviro World free garden rain barrel

Enviro World 55 gallon rain barrel.  Designed out of durable injection molded plastic, child proof locking screws, a powder coated mesh screen, standard size brass spigot,  and comes with an extension hose.

Review – Caution!  There are some negative reviews out there.  Some are saying the spigot was cheap plastic and not brass like the listing says.  Others are complaining about leaks. Be careful on this one and do a little research before you purchase.


RTS 50 Gallon Half BarrelView Product Page


This is a beautiful 50 gallon rain water collection barrel by Home Accents.  Designed with a flat back to improve aesthetics.  Allowing it to sit flush against your home.  Can be linked up with other rain barrels, and includes many options; five different colors, aluminum screen, brass spigot, dual overflow, optional barrel stand (made of 100% recycled plastic with a flat side as well), hand painted bands, and the black model is 100% Recycled Polyethylene.

Review – One of the Amazon reviewers noted that the back bowed out when full with water, and some pieces are cheaply made in their opinion.  So while this rain barrel has a lot going on for it in the form of price, looks and options… it has some room to improve on the quality and durability side.

Atlantic Clean Rain Downspout DiverterView Product Page

Clean Rain Ultra Downspout Diverter by Atlantic

The Clean Rain Ultra rain barrel downspout diverter by Atlantic will collect, clean, and filter rainwater.  This rain barrel diverter is designed with future or immediate use in mind with multiple connection methods for the garden or around the landscape.  Simple to install and very user-friendly, the downspout is a breeze to use.  Automatically adjusts to divert the correct amount of dirty rainwater based on rainfall intensity through the Smart Sense self-regulating valve.

Features; mosquito-proof screen made out of stainless steel, you can mount it at any height, hose outlet that fits standard pool, garden, and sump pump hoses, unique overflow mechanism, On/Off switch that is easy to access and directs water for return or collection, Hydro Activated Filtration technology, can use a 3″ Schedule 40 pipe, downspout adapters included – 2″ x 3″ & 3″ x 4″, 3″ and 4″ round schedule 40 pipe, size – 31″ H x 9″ W x 8-1/4″ L, and is manufactured in the USA.  View installation guide PDF.

Oatey Mystic Rainwater Downspout DiverterView Product Page

Oatey Rainwater Diverter

Oatey Mystic rainwater downspout diverter features standard 2″ x 3″ residential downspout sizing, comes with a four foot long hi-flo hose, designed in two pieces with UV resistant material, and can be painted.

Reviews- Most have come back positive.  Make sure you have the same size downspouts and this will be a great inexpensive rainwater diverter.


Atlantic External Rain Barrel PumpView Product Page

Atlantic External Rain Barrel Pump

Atlantic’s external rain barrel pump is super quiet, water-cooled, and self priming.  Featuring a built-in flow sensor and pressure switch.  An internal check valve, and run-dry protection.  This rain barrel pump will start and stop when the taps are opened.  Providing a constant flow and pressure rate. Uses regular 115 volt power outlet with a 5′ long power cord and consumes 1,000 watts.  Has a maximum pressure of 64 psi and max pump flow of 22 gpm (should only really be used on multiple rain barrel systems).  Comes with a one year warranty.  Sized compactly at 13″ H x 11″ W x 18″ L. Part number RHEBS10.


Aquascape RainXchange Rain Barrel PumpView Product Page


When you have a rainwater system with multiple barrels and need a boost in pressure the Aquascape RainXchange rain barrel pump will do wonders.  It’s an all-in-one unit, consisting of a motor, pressure tank, electronic controller, and pump.  Designed with a built-in controller that supplies a even pressure.  Starting automatically when water is consumed and will keep operating till water is no longer needed (also has a built-in dry-run auto shut off with a thermal overload protector).  Priced a little bit cheaper than other rain barrel pumps of similar quality and features.


DIY Small Rain Barrel PumpView Product Page

DIY Rain Barrel Pump

If you’re willing to do some do-it-yourself work, and have a smaller rain barrel system (even just a single barrel) the Flojet pump may work perfectly for you.  Pumping out only 3.3 gpm so that it won’t drain your system too fast.  But, still providing a nice steady stream of water at 35 PSI.  Note this pump has 1/2″ barbed fittings.  I suggest a using 1/2″ garden hose which can pump out a maximum of 9 gpm (remember this pump only puts out 3.3 gpm).  Powered by 115v AC power.  With a quiet quad pump system that will automatically turn on.  Also, it is recommended that you get the 1/2″ mesh debris screen to keep the pump clean and last longer.

RainPro Brass Rain Barrel SpigotView Product Page


RainPro brass spigot for rain barrel: Designed to not need access to the inside of the barrel during installation.  Just a small hole is needed.  Built with heavy-duty 3.7oz solid brass, a 3/4″ female thread that allows you to install the spigot in either direction, solid brass ball valve (3/4″) to allow garden hose hookup and easy use with only a quarter turn, and a high flow 10mm opening that provides a healthy 4 GPM (at 2′ of barrel height).

Caution:  Due to this spigot made out of brass is does contain lead (lower than .25%).  Which is still considered lead-free compliant and suitable for potable water.

Rain Reserve Rain Barrel SpigotView Product Page


Rain Reserve rain barrel spigot kit.  This kit features a high flow (10 gallons per minute) with fittings that are self-sealing.  Doesn’t require you to access the inside of the barrel.  And no special fittings needed.  Just install by attaching the spigot to the outside of the barrel.  Then, hook up a garden hose, soaker hose, pump, etc.  Comes with one of each:  rain barrel spigot seal, high-flow rain barrel spigot (10 GPM), adapter, and for a good water proof seal one roll of Teflon tape.  Made in the USA.


Mosquito Dunks – SummitView Product Page



USEPA organic mosquito dunks by Summit.  Use these dunks to kill larvae in your rain barrel.  Will not harm wildlife, birds, fish, pets, or insects.  Starts working in a matter of hours and lasts as long as thirty days.  Use only small pieces of the dunk since each one will cover up to 100 square feet of surface area.

NOTE – These will not kill existing larvae or adults (which happened if you don’t use the dunks early enough).  If you have larvae already, you will need Mosquito Bits (see below).


Mosquito BitsView Product Page


Mosquito Bits generally kill mosquitoes in 24 hours or less. They’re environmentally sound and EPA registered in all 50 states.  Just simply sprinkle some of the bits in standing water such as a rain barrel or cistern.