Areas We Ship To: ships to all 50 US states. Commercial and residential addresses. If you’re outside of the 50 US states please contact us.  Depending on what product you need we may, or may not be able to help.  But as always will do our best.

We currently don’t ship to U.S. military locations, Mexico, or overseas.

Free Shipping:

We use ground shipping methods for all free shipping orders.  Through a variety of shipping carriers depending on your location and the warehouse your product ships from.  The three main shipping companies we use are UPS, USPS, and FedEx.  If a specific carrier is required please contact us.  There may be additional charges.

If you need expedited shipping methods please contact us asap with:

  1. Your zip code
  2. Product/s needed
  3. Method of shipping required

We will send out a quote and process the order once payment is received.

Shipping Times:

Ground Shipments generally ship:

  • FedEx Two Day – ( 1 day for pick up and 2 Business Days)
  • UPS / FedEx Ground (3-5 Business Days)
  • USPS First Class Package (3-7 Business Days)

Orders received before 4:00 PM will usually ship the same day.  If we have the product/s in our warehouse stock.  Orders after this are usually shipped the following business day.  We do not process orders on weekends unless it has been specially arranged.

We only provide estimates and cannot guarantee when a order will be delivered.  If you need a product quickly we advise you to order asap to avoid delays that could be caused by product availability or other shipping delays.

Extra Charges:

We try our best not to charge anything extra.  As we wouldn’t do this to our friends, so we don’t want to do it to you. But, if for some strange reason we need to apply additional charges to your order we will contact you to approve it first.

Freight Shipping:

Some larger or bulky orders will be shipped by motor freight. This will require your phone number for the shipping company to contact you for a delivery time.  Once a delivery time has been arranged the truck will arrive at the scheduled time and you will need to unload the product’s.

Tracking Information:

Please allow 1-3 business days for your order to be processed and tracking information to be sent.  You can view your tracking number in your “my account” page, or view the email we send.  If you have not received an email and have checked your spam folder please contact us.  There may have been a typo on your email address you provided, or some other odd occurrence.

Eco Friendly Packaging:

We try to do all that we can to deliver your order in a environmentally responsible method as feasible. When our manufactures ship directly to you we have no control over their process, but we try to use the following”

  • Bubble wrap – We’re trying to not use any bubble wrap.  Although it is lightweight and does save some fuel… leading to less emissions from shipping vehicles.
  • Newsprint – 100% recyclable we sometimes use old newspapers to stuff our boxes which we encourage you to recycle.
  • Peanuts – If we received peanuts in a shipment from a supplier we will reuse them in your package.  We encourage you to save them and use them for your own shipments as well.  If we use our own peanuts we strive to use 100% biodegradable and natural peanuts.  These will not pollute groundwater and are water soluble.  You can spot these by looking at their color.. usually an off-white hue.  They’re made from potato and corn waste material.
  • Reused Boxes – Your box may be ugly.. we aim to use old boxes instead of new ones for each shipment.  This will reduce the impact on landfills.  Please embrace the ugliness.
  • New Boxes – The boxes we do use that are new are 100% recyclable and 30% recycled material.  These boxes will still get you your order in safe condition, but do so in a more eco-conscious way.