Savio has been around for more than 20 years creating some amazing products.  The Water Master pumps are no exception.

The Savio Water Master pumps represent decades long development and research.  With the top engineers and talents in the world.  Resulting in new industry standards for performance and quality.  Such as where most pumps only have two seals, the WaterMaster pumps use THREE!

While at first glance you can get a bit confused.  As Savio split the WaterMaster pumps up into two different lines.   The Clear, and Solids.  You can view the differences below.

Clear & Solids – Savio Water Master Pumps Feature:

  • Oil-less pump design for fish, plant and wildlife safety
  • A non-corrosive pump housing
  • Wear resistant ceramic coated impeller shaft
  • Highest quality components for long lasting durability
  • Innovative third seal technology
  • Work great with other Savio pond components

The main difference is really if you want the Water Master pump to handle solids or not.  If so choose the solids.  If it’s not a concern in applications like a swimming pool, water storage basin, flooded basement, boat, or cellar you can use the Clear series.

Savio Water Master Clear PumpsView Savio Water Master Clear Pumps

Savio Water Master Clear Pumps

The Savio Clear pumps are part of the Water Master line and are excellent pumps.  For year Savio has made direct drive waterfall pumps that the pros demand. The difference between the Clear pumps are that they’re made to handle higher head pressures.  Where the solids handling Water Master pumps can as the name states handle solids and work better at lower head heights.



Savio Water Master Solids PumpsView Savio Water Master Solids Pumps

These are Savio’s solids handling direct drive waterfall pumps.  They are similar to the Savio Clear pumps with innovative third lip seal protection but are able to pass 1-1/4″ solids.  Meaning less clogged up impellers and problems.  Work best at low heath heights in submersible applications.