Golden Variegated Sweet Flag – Acorus gramineus ‘Ogon’

Golden Variegated Sweet Flag ogon

Sweet Flag’s golden-yellow, butter-yellow blades contrast with the landscape. This perennial is low-growing, beautiful and small-growing. It can withstand even the harshest winters in its designated zones. It is excellent for brightening the edges and corners of ponds and water gardens.

Even in areas that are not shaded, the rich golden yellow blades add color and interest. The delightful aroma of crushed leaves is lovely. Evergreen. The thin, iris-like leaves are 6-14 inches high and come in fan-like clusters.

Inconspicuous flowers measure 2-8 inches in length. The plant is invasive but spreads via rhizomes. This is an excellent pond plant to use as a foliage accent at the waterside of shallow ponds. It is helpful in a massed arrangement or as an accent. You can use it to lighten the dark areas of a pond.


  • This graceful plant is excellent for water gardens, rain gardens, and stream or pond margins.
  • Place the plant in a container and let it sit in water less than 4 inches (10 cm) Deep.
  • Propagate using rhizome division in the first week of the growing season. Once fully established, pot up and then plant out. To prevent congestion, divide every few years.
  • This plant requires little maintenance and is almost always pest and disease-free.
  • In hot summer climates, afternoon shade is highly valued.
  • A great choice to brighten dark areas.
  • Acorus gramineus is a species found in China, Japan, Korea, India, Thailand, and Myanmar.
  • It can increase to 6-12 inches. It rises to about 6-12 in height and a width of 15-30 cm. The rhizomes of this plant will gradually spread to create a dense ground covering. It is not considered to be invasive.
  • Sweet Flag Ogon pond plants thrive in full sun to partial shade and medium to moist soils. Potted in baskets with shallow water, 3-4

Meaning of Sweet Flag

The common name implies that the plant smells sweet, at least when crushed. Gramineus means grass in Latin.

Japanese Sweet Flag For Sale

We recommend purchasing a Japanese sweet flag pond plant at a local nursery, as always.  However, if you prefer to buy online, here is a link.


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