The Savio Pond Skimmer ~ Built With Savio Excellence

When you get to know the engineering that went into each Savio pond skimmer you will be seriously impressed.  Savio has been making pond skimmers for more than 20 years.  Using superior materials and designs that make all of the Savio Excellence products top-notch.

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The Standard Savio Skimmerfilter

The standard Savio Skimmerfilter is dubbed the “hardest working” pond skimmer on the market.  Will easily blend into the surrounding with a black lid that can easily be hidden.  

Combines all four methods of filtration to provide you with the best possible water quality.  This all-in-one skimmer design gets rid of the need for additional plumbing that would be need in standard skimmers.  The four filtration methods work together to save you money and time.  As well as ease of installation.

Skimming Action – Creates surface tension to suck debris from the ponds surface and into the rigid leaf basket.  Includes a easy to use handle for simple disposal. 

Biological Filtration – The Skimmerfilter has filter media that proves surface area for beneficial bacteria.  These bacteria are what helps convert fish waste into useable nutrients for a healthy pond ecosystem. 

Mechanical Filters – Will protect and extend the life of your pond pump by pre-filtering debris.  This allows your main waterfall filter to work as designed.  Also provides a place to hide the pump and plumbing.

UV Filtration – The only skimmer on the market that has a patented UV system integrated into the design.  UV light provides a chemical free and safe way to control green pond water

Savio Excellence pond skimmer is designed with a cylindrical design that resists warping like a box shaped skimmer may.  Which makes it stand the test of time. 

The Savio SS0000 Skimmerfilter will provide enough space for one large pump, or two medium sized pumps.  

Sized for excellent filtration for ponds 1,000 gallons or smaller.  If you’re pond is larger you should add additional filtration such as a wetland filter. 

Note: There are three Savio faceplates available (sold separate) for the Skimmerfilter to work with a range of pump flow rates. 

savio skimmerfilter with 16.5 faceplate

Savio Skimmerfilter with 16″ faceplate for pumps 2500 – 8500 GPH.

Savio Skimmerfilter with 8.5″ faceplate for pumps 1800 – 5000 GPH.

Savio UVinex Light for Standard & Compact Skimmerfilters

This is an optional UV light for the standard Savio Skimmerfilter.  Also fits some of the Compact Skimmerfilters below.  Check fitment chart before ordering.

  • Increases the performance of your skimmers filtrations.  
  • Stainless-steel Ballast for long life
  • No fragile quartz parts with a more durable coated UV bulb
  • Simple maintenance by just wiping the bulb clean to regain effectiveness,
  • Plug-and-play installation with no advanced plumbing required
  • Min flow rate – 50% of your ponds total volume 
  • Max flow rate – 4750 GPH
  • Max pond size: 9000 gallons
  • Power cord length – 20′ long
  • Warranty – 1 year

Available in two models:

  • 26 Watt UVinex (smaller – for flow rates up to 2500 GPH) – Here 
  • 50 Watt UVinex – Here
Savio UVinex UV for skimmerfilter skimmer

Savio Compact Skimmerfilter

The Savio Compact Skimmerfilter is designed on the standard Skimmerfilter above, but with a more compact size.   Helping to reduce maintenance, collecting debris, and filtering water.

Compact Skimmerfilters can skim ponds up to 10,000 gallons and provides complete filtration for ponds 1500 gallons and less (no other pond filters needed).  If more filtration is needed you can always add another filter.  

Savio CS0000 Skimmerfilter gives you mechanical, biological, UV filtration, and skimming action you can depend on.

savio compact skimmerfilter cs0000
savio compact skimmerfilter

Savio Pond Skimmer Parts & Accessories

Here are some Skimmerfilter replacement parts and accessories.  The UV lights are optional and the faceplates are interchangeable based on the flow rate you’re looking for.

skimmerfilter replacement filter pads

Savio Compact Skimmerfilter replacement pads.  Comes in a 2-pack.

savio rc020 media grate

Savio RC020 media grate for compact skimmers.

savio standard filter pad replacements

Savio Standard Skimmerfilter pads.  One year supply in a 4-pack.

Thanks for checking out our page on Savio pond skimmers.  If you are looking for a different skimmer checkout our main pond skimmer page.


The following video will help break down the difference of the Savio Standard Skimmerfilter and the Compact Skimmerfilter.