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Waterfall Spillways & Supplies

Using a pond waterfall spillway will provide a easy and quick way to build a gorgeous water feature.

We stock a variety of waterfall supplies and spillways to ensure you will find the right size, style and price for your project.

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DIY Waterfall Spillways

FastFalls SpillwaysView Product Page

atlantic waterfall spillway

The FastFalls waterfall weir is great for existing water features or new installations.  Sizes range from 14″ all the way up to 18″.   Comes with flange for liner attachment, bulkhead fitting, top great to help hide, and splash reduction foam.

Normally retails from $86.06 to $399.99.

Oasis FastFalls SpillwaysView Product Page

atlantic oasis waterfall weir

Diy Atlantic 16″ Oasis FastFalls pond waterfall spillway featuring a raised front face for easy camouflage, even water flow from built-in internal baffles, one-piece mold design and liner flange.  Comes with a Spinweld fitting.  Maximum pump flow 3,000 GPH.

Normally retails for $140.22.

Eco-Series SpillwaysView Product Page

easypro eco-series pond spillways

Eco-Series Easy Pro pond spillway featuring roto-mold construction, one-piece design, 4″ diffuser tube for even water flow, Spliner Lock system that allow easy pond liner attachment without bolts, tools, or silicone, and dual pre-installed water inlets.

Normally retails from $72.99 to $329.99.

Waterfall Diffusers & Copper AttachmentView Product Page

waterfall diffuser

Eco-Series diffusers are an excellent pond weir for waterfall features. Sizes range in widths of 16-46″ wide and can be used on a wide range of applications like swimming pools, pond less waterfalls, signs, block walls, and more.  Also has a copper waterfall spillway attachment available.

Normally retails from $104.99 to $279.99.

Aquascape SpillwayView Product Page

pondless waterfall supplies

The Aquascape pondless waterfall spillway is strong and compact.  Featuring internal baffles for even water flow.

Works great with other Aquascape pondless waterfall supplies and pond pumps up to 7500 GPH.  Spillway is 22″ wide and includes a 2″ PVC slip fitting.  Multiple pondless watefall spillways can be used for wider or custom applications.

Normally retails for $139.99.


PRO Waterfall Spillways

Big Bahama SpillwaysView Product Page

sp1900 spillway for waterfall

Pro-Series FastFalls pond waterfall spillway features a reinforced spillway, support cones, internal baffling system, and a liner attachment that installs on the rear of the spillway instead of the front.  Easily camouflaged.

Normally retails from $200.82 to $356.31.

Pro-Series Curving & Straight SpillwaysView Product Page

easypro pro series pond spillway

Pro-Series EasyPro waterfall spillway kits that can create endless possibilities.  All without cutting your liner (no worries about leaks).  Can easily be bolted together and expanded, or turned/twisted.  Straight weir widths in 18, 34, and 50″ sections.  Comes with a heavy-duty rock grate to cover with gravel.

Normally retails from $129.99 to $539.99.

Savio FilterWeirsView Product Page

Savio waterfall spillway kit

Savio waterfall weir that makes building waterfalls easy.   Provides filtration and visual appeal, and soothing sounds of splashing water.  Comes in 16″ and 31″ widths.  Multiple FilterWeirs can be connected for bigger waterfalls.

Normally retails from $135.99 to $237.99.

Vianti Falls Stainless Steel SpillwaysView Product Page

Vianti falls waterfall fountain spillway

ViantiFalls stainless steel water feature spillways are great for signs, swimming pools, or other formal water features.  Variety of styles and sizes that are designed for 10 GPM of flow per foot of weir waterfall width.  Resists clogging with its open design with the option for LED light strips.  Also available in complete vianti falls waterfall kits.

Normally retails from $262.49 to $1622.19.

ProEco Stainless Steel SpillwaysView Product Page

proeco waterfall spillway

Affordable stainless steel waterfall weirs from ProEco.  Available in sizes 12″ to 60″ widths in high grade stainless steel.  Rear plumbing inlet.  Comes with a two year warranty.

Normally retails from $148.40 to $444.19.

Stainless Steel ScuppersView Product Page

atlantic stainless steel water feature scupper

Atlantic scupper waterfall spillway box.  These scuppers are made out of 304 stainless steel in either brushed silver or plated copper finishes.  Engineered to allow weight on top of the unit for flexible installation options.  Comes with a 3 year warranty.  Available in weir widths of 12, 24, and 36″.

Normally retails from $206.06 to $516.36.

Brass & Stainless Steel SpoutsView Product Page

stainless steel water feature spouts

Brass and stainless steel water feature spouts in a variety of different shapes.  These pond spouts were made in the USA and are a great for water features with a formal design.

Normally retails from $139.99 to $209.99.


Stainless Steel SpoutsView Product Page

brass water feature spouts

Atlantic’s new formal water spouts for ponds.  Made out of brass to give them a modern but charming feel.  Oil rubbed bronze finish that blends well with contemporary patios and walls.  Available in two different models.

Normally retails for $160.00.


Atlantic Splash RingsView Product Page

atlantic splash rings

These splash rings will help reduce evaporation and eliminate splash.  Allowing more time before you need to fill up your basin.  The splash rings provide a architectural look and are usually installed on top of the Atlantic Colorfalls kits.  Available in copper and stainless steel finishes and fit 12″, 24″ and 36″.

Normally retails from $164.85 to $380.61.


DIY Pump Vaults

Hydro Chamber Pump Vault & Storage BasinView Product Page

hydro chamber pump vault

The HydroCamber makes pond-free waterfalls easier to install and maintain.  These pump vaults house the pump and also store 75 gallons of water.  Allowing you to eliminate a large excavation, more liner and underlayment, water storage blocks, pump vault, and more stone to cover it all up.  The best part is the dirty job of cleaning that basin each year is also eliminated.  The HydroChamber will save you effort, money, and time.

Normally retails from $379.99 to $779.98. Recommend by Biologic Performance

Atlantic Oasis Pump VaultView Product Page

atlantic waterfall equipment vault

Atlantic Oasis pump vault for disappearing waterfall basins.  Featuring step fittings, compatible with Triton check valve, inset lid, and a float panel that allows use with the Eco-Rise.  Works with pumps up to 3,900 GPH.

Normally retails for $203.10.

Atlantic Splash RingsView Product Page

easy pro waterfall equipment vault

Affordable pump vault from EasyPro allows you to easily inspect and service your pump.  Made in the USA.  Works with pumps up to 100 GPM.  Does not include a lid (use a flat rock for a natural look).

Normally retails for $187.09.


Pondmaster Proliner Pump VaultsView Product Page

pond master waterfall supplies pond vault

Pondmaster Proline pump vaults feature a tight fitting lid, non-clogging water inlets, vertical or horizontal pump placement, and heavy-duty molded plastic construction.  Comes with a one year warranty.  Available in mini or large sizes that work with pumps 1800 – 5000 GPH.

Normally retails from $139.99 to $265.99.


PRO Pump Vaults

Savio Waterfall WellView Product Page

savio waterfall well

Savio is know for quality waterfall supplies and the Waterfall Well is no different.  Featuring a patented design for strength (toughest vault on the market), snap-fit durable enclosure, maintains water level automatically, connection for under-gravel applications, and comes with a 5 year warranty.

Normally retails for $260.00.


Atlantic Pro-Series VaultsView Product Page

atlantic waterfall supplies vaultThe Atlantic Pro-Series vaults feature flat panels for custom plumbing, easy pump access with large openings, cut liner for pipe extensions and pump discharges, and works with pump up to 15,000 GPH.  Optional extension tubes available for deeper basins.

Normally retails from $169.70 to $424.24.


EasyPro Pro-Series VaultsView Product Page

easypro pond waterfall vault

EasyPro Pro-Series pump vaults are super versatile.  Allowing multiple locations for a intake pipe for under-gravel filters and extension tubes for deeper basins. Comes in four different sizes and works with 2500 – 18000 GPH pumps.

Normally retails from $49.99 to $399.99.


Reservoir Cubes for Basins

Reservoir cubes are one of those waterfall parts that most people don’t know about, but can make a big difference.  Cubes allow extra water storage, uses less stone, and more importantly allows you to easily clean out the waterfall basin.  Most waterfall kits do not include cubes and need to be added.  Contact us if you’re unsure of how many you need.

Eco Blox Water MatrixView Product Page

atlantic eco blox for waterfalls

Eco Blox water matrix provide 31-1/2 gallons of water storage per cube.  Which takes up a 1/3 of what a gravel basin would.  Meaning less digging and stone.  Features crisscrossing H-beams for additional strength.  Sold in pairs.

Normally retails for $103.52 per pair.


High Strength Res-CubesView Product Page

high strength res-cubes

High strength EasyPro Res-Cubes in half (holds 17 gallons) and full sizes (holds 32 gallons).  The cubes high weight capacity makes them great for retention pond basins, rainwater harvesting, under sidewalks, patios or pathways, and of course for waterfall basins.

Normally retails from $70.89 to $99.98.

Standard Res-CubesView Product Page

easy pro res cubes for waterfalls

These Res-Cubes are EasyPro’s high strength Res-Cubes little brother.  Serving the same function, but dont hold as much weight and water (11-1/2 Gallons per cube).  Also sold in pairs.

Normally retails for $51.18.


Waterfall Accessories

Echo ChamberView Product Page

waterfall echo chamber

Atlantic Echo Chamber can take the place of pump vaults, extensions, and pond liner.  Providing an all-in-one waterfall basin.  That also will boost the sound of falling water.

Normally retals for $57i2.12.


Waterfall FoamView Product Page

black pond waterfall foam

EasyPro black pond waterfall foam is easy to hide and improves water flow.  Patented trigger system allows you to use the waterfall foam multiple times.  Works in any position.  Non-toxic and fish safe.  Minimal expanding.

Normally retals for $21.49.





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